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What does Poore mean?

What does Poore mean? Filters. Obsolete spelling of poor. adjective.

What does Poda Myre mean?

Answer: lBut many equivalent friends use it just for joke… Its meaning can be interpreted like this. Poda = Go away/Get Lost (Harsh command, without giving respect) Maire = (addressing/equalising one as hair – that too here as – pubic hair).

What do you mean by pour?

to send (a liquid, fluid, or anything in loose particles) flowing or falling, as from one container to another, or into, over, or on something:to pour a glass of milk; to pour water on a plant. to emit or propel, especially continuously or rapidly: The hunter poured bullets into the moving object.

What is the meaning of Kunna?

Verb. kunna. to know, understand, be able to. to know (by memory)

Is Poore a Scrabble word?

No, poore is not in the scrabble dictionary.

What does Adipoli mean?

1. excellent; used in Indian English. The concert was an adipoli performance which went deep into the hearts of everybody. Submitted by: Dinesan Balakrishnan from India on 27/11/2009.

Is Myre a word?

No, myre is not in the scrabble dictionary.

What does Poda mean?

Poda is defined as « those having feet » and is used with a notation of the kind or number as the first part of the word. An example of poda is a decapoda, animals with ten feet such as crayfish, shrimps and lobsters.

What does pouring mean slang?

1 : to talk about something in an emotional way that is not sincere in order to get sympathy, attention, etc. When he saw that she felt sorry for him, he really poured it on.

Which means to pour in?

1. To flow or stream in(to some place or thing). You forgot to close the window last night and let the rain pour in!

What a downpour means?

: a pouring or streaming downward especially : a heavy rain. Synonyms Example Sentences Learn More About downpour.

What does Knopped mean?

(nɒpt) adj. archaic having knops or knobs.

What is Poda Patti?

Interjection. poda patti. (India, slang) An insult: go away, you dog!

What does KUNA mean in Pashto?

foolish, stupid, ass.

What does Kunna mean?

Verb. kunna. to know, understand, be able to. to know (by memory) to know, be familiar with (a person)

How do you spell Myre?

noun A Middle English spelling of mire . A Middle English spelling of mire .

What is meant by Kunna?

Verb. kunna. to know, understand, be able to. to know (by memory) to know, be familiar with (a person)

What does pda mean in Spanish?

(= personal digital assistant) agenda f electrónica ⧫ PDA m.

What is Foda called in English?

/phoḍā/ mn. ulcer countable noun. An ulcer is a sore area on or inside a part of your body which is very painful and may bleed.

What is a pod in business?

POD includes the time of delivery, full delivery address, and the name and signature of the person who accepted the shipment. …

What does pouring on mean?

: to produce a lot of (something) in order to achieve something The defense poured the pressure on in the second half of the game. He really poured on the charm to get her to have dinner with him.

Does alcohol mean libation?

The definition of a libation is an alcoholic drink or the pouring of wine or oil as a religious ritual. An example of a libation is a beer. An alcoholic drink or the act of drinking.

What is the Urdu meaning of pour?

Verb. Move in large numbers. People were pouring out of the theater. Beggars pullulated in the plaza. بڑی تعداد میں نکلنا

What type of verb is pour?

[transitive, intransitive] to serve a drink by letting it flow from a container into a cup or glass pour (something) Will you pour the coffee?

What is the Tamil meaning of pouring?

Pour in Tamil : போர்



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