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Is like music to my ears?

Is like music to my ears? COMMON If something that someone says is music to your ears, you are very happy to hear it. That must have been music to your ears, Carlo, to hear how much they respect you.

Is music to my ears an idiom?

Idiom: ‘Music to my ears’

Meaning: If something someone says is music to your ears, it is exactly what you had wanted to hear.

What does the idiom face the music mean?

When you have to face the music, you’re confronted with the consequences of something bad you’ve done. If your boss catches you lying about what time you got to work, you’ll have to face the music. Anyone who lies or avoids a responsibility for long enough eventually has to face the music.

Whats does Eargasm mean?

Filters. A sense of pleasure derived from listening to something, particularly music. noun.

What makes songs pleasant to your ears Why?

The key to pleasant music may be that it pleases our neurons. A new model suggests that harmonious musical intervals trigger a rhythmically consistent firing pattern in certain auditory neurons, and that sweet sounds carry more information than harsh ones.

What figurative language is music to my ears?

Similes and metaphors can also be examples of hyperbole. His heart was broken. Your name sounds like music to my ears! There’s no river wide enough, to keep me from getting to you.

Why is it called Dressed to the nines?

One theory is that it comes from the name of the 99th Wiltshire Regiment, known as the Nines, which was renowned for its smart appearance. … Why it should have been to the nines rather than to the eights, to the sevens, etc.

What does Cat got your tongue?

informal. —used to ask someone why he or she is not saying anything « You’ve been unusually quiet tonight, » she said.

What does the idiom When Pigs Fly mean?

—used to say that one thinks that something will never happen The train station will be renovated when pigs fly.

Is Eargasm a bad word?

“Eargasm,” is usually a slang word, so I wouldn’t use it in an academic essay unless you’re quoting what someone said. There is a company that manufactures ear plugs, and the company’s name is Eargasm, so you could use it if you’re talking about that individual company.

Are Eargasms a real thing?

Nope. Your body makes this substance for a reason. It’s there to protect your ears from germs. When you rid your ears of wax excessively, you’re making your ears more susceptible to all kinds of things.

How do you use the word Eargasm?

She’ll give you the ultimate eargasm through your favorite tunes, that you wouldn’t want it to end. There’s a reason it’s called an eargasm, but no matter how good it feels you really need to stop. Ardent music lovers probably had an eargasm as they tuned in to this week’s episode of The Stage 3 on Colors Infinity.

How do you compliment a singer?

Good connection on stage between performers.” “You stand out as an individual performer.” “Great musicianship, you play with confidence and vocally you have a really good tone.” “Vocally you have a great tone and really good control on the high notes, a great overall performance.”

What makes music pleasing?

Studies have shown that when we listen to music, our brains release dopamine, which in turn makes us happy.

What figure of speech is her voice is music to my ears?

It is a metaphor as the speech is compared with music.

What figure of speech is the world’s a stage?

Taking the language of the theater, which he knew well, Shakespeare is here saying that the world resembles a stage on which people are only role players. Metaphor is such a common and useful type of figure of speech that it often escapes notice.

What is a personification example?

Personification is when human characteristics are given to something that is not human. … When a figure or an object is given human characteristics, it is being personified. For example: The cat danced around the toy mouse before pouncing on it.

What is the 9 slang?

Various websites that monitor teen slang have taken notice of a mostly text-based form of communication via the number nine, where code 9 or CD9 means, essentially, that parents or authority figures are watching the conversation.

Why do they say scott free?

« SKOT » was an early Icelandic and Old Norse word for « payment » or « tax ». … Thus « scot-free » literally means « exempt from tax »; it has since been broadened to indicate « exempt from punishment » – as in « the prisoner got off scot-free ».

Why do they say 40 winks?

As a blink lasts for a fraction of a second, forty winks take a few seconds. Hence the phrase  »forty winks » has come to mean a few moments of sleep, or a very short nap, especially taken during the daytime, while not in a sleeping position.

Did cat bite your tongue?

Cat got your tongue? Origin: The English Navy used to use a whip called “Cat-o’-nine-tails” for flogging. The pain was so severe that it caused the victim to stay quiet for a long time. Another possible source could be from ancient Egypt, where liars’ and blasphemers’ tongues were cut out and fed to the cats.

Did the cat bite your tongue reply?

cat / cat’s got your tongue: an expression that is used when someone is quiet and isn’t talking or responding when you expect them to. … It isn’t clear exactly where this idiom originated but it’s obvious that it would be difficult to speak if a cat did get your tongue!

Has the cat got your tongue example?

The phrase ‘Cat Got Your Tongue’ is used to describe when someone is at a loss of words or being unusually quiet. Example of Use: “What’s the matter Lucy, cat got your tongue?”

Can pigs fly in real life?

“These pigs were picked out of a batch of 40 and then after that you take your chances on them,” said showman Tom Vandeleur, who tours Australia with his talented squad. … “Most pigs will race, but it all depends on the training methods and whether you can really control these animals.

What does zip your lip mean?

: to stop talking immediately Tell your sister to zip her lip!

What does the idiom cost an arm and leg mean?

informal. : to be too expensive I want a new car that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.



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