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How do you describe the feeling of relief?

How do you describe the feeling of relief? Relief is a positive emotion experienced when something unpleasant, painful or distressing has not happened or has come to an end. Relief is often accompanied with a sigh, which signals emotional transition.

What are two synonyms for relief?

synonyms for relief

  • alleviation.
  • assistance.
  • comfort.
  • help.
  • maintenance.
  • reprieve.
  • respite.
  • satisfaction.

What is a good sentence for relief?

Examples of relief in a Sentence

Noun I felt such a sense of relief after I finished my thesis. He expressed relief that the crisis was finally over.

How do you express relief in words?

A list of phrases related to the word « relief »…

  1. A load off your mind.
  2. Aid and abet ( the meaning and origin of this phrase… )
  3. Breathe a sigh of relief.
  4. Breathe again.
  5. Breathe freely.
  6. Come to the aid of the party.
  7. Do They Know It’s Christmas? ( Band Aid song )
  8. Ease up.

How do you show relief in a character?


  1. body slumping, losing its stiff posture.
  2. shaky laughter.
  3. a slow smile.
  4. falling back into a chair.
  5. asking/demanding someone to repeat good news.
  6. asking a redundant question to assure that the moment is real.
  7. eyes that go up, looking heavenward.
  8. letting out a huge breath.

What is opposite word of relief?

relief. Antonyms: oppression, aggravation, intensification, burdensomeness, trouble, exhaustion, weariness, discomfort. Synonyms: succor, support, release, extrication, alleviation, mitigation, aid, holp, assistance, remedy, redress, exemption, deliverance, refreshment, comfort.

What does no relief mean?

n. 1 a feeling of cheerfulness or optimism that follows the removal of anxiety, pain, or distress. 2 deliverance from or alleviation of anxiety, pain, distress, etc. a help or assistance, as to the poor, needy, or distressed. b (as modifier)

What is another word for relive?

Synonyms of relive

  • re-create,
  • reflect,
  • remember,
  • reminisce.

What is a relief example?

Relief is the ease of pain, tension, strain or other discomfort. An example of relief is medication taking away a headache. An example of relief is getting a job after a long period of unemployment.

What is relief features?

relief features are those features which are related to landscape of those areas, eg. mountains, altitude, valleys, types of land and heights of mountains.

How do I express email Relief?

We could do better. We already know that Ted is relieved. We could show with body language such as: A tentative smile.

A writer might try the following simple changes.

  1. Ted was relieved.
  2. Ted stopped worrying.
  3. Ted calmed down.
  4. Ted regained his composure.

What does Phew mean in a text?

interjection. (used as an exclamation to express disgust, exhaustion, surprise, impatience, relief, etc.): Phew, it’s hot!

How do you say sigh of relief?

heave a sigh of relief

  1. breathe easily.
  2. breathe easy.
  3. rest easier.

How do you write anger?

How to Express Anger in Writing

  1. 1 Show the angry character’s behavior.
  2. 2 Describe the character’s facial expression.
  3. 3 Add angry body language.
  4. 4 Include physical side effects triggered by anger.
  5. 5 Report the angry character’s thoughts.
  6. 6 Describe how other characters react to the anger.

How do you write disappointment?

Expressing Disappointment and Frustration with Yourself

  1. I wish I + Past Simple = Present Disappointments.
  2. I wish I + Past Perfect = Regrets about the Past.
  3. If only I + Past Simple = Present Disappointments.
  4. If only I + Past Perfect = Regrets about the Past.
  5. Why didn’t + S + Verb?
  6. How am/was I supposed to + Verb.

What is the opposite of being serious?

serious. Antonyms: volatile, gay, thoughtless, careless, joking, jocose, insignificant, unimportant, trifling, trivial, light. Synonyms: grave, thoughtful, careful, earnest, solemn, important, weighty.

What does relief mean legally?

The redress or assistance that a party seeks from a court. … Whereas a remedy typically redresses obvious injuries, the term relief better captures situations where no tangible injury exists and yet one party seeks a court order to protect its legal rights (e.g., in a declaratory judgment).

What is an example of relief?

Relief is the ease of pain, tension, strain or other discomfort. An example of relief is medication taking away a headache. An example of relief is getting a job after a long period of unemployment.

What are the 3 remedies at law?

Monetary awards (called “damages”), specific performance, and restitution are the three principle remedies.

What does it mean to relive the past?

transitive verb. If you relive something that has happened to you in the past, you remember it and imagine that you are experiencing it again.

What is it called when you relive a memory?

A flashback, or involuntary recurrent memory, is a psychological phenomenon in which an individual has a sudden, usually powerful, re-experiencing of a past experience or elements of a past experience.

Is relive one word?

verb (used without object), re·lived, re·liv·ing. to live again.

What are the three types of relief?

There are three basic types of relief sculpture: (1) low relief (basso-relievo, or bas-relief), where the sculpture projects only slightly from the background surface; (2) high relief (alto-relievo, or alto-relief), where the sculpture projects at least half or more of its natural circumference from the background, and …

What are the 4 categories of relief?


  • Low relief or bas-relief.
  • Mid-relief.
  • High relief.
  • Sunk relief.
  • Counter-relief.
  • Small objects.

What is relief in climate?

In Geography, the term relief may be defined as “the variations in elevation and slope of an area of the Earth’s surface”. The relief of an area can have a significant effect on the climate of that area. … Let us explore the effect of relief on temperature, wind and rainfall.



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