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What does digressive mean in English?

What does digressive mean in English? Definitions of digressive. adjective. (of e.g. speech and writing) tending to depart from the main point or cover a wide range of subjects. “amusingly digressive with satirical thrusts at women’s fashions among other things” synonyms: discursive, excursive, rambling indirect.

What’s another word for dysfunctional?

What is another word for dysfunctional?



debilitated decayed
defective deteriorated
inhibited malfunctional

What does sallies mean in English?

countable noun. Sallies are clever and amusing remarks. [literary] He had thus far succeeded in fending off my conversational sallies. Synonyms: witticism, joke, quip, crack [informal] More Synonyms of sally.

What does Degressivity mean?

: tending to descend or decrease.

What does the term comeuppance mean?

: a deserved rebuke or penalty : deserts One of these days, he’ll get his comeuppance for treating people so arrogantly.

What is a dysfunctional person?

The term dysfunctional is defined as « abnormal or impaired functioning » on the part of an individual person, between people in any sort of relationship, or amongst members of a family.

What makes a dysfunctional family?

A dysfunctional family is a family in which conflict, misbehavior, and often child neglect or abuse on the part of individual parents occur continuously and regularly, leading other members to accommodate such actions. Children sometimes grow up in such families with the understanding that such a situation is normal.

What is another word for dysfunctional family?

What is another word for dysfunctional family?

dysfunctional household
tumultuous family


abusive family
bad family neglectful family
unstable family unstable household
argumentative family critical family

What does making a sally mean?

to make a sally, as a body of troops from a besieged place. to set out on a side trip or excursion. to set out briskly or energetically. (of things) to issue forth.

Is Sally an Arabic name?

Sally name meaning is Princess. It has multiple Islamic meaning. The name is originated from English. The lucky number of Sally name is 9.

What does sallied out mean?

: to leave a place After having breakfast we sallied out on foot to explore the town.

What is the opposite of progressive thinking?

To understand the word regressive, it’s helpful to know that its antonym, or opposite, is progressive. When something is progressive, it tends to get better and more advanced. Something that’s regressive, on the other hand, gets less developed or returns to an older state.

What is degressive taxation?

degressive tax – any tax in which the rate decreases as the amount subject to taxation increases. revenue enhancement, tax, taxation – charge against a citizen’s person or property or activity for the support of government. Based on WordNet 3.0, Farlex clipart collection.

What does Degressively proportional mean?

The principle of degressive proportionality shall require decreasing representation ratios when passing from a more populous Member State to a less populous Member State, where the representation ratio of a Member State is defined to be the ratio of its population figure relative to its number of seats before rounding.

What do u mean by karma?

Karma, a Sanskrit word that roughly translates to « action, » is a core concept in some Eastern religions, including Hinduism and Buddhism. … With karma, like causes produce like effects; that is, a good deed will lead to a future beneficial effect, while a bad deed will lead to a future harmful effect.

Whats goes around comes around meaning?

Definition of what goes around comes around

informal. —used to say that if someone treats other people badly he or she will eventually be treated badly by someone else You should not mistreat them.

What is the origin of comeuppance?

comeuppance (n.)

also comeupance, « one’s deserts, reversal or punishment that one deserves, » 1859, presumably it is rooted in the same notion in the verbal phrase come up « present oneself for judgment before a tribunal » (see come + up (adv.)) + -ance.

What are the signs of a dysfunctional person?

Here are four signs you may be living with dysfunction:

  • You’re always having to give up something. …
  • You, or others, keep talking about the same problems over and over again. …
  • Somebody in your life refuses to take responsibility. …
  • Somebody is overstepping your boundaries and you’re not doing anything to stop it.

What are the signs of a dysfunctional relationship?

Here are 5 signs that you are in a dysfunctional relationship:

  • #1 High levels of conflict. Destructive communication involves an endless pattern of escalation. …
  • #2 Imbalance of Power. …
  • #3 Emotional Disengagement. …
  • #4 Blame. …
  • #5 Resentment.

What is dysfunctional love?

Dysfunctional Relationships are relationships that do not perform their appropriate function; that is, they do not emotionally support the participants, foster communication among them, appropriately challenge them, or prepare or fortify them for life in the larger world.

What are 10 causes of dysfunctional family relationships?

Causes of Family Dysfunction

  • Abuse.
  • Alcoholism.
  • Behavior issues.
  • Chronic illness.
  • Financial problems.
  • Individual internal struggles.
  • Lack of support or resources.
  • Unhealthy attachment patterns.

What are signs of a dysfunctional family?

Signs of a Dysfunctional Family

  • Addiction. Addiction can lead to so many different unhealthy relationships among family members. …
  • Perfectionism. …
  • Abuse or neglect. …
  • Unpredictability and fear. …
  • Conditional love. …
  • Lack of boundaries. …
  • Lack of intimacy. …
  • Poor communication.

What are the 4 types of families?

What are the 4 types of families?

  • Nuclear Family. The nuclear family is the traditional type of family structure.
  • Single Parent Family. The single parent family consists of one parent raising one or more children on his own.
  • Extended Family.
  • Childless Family.
  • Step Family.
  • Grandparent Family.

What is tumultuous behavior?

Tumultuous behavior means a violent outburst or chaotic activity.

What is meaning of maladjusted?

: poorly or inadequately adjusted specifically : lacking harmony with one’s environment from failure to adjust one’s desires to the conditions of one’s life.

What does Unfunctional mean?

: not functional: a : not related directly to or fitted for everyday needs or activities : impractical, inefficient. b : not conforming to functionalist theory.



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