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How do you play hooky?

How do you play hooky?
Playing Hooky From Work: Reasons to Get Out of Work

  1. Be honest. If at all possible, you should be honest with your boss about why you’re taking the day off. …
  2. Use a sick day. …
  3. Be considerate. …
  4. Ask sparingly. …
  5. Have a plan.

What is the hooky game?

A home version of the classic pub game, Rings, Hookey is a hook toss game from BS Toys. Including 12 rings (6 red, 6 black) players toss their rings at the pine wood board and score points if they land them on the numbered hooks. A competitive game of skill and accuracy for adults and children to enjoy.

Is it legal to play hooky?

Unfortunately, parent-endorsed hooky is technically illegal. … Chronic truants can be fined in excess of US$2,800.

What’s another word for playing hooky?

What is another word for playing hooky?

truant absent
A.W.O.L. missing
skiving astray
away AWOL


Is it OK to play hooky from school?

Oddly, allowing a child to play hooky can actually teach them a sense of responsibility. … Kids might gain a new respect and trust in their parents because of the trust their parents show in them, and might even work harder once back at school to prove that they deserved and earned that day off.

Do people still say playing hooky?

hooky, hookey (n.) is part of an idiom, to play hooky, which means « to be truant, to hook {escape} school. » Its plurals are hookeys or hookies, and neither is much used. Hooky was once slang, but it has lasted so well that it is now Standard in its idiom.

What is another word for playing hooky?

What is another word for playing hooky?

truant absent
A.W.O.L. missing
skiving astray
away AWOL


What is the synonym of ransack?

plunder, pillage, steal from, raid, rob, loot, rifle, sack, strip, denude. ravage, maraud, lay waste, devastate.

What’s another way to say tongue in cheek?

In this page you can discover 26 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for tongue-in-cheek, like: jokingly, irony, unseriousness, in fun, in-jest, kiddingly, bantering, facetious, facetiously, banteringly and jokey.

What does the idiom the university of life mean?

The School of Hard Knocks (also referred to as the University of Life or University of Hard Knocks) is an idiomatic phrase meaning the (sometimes painful) education one gets from life’s usually negative experiences, often contrasted with formal education.

What’s the meaning of play truant?

British, informal. : to miss school without permission.

What does Dispoil mean?

transitive verb. : to strip of belongings, possessions, or value : pillage.

What is the opposite word of ransack?

ransack. Antonyms: skim, survey, reconnoitre. Synonyms: rummage, rifle, explore, pillage, ravage, overhaul.

What does Ramsacked mean?

To search through (something) thoroughly and often roughly: ransacked the drawer looking for my keys. 2. To go through (a place) stealing valuables and causing disarray; pillage: ransacked the village.

Is tongue in cheek rude?

The idiom tongue-in-cheek refers to a humorous or sarcastic statement expressed in a mock serious manner.

What is tongue in cheek examples?

The phrase ‘Tongue-in-Cheek’ is used to imply that a statement is not seriously intended. Example of Use: “After waiting in line for thirty minutes, I failed to appreciate the clerk’s tongue-in-cheek comment regarding bothersome customers.”

Whats the meaning of banishment?

1 : to require by authority to leave a country a dictator who banishes anyone who opposes him. 2 : to drive out or remove from a home or place of usual resort or continuance He was banished from court. banishing her from the sport The reporters were banished to another room.

What does the idiom eager beaver mean?

: a person who is extremely zealous about performing duties and volunteering for more.

Where did the saying A for effort come from?

We know that letter grades with “A” as the highest attainable grade were first used in the USA in the latter part of the 19th century. The origin of the idiom ‘A for effort’ isn’t attributed to any one person or school; it has been in use since the 1940s.

What does to play down mean?

transitive verb. : to attach little importance to : minimize.

What is the meaning of the idiom to see red?

If you see red, you suddenly become very angry. I didn’t mean to break his nose. I just saw red. Synonyms: lose your temper, boil, lose it [informal], seethe More Synonyms of to see red.

What does cut class mean?

Absent oneself from a class or other, usually mandatory event, as in If he cuts one more class he’ll fail the course. [

What are synonyms of marauding?

synonyms for marauding

  • despoil.
  • forage.
  • foray.
  • harass.
  • harry.
  • raid.
  • ravage.
  • sack.

What does marauding mean in a sentence?

intransitive verb. : to roam about and raid in search of plunder a marauding gang of thieves. transitive verb. : raid, pillage Norsemen marauded the country. Synonyms More Example Sentences Learn More About maraud.



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