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Can I be fired for using EAP?

Can I be fired for using EAP? Taking action, such as termination, against an employee who refuses the EAP referral or does not comply with treatment may result in claims of disability discrimination based on a perceived disability.

What is included in an EAP?

Key components of an Emergency Action Plan

  • Evacuation procedures, escape routes and floor plans.
  • Reporting and alerting authorities.
  • Alerting staff and visitors of an emergency.
  • Accounting for people after implementing an EAP.
  • Notifying parents, guardians or next of kin.
  • Identifying a media contact person.
  • Training new staff.

How many sessions does EAP cover?

Counseling typically lasts about three to six sessions. If a problem is more severe or requires longer-term treatment, most EAPs maintain a referral network that employees can access. In those cases, EAP counselors can identify and assess the situation to determine the best way to deal with the problem.

Does EAP tell your employer?

Employees Are Scared to Divulge Personal Information.

Even though EAP services are confidential, employees are worried that the information may somehow be leaked to management. … Otherwise, your employer would never even be notified that you have used EAP services for any reason.

How much is an EAP?

Cost to Offer an EAP to Your Employees

Generally speaking, an EAP benefit should cost you about $12-50 a year, per employee, although the smaller a business is the more they tend to pay, per employee.

How does an EAP work?

An EAP provides outside counselors, resources, and referrals to assist employees and their family members. … Although their offerings are broad, most EAP services either directly or indirectly address mental health, stress, depression, substance abuse, financial concerns, family issues, well-being, and legal matters.

Does EAP protect your job?

The short answer is yes. Unless the employee has signed a waiver allowing their employer to access their counseling records, patient confidentiality comes into play for EAP counseling sessions.

How do I get an EAP?

Small business owners wishing to start an EAP can do so within a relatively short time.

  1. Locate employee assistance programs. …
  2. Compare and select an employee assistance program. …
  3. Write an EAP policy explanation. …
  4. Hire an onsite EAP professional. …
  5. Promote your small business EAP.

Does EAP cover family members?

The EAP provides initial assessment and short-term counseling to employees, and oftentimes their immediate family members, at no cost. You can seek confidential help with work, family, personal matters, legal, financial, stress, and other issues affecting your well-being.

Is EAP really confidential?

Yes. Employee Assistance Program (EAP) services are confidential. All case records and information about services provided to employees by the EAP are maintained in the strictest confidence.

How often can you use EAP?

This depends on the employer. Normally between 3 and 6 sessions per issue per employee are funded under an EAP. Our psychological strategies are focused on resolving issues within a short time frame and generally 2 or 3 sessions are sufficient to resolve a particular situation.

How does employer EAP work?

The Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) is an employee benefit, fully funded by the Employer and intended to assist Employees to understand and overcome a broad range of life and work issues in order to remain focused and productive when at work.

Is EAP actually confidential?

Yes. Employee Assistance Program (EAP) services are confidential. All case records and information about services provided to employees by the EAP are maintained in the strictest confidence.

How does an EAP benefit your workplace?

EAPs can help employers reduce absenteeism, workers’ compensation claims, health care costs, accidents and grievances. In addition, they can address safety and security issues, improve employee productivity and engagement, and reduce costs related to employee turnover.

Is EAP expensive?

Shipley encourages employers to think more strategically about their EAPs and the associated pricing. “If you look at the average cost of group benefits, it costs between $3,500 and $5,500 per person, per year. … “In short, EAP is an effective tool in supporting any organization’s business goals and objectives.”

How many employees actually use EAP?

« In the US, over 97% of companies with more than 5,000 employees have EAPs. 80% of companies with 1,001 – 5,000 employees have EAPs.

How much does an EAP cost per employee?

The average annual per-employee cost of an EAP ranges from $12 to $40, representing less than one third of 1% of the average employers’ annual per-employee spending on health insurance at the high end of the market, according to reports by the Employee Assistance Society of North America and the Kaiser Family …

How much does EAP cost?

EAP Assist is Australia’s leading EAP Provider with costs as low as $40 p/h being significantly less than all other providers with most charging between $200 to $300 p/h for similar or lesser services.

Can you trust EAP?

Are Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) Effective? Research exists that demonstrates that EAPs are effective, although, the evidence is controversial. HR professionals experience both positive and negative word-of-mouth feedback from employees who have accessed their organizations’ EAP.

Who can provide EAP services?

WHO CAN ACCESS THE EAP? The program is available to all NSW Police Force employees and their immediate families. This includes your spouse or partner and your children and parents.

How do you promote EAP to employees?

Promote and educate: Make sure employees know your company offers an EAP, how to access it, and when help is available (many operate 24/7, year-round). Include information about the EAP in their benefits package, and send out reminders throughout the year, including the EAP’s website address.

Is EAP confidential?

Yes. Employee Assistance Program (EAP) services are confidential. All case records and information about services provided to employees by the EAP are maintained in the strictest confidence.

How do I get an EAP?

EAPs are usually a program purchased or funded by your employer and provided by an external organization or occasionally by a department within your company. You can find out if your employer offers an EAP service by asking your manager, Human Resources Department, Union or Health and Safety Representative.

Who can use an EAP?

Any individual wishing to talk to a counsellor or make an appointment can call the EAP. Most have a 24-hour service, 365 days per year. Some have professionals available to address crisis and emergency issues immediately by phone.



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