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What are the 1000 most common words in French?

What are the 1000 most common words in French? This is a list of the 1,000 most commonly spoken French words.

1000 Most Common French Words.

Number French in English
1 comme as
2 je I
3 son his
4 que that

What is the most popular French word?

The benefits of learning the most common French words first

  • Salut = Hello. Let’s naturally start with « Salut » which means « Hello » in French. …
  • Amour = Love. Love is a universal feeling and we definitely had to talk about it here. …
  • Bonheur = Happiness. …
  • Chat = Cat. …
  • Chien = Dog. …
  • Sourire = Smile. …
  • Français = French. …
  • Oui = Yes.

What are the 500 most common words in French?

The 500 Most Frequently Used French Words

  1. je. • I.
  2. de. • of. • to. • from. • by. • with. • than. • at.
  3. est. • is. • east. • eastern.
  4. pas. • not. • step. • steps.
  5. le. • the. • it. • him.
  6. vous. • you.
  7. la. • the. • la.
  8. tu. • you. • thou.

Is French tough?

Many people find the prospect of speaking French very scary. We’re put off by its difficult spelling and really fear making a mistake! … Because as this post is going to explain, French is actually one of the easiest European languages to learn. In many ways, it’s even easier than learning English!

What is the most beautiful French word?

Here are the most beautiful French words

  • Argent – silver. Argent is used in English too to refer to something silver and shiny. …
  • Atout – asset. Masculine, noun.
  • Arabesque – in Arabic fashion or style. Feminine, noun.
  • Bijoux – jewelry. Masculine, noun.
  • Bisous – kisses. Masculine, noun. …
  • Bonbon – candy. …
  • Brindille – twig. …
  • Câlin – hug.

What’s your name in French?

If you’d like to say “What is your name?” in French, you generally have two options. To pose the question formally, you’d say “Comment vous-appelez vous? Speaking informally, you can simply ask “Comment t’appelles-tu?”

How do you say 500 in French?

500 – cinq-cents – the q is silent. 600 – six-cents – the x is silent. 800 – huit -ents – the t is silent.

What are frequency words in French?

Always, Sometimes, Never: The Demystifying Guide to French Adverbs of Frequency

  • Jamais (Never) Jamais is most often used in the context of a sentence such as: …
  • Rarement (Rarely) This one is pretty simple. …
  • Quelquefois (Sometimes) …
  • Souvent (Often) …
  • D’habitude (Usually) …
  • Toujours (Always)

What are the 100 most common French words?

100 most frequently used French words

  • suite (noun [f. ]) result, follow-up, rest.
  • bon (adj., adv.) good; (noun [m. ]) coupon, voucher.
  • comprendre (verb) to understand.
  • depuis (prep., adv.) since.
  • point (adv.) at all; (noun [m. ]) point.
  • ainsi (adv.) thus.
  • heure (noun [f. ]) hour.
  • rester (verb) to stay.

Is French easier than German?

Nitty-gritty things like these can make getting started a bit of a challenge – but between the two, French will be a little easier, with (slightly) fewer endings to learn. That said, experts largely agree that the more German you learn, the easier it gets, while French gets more complicated the deeper you dive in.

What letters are silent in French?

There are three categories of silent letters in French. The first category is e muet, and it includes the instances of silent –e. The second category includes two instances of the same letter: h muet and h aspiré (silent h and aspirated h).

Is English a cool language?

Not surprisingly, one of the reasons why English is such an awesome language is that it is the second most widely spoken language in the world (behind Mandarin Chinese), and by far the most learnt language, with an estimated 1.5 billion learners. … English is the official language of NATO and the European Union.

What is a unique word?

Some common synonyms of unique are eccentric, erratic, odd, outlandish, peculiar, quaint, singular, and strange. While all these words mean « departing from what is ordinary, usual, or to be expected, » unique implies singularity and the fact of being without a known parallel.

What is a pretty French word?

Gorgeous French Words That Mean Beautiful

Just like in the English language, there are many ways to say “beautiful” in French. attrayant (masculine adjective) – attractive. belle (feminine adjective) – beautiful. charmante (feminine adjective) – charming or lovely. éblouissante (feminine adjective) – dazzling.

What is the most beautiful word?

The Top 10 Most Beautiful English Words

  1. 1 Sequoia (n.) (A 7 letter word that has the letter Q and all 5 vowels) A redwood tree, especially the California redwood.
  2. 2 Euphoria (n.) …
  3. 3 Pluviophile (n.) …
  4. 4 Clinomania (n.) …
  5. 5 Idyllic (adj.) …
  6. 6 Aurora (n.) …
  7. 7 Solitude (n.) …
  8. 8 Supine (adj.) …

How do I write my name in French?

Use the basic je m’appelle (zhuh mah-pehl) in most situations. This is the standard way to say « my name is » in French, and is appropriate in any occasion. The verb appeller means « to call, » so the phrase literally means « I call myself. »

How do you say Is Duo American in French?

There are three correct ways to ask:

  1. « Duo est américain? »
  2. « Duo est-il américain? »
  3. Est-ce-que Duo est américain? »

How do you say 1 million in French?

So while “one million” in English is 1,000,000, in French it’s 1.000. 000. Alternately, un million can also be written 1 000 000, where the periods are replaced by single spaces.

How do you say 30 in French?

Twenty-two is vingt-deux, thirty-four is trente-quatre, and sixty-seven is soixante-sept.

Numbers in French: 21-69.

Number In French Pronunciation
28 vingt-huit van wheet
29 vingt-neuf van nuhf
30 trente tront
31 trente et un tront ay uh

Jul 24, 2020

How do you say Time phrases in French?

To tell a time on the hour in French, use il est + [number] + heure(s). For example: il est deux heures (it is two o’clock). Note: When it is one o’clock, say: il est une heure (it is one o’clock), using the feminine singular une instead of un because the word heure (hour) is feminine.

What are French intensifiers?

What are intensifiers and qualifiers?

French English
assez quite/enough
trop too
extrêmement extremely
très very

What are French reflexive verbs?

Reflexive verbs in French are verbs which mean an action done to oneself, for example, laver means ‘to wash’, but se laver means ‘to get washed’ or literally ‘to wash oneself’.

WHAT is A in French?

Generally speaking, à means « to, » « at, » or « in, » while de means « of » or « from. » Both prepositions have numerous uses and to understand each better, it is best to compare them. … Learn more about the preposition à.

What is a vocabulary word in French?

French Translation. vocabulaire. More French words for vocabulary. le vocabulaire noun.



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