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What can I say instead of reaching out?

What can I say instead of reaching out? What is another word for reach out?

hold out extend
lunge spread
reach give
pose put forth
put forward submit

How do you use reach out?

reach out

  1. ​to show somebody that you are interested in them and/or want to help them. The church needs to find new ways of reaching out to young people. …
  2. ​(especially North American English) to contact somebody in order to get help. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to us at this email address: …

What do you say when you reach out?

Even if you haven’t connected with your friend for a long time, a simple, “Hi!” will go a long way. Nelson suggests shooting a quick text similar to this: “I miss you! I keep thinking how much I can’t wait for this pandemic to be over so we see each other again, but I don’t want to lose touch waiting for that!

What is correct sentence?

In order for a sentence to be grammatically correct, the subject and verb must both be singular or plural. In other words, the subject and verb must agree with one another in their tense.

How do you use reach out in a sentence?

Reach-out sentence example

  1. He restrained the urge to reach out to her. …
  2. Part of her wanted to reach out to him in his agony, and part of her wanted to make a matching imprint on the other side of his face.

Is it OK to say reach out?

“Reaching out” and yakking about “hard stops” is cool and modern. It isn’t. And that’s the real reason you should ditch the jargon; not only does it make you sound like a walking cliché, jargon actively hampers your business. People just don’t know what you are on about.

What is the difference between reach and reach out?

We left out of Chicago yesterday. Reach out to is a phrasal variation of reach that means « to make exploratory contact with an unknown and/or potentially hostile party. » X in reach out to X will most likely be a person or place where people are if this meaning is intended.

What is the purpose of Reach Out?

For young people experiencing early signs and symptoms of mental health disorders, aims to intercept the progression of illness early on by facilitating access to appropriate support in order to decrease the severity of mental ill-health promote recovery and ultimately improve wellbeing and quality of life …

Can I say reach out?

It’s only acceptable to use the words « reach out » if you belong to The Four Tops.

How do you respond to please reach out?

Here are some different ways to say « thanks for reaching out » in an email:

  1. « Thank you for your touching words. »
  2. « Please accept my sincere thanks for your beautiful gift. »
  3. « I can’t express how grateful I am for your words of support. »
  4. « I truly appreciate your thoughtfulness and compassion. »

How do you reach someone who is struggling?

Five Ways You Can Help Someone Struggling

  1. Don’t force them to talk. Although it’s amazing to make yourself available to listen to someone who is struggling, be aware that they might not want to talk about it all the time. …
  2. Keep inviting them. …
  3. Send things that remind you of them. …
  4. Ask them what they want to do. …
  5. Offer hugs.

How do I check my grammar mistakes on Google?

You can check your spelling and grammar, then accept or ignore the corrections.

  1. Open a document in Google Docs.
  2. In the top left, click Spell Check. . A box will open in the top right corner. To use a suggestion, click Change. To ignore a suggestion, click Ignore. To accept or ignore all suggestions, click More.

How do I check my grammar mistakes?

Grammarly’s online grammar checker scans your text for all types of mistakes, from typos to sentence structure problems and beyond.

  1. Eliminate grammar errors. …
  2. Fix tricky spelling errors. …
  3. Say goodbye to punctuation errors. …
  4. Enhance your writing.

How do you check grammar mistakes in a sentence?

Online Editor – Grammar Checker. Enter the text that you want to check for grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes; then click the gray button below. Click on underlined words to get a list of proper wording alternatives, suggestions, and explanations.

What do you mean by Reach Out?

: to make an effort to do something for other people The church is reaching out to help the poor.

Do reach out to me sentence?

Some examples from the web:

He’s trying to reach out to me, but I don’t know where he is, and I can’t understand what he’s trying to say. … You’re going to reach out to me. You had every opportunity to reach out to me.

How do you reach out to someone professionally?

If you’re writing a networking email to a stranger, try to work at least a few of the following five points into your message:

  1. Tell them something about their work you admire. …
  2. Call out your similarities. …
  3. Tell them how you can help. …
  4. Ask them for help or advice. …
  5. Always start with an easy ask.

What reach out means?

: to make an effort to do something for other people The church is reaching out to help the poor.

What does it mean to reach someone?

If you try to reach someone, you try to contact them, usually by phone. Has the doctor told you how to reach him or her in emergencies? [ VERB noun] If I see her, I’ll tell her you’ve been trying to reach her. [

When should you ReachOut for help?

When To Reach Out

  1. Feeling low or sad.
  2. Being tearful a lot.
  3. Having low self-esteem.
  4. Having feelings of guilt.
  5. Struggling for the motivation to do anything.
  6. Struggling to make decisions.
  7. Feeling suicidal.
  8. Having unexplained aches and pains.

What is meaning of ReachOut?

: to make an effort to do something for other people The church is reaching out to help the poor.

How do I contact ReachOut?

Phone: 1800 656 463, available 24/7. Offers support, services and accommodation options in the Western Sydney area, to women and children experiencing or escaping family and domestic violence.

Do reach out to me?

Saying « reach out to me » is one way to extend an invitation to others to contact you. Some examples from the web: If he’s trying to reach out to me, there has to be a way to reach him.

Should you have any question please feel free to contact me?

Expressions for showing them you want to help

If I can be of assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me. If you require any further information, feel free to contact me. If you require any further information, let me know. Please feel free to contact me if you need any further information.

How do you respond to please feel free to reach out?

If you want a less committed answer (perhaps you may not contact them) you can say:  »

I appreciate that.

Thank you.


These phrases can include:

  1. « Okay. »
  2. « Sure. »
  3. « All right. »
  4. « Thanks. »
  5. « Can do »/ « Will do » (« I can do that », « I will do that » — both are very informal)

How do you say please let me know in an email?

What to say instead of “Let me know if you have any questions”

  1. “Please let me know if you have any questions.”
  2. “If you have any other problems, just let me know.”
  3. “If there is anything else you need, please let me know.”



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