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What are the 2 isotopes of bromine?

What are the 2 isotopes of bromine? Bromine has two naturally occurring isotopes (Br-79 and Br-81) and an atomic mass of 79.904 amu.

What is the element notation for bromine 82?

Bromine-82(1-) | Br– – PubChem.

What is the difference between BR-79 and BR-81?

The atomic mass of bromine (Br) is 79.90. There are two main isotopes at 79 and 81, which average out to the 79.90amu value. The 79 has 44 neutrons and the 81 has 46 neutrons. While it won’t change the average atomic mass, scientists have made bromine isotopes with masses from 68 to 97.

What is the most common bromine isotope?

Most common isotopes: Br-79 (50.7 percent of natural abundance), Br-81 (49.3 percent of natural abundance.

What is BR-79 used for?

Bromine has 30 isotopes, 2 of them are stable and naturally occurring. Bromine was once used in large quantities to make a compound that removed lead compound build up in engines burning leaded gasoline. Now it is primarily used in dyes, disinfectants, and photographic chemicals.

What is the highest energy level for bromine?

Atomic Structure

  • First Energy Level: 2.
  • Second Energy Level: 8.
  • Third Energy Level: 18.
  • Fourth Energy Level: 7.

What is the period of bromine?

Fact box

Group 17 −7.2°C, 19°F, 266 K
58.8°C, 137.8°F, 332 K
Block p 3.1028
Atomic number 35 79.904
State at 20°C Liquid


Where is bromine found in nature?

Bromine is found naturally in the earth’s crust and in seawater in various chemical forms. Bromine can also be found as an alternative to chlorine in swimming pools. Products containing bromine are used in agriculture and sanitation and as fire retardants (chemicals that help prevent things from catching fire).

Is BR 80 stable?

Bromine (35Br) has two stable isotopes, 79Br and 81Br, and 32 known radioisotopes, the most stable of which is 77Br, with a half-life of 57.036 hours.

What is bromine used for?

Products containing bromine are used in agriculture and sanitation and as fire retardants (chemicals that help prevent things from catching fire). Some bromine-containing compounds were historically used as sedatives (drugs that can make people calm or sleepy).

How many VE does BR have?

A bromine (Br) atom has 7 valence electrons.

What happens if you breathe in bromine?

Breathing bromine gas could cause you to cough, have trouble breathing, get a headache, have irritation of your mucous membranes (inside your mouth, nose, etc.), be dizzy, or have watery eyes. Getting bromine liquid or gas on your skin could cause skin irritation and burns.

What are the three forms of bromine?

Two naturally existing isotopes of bromine exist, bromine-79 and bromine-81. Isotopes are two or more forms of an element. Isotopes differ from each other according to their mass number.

Why is BR 79 more common?

The most common isotope of bromine is bromine-79. As all bromine atoms have 35 protons, this isotope thus would have 44 neutrons.

What is the charge of bromine 79?

Bromine has an atomic number of 35, and so has 35 protons. You are told that the mass number is 79, and so there are a total of 79 protons plus neutrons. Therefore there must be (79 – 35) neutrons = 44 neutrons.

Protons, neutrons and electrons.

relative mass relative charge
neutron 1 0


What is bromine number used for?

The Bromine Number is an indication of the aliphatic unsaturation present in petroleum samples. The magnitude of Bromine Number is simply an indication of the bromine reactive constituents, not an indication of the constituents. The Bromine Number is expressed as g of bromine (Br2) able to react with 100 g of product.

Why does BR have 7 valence electrons?

Bromine has an electron configuration of 1s22s22p63s23p64s23d104p5 the valence electrons are in the 4s and 4p orbitals giving Bromine 7 valence electrons.

How many rings does bromine have?

List of elements with electrons per shell

Z Element No. of electrons/shell
34 Selenium 2, 8, 18, 6

Bromine 2, 8, 18, 7
36 Krypton 2, 8, 18, 8
37 Rubidium 2, 8, 18, 8, 1

What is an interesting fact about bromine?

Smelly element No. 35, bromine, is a fairly abundant element but has a rare property: it is the only nonmetal to exist in liquid form at room temperature, and one of only two elements (the other being mercury) that is liquid at room temperature and pressure.

What colour is bromine water?

Bromine water is an orange solution of bromine. It becomes colourless when it is shaken with an alkene. Alkenes can decolourise bromine water, but alkanes cannot.

Was bromine used in the war?

This side-effect also lies behind the urban myth that bromide was added to the tea of prisoners and World War I soldiers in order to reduce sexual urges. For most of the 20th Century, the main use of bromine was something now known to have been seriously damaging to public health.

Is bromine 82 stable or radioactive?


Mass Number Half-life Branching Percentage

4.4205 hours 100.00%
82 35.282 hours 100.00%

6.13 minutes 97.60%

What is the approximate ratio of BR 79 BR-81?

The ratios of Br79/Br81 ranged from 1.01 to 1.04 for group I and 0.94 to 1.13 for group II.

How many neutrons does bromine 82 have?

So Bromine Br−1 has 35 protons, 36 electrons and 45 neutrons.



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