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What is a Shundere?

What is a Shundere? Shundere[1] refers to a character who is sad or very depressed all of the time. Shundere characters often are sad from the start and don’t have much of a reason to feel like this, unlike utsudere.

What is a Mayadere?

A « Mayadere » refers to a character who is often a dangerous antagonist of a series but switches sides after falling in love or after becoming fond of another character, usually the protagonist or someone in the hero’s team.

What dere is Monika?

Monika is a Isolationist and Manipulative Yandere; introduced as the Literature Club president, she is very driven and goal focused with a passion for poetry and music. She is fully supportive of the Player, giving helpful tips, and comments on how the players choices are influencing their relationships.

What is a Tsunshun?

Tsunshun (Tag Name : ツンしゅん or ツンシュン) is a character archetype that describes a character acting hostile first, then later feeling depressed when alone.

What is a Bodere?

The Bodere archetype has a personality that is really shy and uses violence as a way to cope with shyness. The first part of the word, that is, bo means to rant and the suffix means love-struck. This character does not know how to handle their embarrassment, so they use their fists instead of their words.

Is Monika pansexual?

Monika is a pansexual character from Doki Doki Literature Club!.

Is Yuri a Yandere?

During act three, Monika gives a piece of dialogue confirming that Yuri was, indeed, a yandere.

Is Yuri a Libitina?

Libitina is a alter ego of Yuri. She appers in Alternative act 3 as supernatural being who is angry about Yuri’s death, her rebuff by MC and Monikas Manipulation.

What is a Genki dere?

The Genki Girl is a character—usually a schoolgirl, but not always— possessed of an over-abundance of energy, such that she runs everywhere (often with arms waving wildly or outstretched like airplane wings), speaks quickly (sometimes unintelligibly so), and always does everything fast, fast, fast!

What is a yandere in anime?

A yandere is a character, most often female and in anime, who become violently possessive of a love interest.

What is Hinedere?

A « Hinedere », also known as « Hinodere » in some media, refers to characters who have cynical world views, are cold-hearted, and are highly arrogant. They will get easily annoyed by other people, included the love interest at first.

Who is the protagonist in DDLC?

The protagonist was designed to function like a typical visual novel protagonist. He acts blunt and mean towards Sayori, his childhood friend; teases Natsuki, the tsundere; is warm to Yuri, the shy girl; and falters around Monika, the popular girl. According to Dan Salvato, he is deliberately given very little focus.

Who is the voice of Monika DDLC?

Jillian Ashcraft is a singer best known for her voice acting as Monika during the credits of Doki Doki Literature Club!, as well as singing « Your Reality ».

Why did sayori hang herself?

Her depression seems to make her believe that she does not deserve to be loved, but at the same time she wants to be loved, especially by the protagonist. … This will cause the protagonist to panic and go to Sayori’s house, where she will be found dead, hanging from a noose with blood on her hands.

Who has a crush on Ayano aishi?

Wiki Targeted (Games)

Ayano Aishi
Taro/Taeko Yamada

(Determinant if Taeko is available in the final game)
Strength Determinant (Based on Physical Education)
Appears Week 0
Voice Michaela Laws (Main) Moesaurus (Yandere Laugh)

Who is the bad guy in Doki Doki?

Monika (in Japanese: モニカ) is the main antagonist of the 2017 visual novel Doki Doki Literature Club!, serving as the overarching antagonist of Act 1, the overarching-turned-final antagonist of Act 2, the main antagonist of Act 3 and the deuteragonist of Act 4.

Is Yuri evil Doki Doki?

Yuri is the secondary antagonist of the 2017 visual novel Doki Doki Literature Club!, serving as a major protagonist in Act 1 and 4, the main antagonist of Act 2 and a posthumous antagonist in Act 3.

What happens if you never delete Monika?

Players also have to be careful not to delete Monika too early in Act 3, because if they do so without seeing the CG, the game will not count it as seen and they will just see the Normal Ending. … The other game files will be deleted still, and the player must delete the firstrun file or reinstall the game to play again.

Is DDLC a virus?

The Doki Doki Virus (ドキドキ・ウイルス Doki Doki Uirusu) is a biological computer virus created by the Belief Club President Kai. … The Doki Doki Virus, being a mystery in the first part of the game/fanfiction.

What is Oujidere?

An « Oujidere », sometimes spelled « Ōjidere », refers to a character who wants to be treated like a prince or a king by the person he loves, even if he is not actual royalty. Oujidere characters have a prince complex. They can be real arrogant princes or only want to be treated like royalty.

What is a male Yandere called?

Oranyan is the term used for male tsundere.

Is Genki a girl?

Genki (pronounced gehn-ki) is the Japanese word for energetic or enthusiastic. A common character archetype in Anime and Manga, mostly among females, is the Genki Girl, or a girl who’s quite hyperactive, excitable, and always « on the move ».

Who is the Queen of yandere?

Yuno Gasai is probably one of the most popular Yandere of all time, often referred to as the « Yandere Queen. » Yuno only cares about Yuki and Yuki only.

What is a boy yandere called?

Oranyan is the term used for male tsundere. I’m not sure if there are other terms used for kuudere and yandere but all three are also applicable for male characters, though they are more common in females. – xjshiya.

How old is Satou Chan?

Satou Matsuzaka
Matsuzaka Satō
Gayness 10



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