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What does Tendo Banshou mean?

What does Tendo Banshou mean? Tendo: Bansho Ten’in = Deva Path: Heavenly Attraction of All Creation. ( Minus Tendo of course cus he would’ve beaten him if he won). Platinum 3. your own Pins on Pinterest 292 points.

What does Daito mean?

The word daito is a more generic term for “long sword”. It is mainly used to refer to the long sword, as counterpart of the short sword called wakizashi or Shoto (小刀 > Small/short sword).

What is Tendou satoris first name?

Satori Tendō (Japanese: 天童 てんどう 覚 さとり , Tendō Satori) was a third year student at Shiratorizawa Academy and one of the volleyball team’s middle blockers.

What does the name Hinata mean?

Meaning. Sunny place, in the sun. Hinata is a unisex Japanese given name and a Japanese surname.

What does Akaashi mean in English?

A submission from Spain says the name Akaashi means « Bokuto’s love » and is of Japanese origin. However, it is more commonly used as an exclamation, typically one of (personal) joy, victory or success.

What is the meaning of Boku no?

Boku means “me” or “I.” No is a particle indicating possession or relative connection. Therefore, boku-no simply means “my.”

What’s the difference between Bokken and katana?

As nouns the difference between katana and bokken

is that katana is a type of japanese longsword, ) having a single edge and slight curvature while bokken is a wooden katana, used as a training sword.

Is ushijima his first or last name?

Wakatoshi Ushijima (Japanese: 牛島 うしじま 若利 わかとし , Ushijima Wakatoshi) was previously a third-year from Shiratorizawa Academy and the captain and ace of the school’s boys’ volleyball team. He was the number one ace in Miyagi Prefecture and ranked among the country’s top three aces at the time, along with Sakusa and Kiryū.

Why does Tendou call ushijima miracle?

And nobody bats an eye, so apparently Tendou calling Ushijima ‘miracle boy’ is business as usual as well, and that’s just his go-to nickname for his lover.

Did Tendou get bullied?

tendou was bullied as a kid, and though we only see small snippets, you’ll never be able to convince me that furudate was not hinting to us that tendou had few friends in elementary school and junior high.

Is Hinata a girl Haikyuu?

Shōyō Hinata (Japanese: 日向翔陽 Hinata Shōyō, Hinata Shoyo) is the

main protagonist

of the Haikyuu!! series written and illustrated by Haruichi Furudate.

Shoyo Hinata
Rōmaji Hinata Shōyō
Character Information
Also known As チビの1番 (Chibi no Itsuban) The Strongest Decoy Number One Shortie
Gender Male

What is another name for Hinata?

Hinata Hyuga (日向 ヒナタ, Hyūga Hinata) is a fictional character in the anime and manga Naruto, created by Masashi Kishimoto.

What does Neji mean in English?

Even with that Disney dog, it’s not that bad, and the name does have meaning within the Naruto universe (as the Naruto Wikia points out, it could be referring to his cousin Neji, whose name means “screw” in English or a reference to the Flying Thunder God Technique).

What is Akaashis first name?

Keiji Akaashi (Japanese: 赤葦 あかあし 京治 けいじ , Akaashi Keiji) was a second year at Fukurōdani Academy, and he was the volleyball team’s vice-captain and setter.

What does Akaashi smell like?

Akaashi: doesn’t have a scent. Faint earthy smell, like rain or wet stones. There’s a surprising hint of sweetness, too, like nectarines. It’s an intimate scent in that you’d have to be very close to him to be able to smell it.

What does Watashi wa means?

« Watashi wa » (私は) in Japanese means « I ». …

What is Watashi no?

WATASHI NO means « my » where the word WATASHI is made possessive with the possession particle NO. Then the KANOJO NO part means « girlfriend’s » because the particle NO makes KANOJO (girlfiend) possessive. Then the rest is easy. It means « My girlfriend’s name ».

What is kawaii desu ne?

So what does kawaii desu ne mean? Kawaii desu ne means, it’s cute, isn’t it? Or as a Canadian… it’s cute, eh? Trust me, if you spend some time in Japan, you’ll definitely hear this phrase… so even better if you learn it now!

Is it legal to carry a bokken?

The basic answer to your first question is “it depends.” Simply carrying around an unconcealed wooden sword is legal in California. In fact, there’s no law prohibiting carrying around a metal sword, either. … It seems likely that a sturdy wooden sword could be considered a deadly weapon, even if it is not sharp.

Is a bokken a weapon?

While bokken are safer for sparring and practice than katanas, they are still lethal weapons in the hands of trained users. A famous legend to this effect exists involves Miyamoto Musashi, a ronin known to fight fully armed foes with only one or two bokkens.

How heavy is a katana?


Katana (刀)


1.1–1.5 kg
Blade length Approx. 60–80 cm (23.62–31.5 in)
Blade type Curved, single-edged

Does ushijima have autism?

Autistic Ushijima headcanons!! Ushijima, other than Kageyama, didn’t actually get diagnosed until he was out of highschool. Not because he didn’t show symptoms as a child, he absolutely did, but because his mother refused to have him diagnosed. Until he was 5 years old he didn’t speak.

Is ushijima a top or bottom?

Ushijima is the ace/wing spiker and Tendō is a middle blocker. They are both third years and members of the Shiratorizawa Academy volleyball team. They presumably met as first years, having both joined the volleyball team.

Is Ushiwaka the best ace?

Ushiwaka is the captain and ace of Shiratorizawa Academy and one of the country’s top three aces. The power of his serves and spikes are unparalleled, making them extremely difficult and sometimes painful to block or receive.



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