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What does solo mean in texting?

What does solo mean in texting? Put simply, dolo is “solo,” e.g., I’m rolling dolo into the club, or going alone as opposed to with friends. Dolo can also mean “secretly” or, to use another slang expression, on the down low. Dolo often appears in the phrase solo-dolo, which can mean doing something alone but, apparently, being chilled about it.

What is the synonym of solo?

What is another word for solo?

unaccompanied lonely
solitary alone
single-handed unescorted
companionless independent
single unattended

What’s the meaning of single handed?

(Entry 1 of 2) 1 : managed or done by one person or with one on a side. 2 : working alone or unassisted by others. single-handed.

What is a solo song?

In music, a solo (from the Italian: solo, meaning alone) is a piece or a section of a piece played or sung featuring a single performer, who may be performing completely alone or supported by an accompanying instrument such as a piano or organ, a continuo group (in Baroque music), or the rest of a choir, orchestra, …

What is solo mode?

Simply put, Solo Mode allows you to isolate one or more parts, which enables you to work on a specific selection without disrupting the hierarchy of any other hidden parts. Solo Mode is a great tool to speed up material applications and editing when working with scenes that have multiple parts or models.

What do you call a person who prefers to be alone?

loner. noun. someone who likes to be alone and has few friends.

What do you call a person who travels alone?

peripatetic Add to list Share. … Peripatetic is also a noun for a person who travels from one place to another or moves around a lot.

What is meaning of empty handed?

1 : not carrying or bringing anything I can’t show up at the party empty-handed. 2 : having gotten or gained nothing He left the contest empty-handed. More from Merriam-Webster on empty-handed.

What’s another word for single-handedly?

In this page you can discover 14 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for single-handedly, like: alone, unassisted, single-handed, all by one’s lonesome, solitarily, courageously, include, solely, singlehandedly, solo and heroically.

What does independently mean?

: without regard to : apart from : aside from : irrespective of independently of what you may think, I have my own convictions it aims rather at persuading the people, independently of what the state may or may not want— M. R. Masani.

Who is a solo person?

a person who works, acts, or performs alone: He used to sing with a quartet, but now he’s a solo. a person who performs or accomplishes something without the usual equipment, tools, etc.

What is a concerto solo called?

A solo concerto is a concerto in which a single soloist is accompanied by an orchestra. It is the most frequent type of concerto. It originated in the Baroque Period (c. 1600–1750) as an alternative to the traditional concertino (solo group of instruments) in a concerto grosso.

Where does a solo go in a song?

Many times the solo will be used in a song’s timeline in place of a bridge section. Other times a solo may be used in addition to a bridge section and might appear just after the bridge in the timeline of a song.

Is Warzone fun solo?

Solos is the campiest of any Warzone experience. Players will do almost anything for the win, and now that they can’t drive around in Berthas all game anymore, this means camping inside buildings. Unless you hear a chest humming from inside a house, it’s probably best to avoid it.

Can u play Warzone solo?

How to Play Solo in Call of Duty: Warzone. Warzone allows 150-players to jump into a match, with the maximum number of players in a squad set to three. Unfortunately, there’s no strict ‘Solos’ or ‘Duos’ playlist, but you don’t have to be partnered up with a stranger.

Is loner a bad word?

Being a loner means that you would prefer to be by yourself rather than with others. Depending on the context of the situation and your personality and preferences, this could be a good or bad thing. Some people view loners in a negative context. … Introverts can also sometimes be considered loners.

What is a Solivagant?

Solivagant [soh-LIH-va-ghent] (adjective): To wander alone. This fun word comes from the Latin words “solus” meaning alone, and “vagans” meaning “wander.” There is something to be said about spending time outside in nature, alone.

What does loner mean?

1 : one that avoids others: such as. a : a person who is often alone or likes to be alone : someone who usually avoids the company of others He is a moody loner who doesn’t become chummy with anyone.—

What is a Hodophile?

Filters. One who loves to travel. noun.

What is a travel addict called?

They have what specialists call ‘an abnormal impulse to travel’ also known as Dromomania. … Studies have shown that people who spend their money on experiences, such as travel tend to be happier in their life.

Is empty handed an idiom?

To return from an experience or event without having gained anything. I worked so hard to prepare for the competition, and I still came away empty-handed, thanks to another fourth-place finish. Don’t come away from the dessert table empty-handed—bring me a piece of cake!

What is the opposite of empty handed?

What is the opposite of empty-handed?

successful wealthy
rolling in it loaded
flush bountiful
pecunious famous
in the money stinking rich

What is the meaning of rascally?

(rɑːskəli , ræs-) adjective [usually ADJECTIVE noun] If you describe someone as a rascally person, you mean that they behave badly and are wicked or dishonest. [literary]

What’s a word for created?

In this page you can discover 51 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for created, like: produced, spawned, made, established, reproduced, molded, invented, generated, planned, contrived and actualized.

What is the opposite of single-handedly?

Near Antonyms for single-handedly. collectively, conjointly, cooperatively, hand in glove.

How do you say single-handedly professionally?


  1. barely.
  2. but.
  3. completely.
  4. entirely.
  5. exclusively.
  6. individually.
  7. merely.
  8. onliest.



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