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Are there sharks in Oaxaca?

Are there sharks in Oaxaca? Excitingly, whales, dolphins and whale sharks can be spotted off the Oaxaca coastline (or Costa Oaxaca) at the right time of year.

Is Oaxaca Safe 2020?

While much of Mexico suffers from travel warnings, high crime rates and dangerous drug dealings, Oaxaca remains relatively safe. … It’s not just a city, after all, it’s a whole state where a whole lot of stuff could happen, from pickpocketing and petty crime to hurricanes and riptides.

Can you swim in Oaxaca?

This Oaxaca coast beach is safe for swimming, and great for a long day of lounging around. You can also take beginner’s surf lessons here, or do SUP. There are only a couple hotels on the cliff overlooking the beach of Playa Carrizalillo, so most people stay in the little neighborhood just inland from the beach.

Do you need a car in Oaxaca?

For the beaches, you really don’t need a car. You can easily use the van services to go Oaxaca to Puerto Escondido or between there and other places on the coast. I doubt any tourist that does the Pueblos Mancomunados does so via car; those are narrow, twisty, mountain roads.

Does Uber work in Oaxaca?

Uber is not available in Oaxaca, and there’s only one taxi company available at the airport. … Head for the taxi counter near the exit with your address in hand.

Do they speak English in Oaxaca?

I’m here in beautiful Oaxaca, Mexico, staying in a cute, furnished apartment that I booked sight-unseen, online. I really like the apartment and the owners are super-friendly. They also speak English, which helps because my Spanish is elementary.

How many days do you need in Oaxaca?

In my opinion, 3 days in Oaxaca is the minimum amount of time you need to dedicate to this city that’s the ideal destination for culture and food junkies. We had four days in Oaxaca, so that’s how I’ve written this itinerary – you can adapt it to the time you have.

What is the rainiest month in Oaxaca Mexico?

* Data from weather station: Oaxaca de Juárez, Mexico. A lot of rain (rainy season) falls in the months: June, July, August and September. Oaxaca de Juárez has dry periods in January, February, March, November and December. On average, June is the wettest month with 173.0 mm (6.81 inch) of precipitation.

Why is Oaxaca so poor?

In the southern state of Oaxaca that category of extreme poverty encompasses 75 percent of its 3.4 million residents, according to EDUCA, an education and development organization. … Lack of economic opportunity in Oaxaca’s villages is a result of Mexican economic development policies.

What cartel is in Oaxaca?


Oaxaca cartel

reportedly joined forces with the Tijuana Cartel in 2003 and press reports indicate that Díaz Parada was the most important representative of the Tijuana cartel in southeastern Mexico at the time of his latest arrest in January 2007.

Oaxaca Cartel.

Founded 1970s
Allies Tijuana Cartel Juarez Cartel

Which is better Huatulco or Puerto Escondido?

Puerto Escondido has the main tourist area, Zicatela, which has a lot of restaurants but the water is very rough. Just north or south are more VRBO options, but they’re slightly secluded. There are tons of different day trips and tours to do from PE. Huatulco is more about the large, all-inclusive resorts.

Is downtown Oaxaca safe?

Oaxaca is among the safest states in Mexico, with a very low crime rate. Crime is extremely low in the overall area, but also in Oaxaca City. The cost of living is among the best in the country, minimizing crime.

What is the best time to visit Oaxaca Mexico?

The best times to visit Oaxaca are during the months of April to May and September to October. Both spring and fall are characterized by moderate temperatures and fewer tourists. The months between June and August, as well as the holiday season between mid-December and early-January, constitute high season.

How much is a taxi from Oaxaca airport to downtown?

The quickest way to get from Oaxaca Airport (OAX) to Centro Histórico de Oaxaca is to taxi which costs $130 – $170 and takes 11 min.

How do you get around Oaxaca?

The best way to get around Oaxaca is on foot, especially if you’re sticking to the tourist areas in downtown Oaxaca. To travel farther afield, buses or taxis are fairly affordable ways of getting around, though keep in mind that they’re not known for efficiency.

Is Uber in Puerto Escondido?

In Mexico Uber is legal. You can drive with many classes. Prices for the cheapest are: $7 base fare, $1.8 per minute and $3.1 per km.

Is Oaxaca a Mayan or Aztec?

Oaxaca, like the nearby states of Guerrero and Chiapas, contains a startlingly diverse range of indigenous cultures with roots that reach back many centuries.

What culture is Oaxaca?

The various indigenous civilizations in Oaxaca, fused with Spanish and other European influences, has created a vibrant mestizo culture that places great emphasis on the arts. The richness and quality of local hand-made crafts attract many visitors to the city.

Is there Uber in Oaxaca City?

Uber is not available in Oaxaca, and there’s only one taxi company available at the airport. Fortunately, their set rates to get into town are reasonable, and the entire process of booking a cab is slick.

What is there to do in Oaxaca in 3 days?

  1. My 3-Day Oaxaca Itinerary.
  2. Day 1: Hierve el Agua, Salsa Dancing & Local Restaurants.
  3. Day 2: A Walking Tour of Oaxaca’s Churches, Restaurants, and Street Food.
  4. Day 3: Cosecha Market, Coffee, and Oaxaca City Churches.
  5. Where to Stay in Oaxaca.

Does it get cold in Oaxaca?

Climate – Oaxaca (Mexico)

The climate of Oaxaca de Juárez is sub-tropical, with a very mild winter from mid-November to early March, during which it can get cold at night, and a warm, relatively rainy summer from June to October. … In summer it is not too hot, actually it can get cool at night.

Does it rain a lot in Oaxaca?

Oaxaca receives the vast majority of its rainfall during the months of June, July, August, and September. During these months, it usually rains in the afternoons or evenings. … The accumulated rainfall throughout the year is just under 30 inches (676 mm).

How poor is Oaxaca?

Oaxaca – 66.4%

Oaxaca is Mexico’s third poorest state, with a poverty rate of 66.4%, just 0.1% less than that of Guerrero.

What is the largest industry in Huatulco?

It is located on the Pacific coast in the state of Oaxaca. Huatulco’s tourism industry is centered on its nine bays, thus the name Bahias de Huatulco, but has since been unofficially shortened to simply Huatulco.



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