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How do you use the word supple?

How do you use the word supple?
Supple sentence example

  1. The man was much more supple than his age would suggest. …
  2. Natasha rose slowly and carefully, crossed herself, and stepped cautiously on the cold and dirty floor with her slim, supple , bare feet. …
  3. Jessi’s body was supple and relaxed in his arms, her gray eyes wide and her features flushed.

Is supple the same as soft?

As adjectives the difference between soft and supple

is that soft is easily giving way under pressure while supple is pliant, flexible, easy to bend.

What is the origin of supple?

1300, « soft, tender, » from Old French souple, sople « pliant, flexible; humble, submissive » (12c.), from Gallo-Roman *supples, from Latin supplex « submissive, humbly begging, beseeching, kneeling in entreaty, suppliant, » literally « bending, kneeling down, » perhaps an altered form of *supplacos « humbly pleading, …

What is the meaning of the word supple in sentence 1?

Definition of Supple. flexible, easy to bend. Examples of Supple in a sentence. 1. Regular yoga will help you to keep a supple form.

What’s the meaning of lissome?

1a : easily flexed. b : lithe sense 2. 2 : nimble.

What does supple mean in baking?

Rate & Review. The term referred to when describing the well-balanced tannin and fruit flavors in a wine.

What is uncommonly mean?

in an uncommon or unusual manner or degree. exceptionally; outstandingly. rarely; infrequently.

What is the plural of supple?

noun [ no plural ] /ˈsʌp·l·nəs/ us. /ˈsʌp·əl·nəs/ flexibilidad.

What does supple feel like?

bending readily without breaking or becoming deformed; pliant; flexible: a supple bough. characterized by ease in bending; limber; lithe: supple movements. characterized by ease, responsiveness, and adaptability in mental action.

Is Gradiation a word?

Gradiation has no English definition. It may be misspelled.

What is a lissome person?

Lissome describes people or things that are slender, flexible, light, and graceful. If you watch long, thin blades of grass swishing in the breeze, they look like lissome dancers with swaying arms and torsos.

What is the definition of Sylphlike?

Definitions of sylphlike. adjective. moving and bending with ease. synonyms: lissom, lissome, lithe, lithesome, slender, supple, svelte graceful. characterized by beauty of movement, style, form, or execution.

What is the synonym of bashful?

Some common synonyms of bashful are coy, diffident, modest, and shy. While all these words mean « not inclined to be forward, » bashful implies a frightened or hesitant shyness characteristic of childhood and adolescence.

What does Suttle mean?

: the weight that remains after the tare is deducted.

What is the adverb of supple?

Supplely: in a supple manner, with suppleness.

Is uncommon better than common?

In standard usage, the phrase « not uncommon » typically means something to the effect of « more frequent than uncommon« . That is, it occurs too frequently to be considered « uncommon », but not necessarily so frequently as to be labeled « common ».

What does uncomely mean?

: unpleasant to look at : not comely an uncomely creature an uncomely portrait … the assistant, who glanced back at Dorian with a look of shy wonder in his rough uncomely face.—

What is the synonym of uncommonly?

Frequently Asked Questions About uncommon

Some common synonyms of uncommon are infrequent, rare, scarce, and sporadic. While all these words mean « not common or abundant, » uncommon suggests a frequency below normal expectation. smallpox is now uncommon in many countries.

What does it mean to be nimble?

1 : quick and light in motion : agile nimble fingers a nimble climber. 2a : marked by quick, alert, clever conception (see conception sense 3), comprehension (see comprehension sense 1a), or resourcefulness a nimble mind nimble investors.

What is the meaning of suppling?

bending readily without breaking, splitting, etc.; pliant; flexible. 2. characterized by ease in bending; limber; lithe: supple movements.

What is the difference between rolled and dropped biscuits?

Drop biscuits have more milk or other liquid added to the dough than rolled biscuits. The dough is moister and cannot be kneaded or rolled; simply drop tablespoons of dough onto the baking sheet. Drop biscuits don’t rise as much as other biscuits and they are always coarser in appearance and texture.

What is the difference between flexible and supple?

As adjectives the difference between supple and flexible

is that supple is pliant, flexible, easy to bend while flexible is capable of being flexed or bent without breaking; able to be turned, bowed, or twisted, without breaking; pliable; not stiff or brittle.

What is suppleness called in other words?

What is another word for suppleness?


flexibility lissomness
nippiness limberness
lightsomeness zippiness
vivacity shrewdness

What does Gradiate mean?

transitive verb. 1 : to cause (a color or colors) to gradate many layers of sheer material in gradated colors— Lois Long. 2 : to dispose or arrange in or into steps, grades, or ranks.

Who used the word gradation first?

The term gradation was first coined by « Letin Gradationem.

What degradation means?

: the act or process of damaging or ruining something. : the act of treating someone or something poorly and without respect.



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