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Is Rancorously a word?

Is Rancorously a word? Bitter, long-lasting resentment; deep-seated ill will: He was filled with rancor after losing his job. [Middle English, from Old French, from Late Latin, rancid smell, from Latin rancēre, to stink, be rotten.] ran′cor·ous adj. ran′cor·ous·ly adv.

What means quiescent?

1 : marked by inactivity or repose : tranquilly at rest. 2 : causing no trouble or symptoms quiescent gallstones.

Is Underhandedly a word?


adj. 1. Acting or done in a deceptive, secret, or sly manner; dishonest and sneaky.

What does vitriolic mean?

vitriolic Add to list Share. Mean, nasty, and caustic as the worst acid, vitriolic words can hurt feelings, break hearts, and even lead to violence. Vitriolic is an adjective related to the noun vitriol — which means a metal sulphate. … You are more likely to hear vitriolic used to describe caustic words.

What is balefully?

baleful • BAIL-ful • adjective. 1 : deadly or pernicious in influence 2 : foreboding or threatening evil.

What does currently quiescent mean?

The adjective quiescent means « being quiet and still, » like the quiescent moments lying in a hammock on a beautiful summer Sunday. To be quiescent, pronounced « qwhy-ESS-ent, » is to be quiet, resting, which is exactly what its Latin origin quiescens means: In our busy world, it is hard to find a place to be quiescent.

What is the meaning of quiescent period?

If there’s a particular time of day when your ten kittens settle down to nap, you can call that their period of quiescence, or the time when they are all quiet and restful. The noun quiescence looks similar to the word « quiet » for a good reason: quiescence is a quiet spell or state.

What is meant by quiescent conditions?

adj quiet, inactive, or dormant. (C17: from Latin quiescere to rest)

What’s another word for Underhandedness?

Frequently Asked Questions About underhanded

Some common synonyms of underhanded are clandestine, covert, furtive, secret, stealthy, and surreptitious. While all these words mean « done without attracting observation, » underhanded stresses fraud or deception.

What does duplicitous mean in English?

Duplicity comes from a Latin word meaning « double » or « twofold, » and its original meaning in English has to do with a kind of deception in which you intentionally hide your true feelings or intentions behind false words or actions.

What does it mean to underhand someone?

: done in a secret and dishonest way : intended to deceive or trick someone. : underhand entry 1 sense 1. underhanded.

Can people be vitriolic?

If you describe someone’s language or behavior as vitriolic, you disapprove of it because it is full of bitterness and hate, and so causes a lot of distress and pain. There was a vicious and vitriolic attack on him in one of the Sunday newspapers two weeks ago.

What does vitriolic diatribe mean?

1 : a bitter and abusive speech or piece of writing. 2 : ironic or satirical criticism.

What is vitriolic wisdom?

The definition of vitriolic is something said or written that is very caustic or biting. An example of a vitriolic comment is to say something very nasty and cruel to someone.

What does Malfic mean?

: of, relating to, or being a group of usually dark-colored minerals rich in magnesium and iron.

What does reproachfully mean?

When you reproach someone, you express disappointment in them, and to be reproachful is to be « full of reproach. » The root word is the Old French reproche, « blame, shame, or disgrace. » Definitions of reproachful. adjective. expressing reproof or reproach especially as a corrective.

Which is an example of baleful action?

The definition of baleful is something that is threatening and dangerous. An example of something baleful is a powerful hurricane. Portending evil; ominous. The guard’s baleful glare frightened the children.

What is to ruminate mean?

1 : to go over in the mind repeatedly and often casually or slowly. 2 : to chew repeatedly for an extended period. intransitive verb. 1 : to chew again what has been chewed slightly and swallowed : chew the cud. 2 : to engage in contemplation : reflect.

What is the difference between quiescence and senescence?

In broader perspective, quiescence occurs due to lack of nutrition and growth factors whereas senescence takes place due to aging and serious DNA damages. Contrary to quiescence, senescence is a degenerative process ensuing a certain cell death.

What is quiescent water?

Surface water Surface water is i) any water body on the land surface, including running water such as streams, rivers and brooks, or quiescent water such as lakes, reservoirs and ponds. ii) water open to the atmosphere and subject to surface run-off. Giga-fren.

What is a quiescent cell?

Definition. Quiescence is the reversible state of a cell in which it does not divide but retains the ability to re-enter cell proliferation. Some adult stem cells are maintained in a quiescent state and can be rapidly activated when stimulated, for example by injury to the tissue in which they reside.

What is difference between dormancy and quiescence?

Quiescence is a state of suspended growth of the embryo, or a resting condition of the seed. … Dormancy is a state that requires a special event or « trigger » before the embryo can resume growth, such as fire, scarification or cold treatment. Until such an event occurs, the seed is prevented from germinating.

What is quiescent heart?

Quiescent: Inactive, resting.

What is quiescent value?

The operating point of a device, also known as a bias point, quiescent point or Q-point, is the steady-state DC voltage or current at a specified terminal of an active device such as a transistor with no input signal applied.

What is Flagitious mean?

: marked by scandalous crime or vice : villainous.



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