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What does Chiffonier mean in English?

What does Chiffonier mean in English? : a high narrow chest of drawers.

What is temerity mean in English?

temerity, audacity, hardihood, effrontery, nerve, cheek, gall, chutzpah mean conspicuous or flagrant boldness. temerity suggests boldness arising from rashness and contempt of danger. had the temerity to refuse audacity implies a disregard of restraints commonly imposed by convention or prudence.

Is a Chiffonier?

or chif·fon·nier

a high chest of drawers or bureau, often having a mirror on top. a low bookcase of the English Regency, with grille doors or doorless. a shallow, tall, open piece of furniture, of the 18th century, having shelves for the display of china.

Why is it called a Chiffonier?

Its name comes directly from a French piece of furniture, the chiffonier. The French name, which comes from the French for a rag-picker, suggests that it was originally intended as a receptacle for odds and ends which had no place elsewhere.

What is the furniture with a mirror called?

A dresser with a mirror attached is called a bureau.

What does relenting mean in English?

intransitive verb. 1a : to become less severe, harsh, or strict usually from reasons of humanity. b : to cease resistance : give in. 2 : let up, slacken.

What Yankee means?

Yankee, a native or citizen of the United States or, more narrowly, of the New England states of the United States (Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut). The term Yankee is often associated with such characteristics as shrewdness, thrift, ingenuity, and conservatism.

What is the meaning of auspices?

1 auspices plural : kindly patronage and guidance doing research under the auspices of the local historical society. 2 : a prophetic sign especially : a favorable sign. 3 : observation by an augur especially of the flight and feeding of birds to discover omens.

What was a Chiffonier used for?

The chiffonier in the library or book room was used to store either the books used most often, or the most valuable books in the family’s collection. A chiffonier in the drawing room was often the province of the ladies.

What part of speech is Chiffonier?

Chiffonier is a noun. A noun is a type of word the meaning of which determines reality.

What is a Victorian Chiffonier?

Antique Chiffoniers are pieces of antique furniture that were built in the early to mid 19th Century of the Regency, William IV and Victorian periods. … The Chiffonier was not only useful with lots of storage but also can be very decorative.

What do you call a drawer with a mirror?

In American English a dresser is a piece of furniture, usually waist high, that has drawers and normally room for a mirror.

Why is it called dressing table?

Dressing table, also called toilet table, a table used for the toilet. The term originally was applied in the 17th century to small tables with two or three drawers. … Some dressing tables were combined with writing tables, a hybrid at which the French excelled.

Does a mirror count as furniture?

Strictly speaking, though, mirrors are usually considered ‘accessories’, adding a finishing touch to the room, along with objects like clocks, occasional tables, tapestries, and suchlike.

What does Unrelentlessly mean?

is a solecism for either unrelentingly or relentlessly. Ironically, this nonword literally suggests just the opposite of the intended …

What does not relenting mean?

not relenting; not yielding or swerving in determination or resolution, as of or from opinions, convictions, ambitions, ideals, etc.; inflexible: an unrelenting opponent of the Equal Rights Amendment. not easing or slackening in severity: an unrelenting rain.

How do you use the word relent?

Relent in a Sentence

  1. Because my father is very angry, he won’t relent on my harsh punishment.
  2. Hopefully the judge will relent and allow me to post bail.
  3. Despite the threat of a lawsuit, the racist man wouldn’t relent and allow minorities to rent his apartments.

What does Yankee come from?

« Yankee » likely originated in the Dutch name « Janke, » a diminutive of « Jan » that first served as a British put-down of Dutch settlers in the American colonies, eventually applied to provincial New Englanders.

What are Southerners called?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Southerner can refer to: A person from the southern part of a state or country; for example: Lhotshampas, also called Southerners, ethnically Nepalese residents of southern Bhutan.

What is the opposite of a Yankee?

Gray coats, Southerners, Dixiecrats, Confederates. Notes: Gray coats refers to the uniform of the Confederate Army who fought the « Yankees » in the American Civil War. It implies a sympathy for the doctrines of the Confederate States. Southerners is the opposite of Northerners and is generally not considered offensive.

What’s another word for auspices?

In this page you can discover 42 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for auspices, like: auspicious, fair, favorable, good, happy, hopeful, likely, lucky, opportune, promising and propitious.

How do you use auspices in a sentence?

He had been invited by a friend, under the auspices that they worked together. He finished his college education under military auspices while in the navy. That, too, was a success under his auspices. It is doing so under the auspices of its move to cut unnecessary regulation.

What is the difference between a bureau and a dresser?

A dresser is usually placed in the bedroom or closet, while a bureau usually lives in a space like an office or library. In terms of structure, a dresser and a bureau are pretty much the same thing. They’re both chests of drawers that are used for storage, though a bureau may also refer to a type of writing desk.

What does a Chiffonier look like?

Learn about Chiffonier. An early 19th century innovation, chiffoniers continued to be made virtually until the end of the Victorian period. It usually consists of a two-door cupboard, with a long cutlery drawer and a shaped back, with one or two shelves, supported by spindles for ornaments and such like.

What’s another word for armoire?

Synonyms of armoire

  • bookcase,
  • breakfront,
  • chest,
  • china closet,
  • credence,
  • credenza,
  • étagère.
  • (or etagere),

What’s a sadist?

: one characterized by sadism : a person who takes pleasure in inflicting pain, punishment, or humiliation on others a sexual sadist He’s a sadist and, where Toby is concerned, an unusually relentless one: he’s in the boy’s face constantly, prodding, belittling, taunting.—



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