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What is another word for inconsistent?

What is another word for inconsistent? In this page you can discover 68 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for inconsistent, like: agree, variable, erratic, conflicting, unsteady, fantastical, continue, contradictory, discrepant, uncertain and same.

What are two synonyms for inconsistent?

synonyms for inconsistent

  • conflicting.
  • contrary.
  • erratic.
  • illogical.
  • incompatible.
  • irreconcilable.
  • uncertain.
  • unpredictable.

What is the root word for inconsistent?

The adjective inconsistent first came into use in the 1640’s, with the sense of “not agreeing in substance or form.” Broken down into its roots, in plus consistent, the word literally means « not consistent. » Behavior, results in lab experiments, and your cooking skills could all be described as inconsistent if they are …

What is the root of inconsistency?

1640s, « not agreeing in substance or form; » 1650s, « self-contradictory, » from in- (1) « not, opposite of » + consistent.

What is the synonym of capricious?

Some common synonyms of capricious are fickle, inconstant, mercurial, and unstable. While all these words mean « lacking firmness or steadiness (as in purpose or devotion), » capricious suggests motivation by sudden whim or fancy and stresses unpredictability.

What is the opposite of sporadically?

Antonyms: continual, unrelenting, repetitive, recurring, perennial, revenant, relentless, running(a), recurrent, insistent, persistent, repeated.

What is a aimless?

: without aim or purpose : not having a goal or purpose …

What does inconsiderately mean?

1a : heedless, thoughtless. b : careless of the rights or feelings of others. 2 : not adequately considered : ill-advised. Other Words from inconsiderate Synonyms & Antonyms Example Sentences Learn More About inconsiderate.

What is a inconsistent person?

Someone or something that is inconsistent does not stay the same, being sometimes good and sometimes bad.

What does inconsistencies mean in English?

1 : the quality or state of not being in agreement or not being regular The team’s biggest problem is inconsistency. 2 : something that is not in agreement or not regular There are inconsistencies in her story. More from Merriam-Webster on inconsistency. Thesaurus: All synonyms and antonyms for inconsistency.

How do you deal with inconsistency?

To help, here are a half-dozen ways to overcome any tendency of inconsistency.

  1. Put Your Priorities On A Pedestal. …
  2. Camera In The Corner. …
  3. Think See-Say. …
  4. Mind Your Mood Swings & Impulses. …
  5. Same Situation, Different Treatment Doesn’t Work. …
  6. Put Repeatable Processes In Place.

What do you call someone who changes sides?

A turncoat is a person who shifts allegiance from one loyalty or ideal to another, betraying or deserting an original cause by switching to the opposing side or party.

What do you call someone who makes changes?

Idiomatically, people like this are called… Movers and shakers – People of energetic demeanour, who initiate change and influence events. For an adjectival form, it’s common to say they’re influential people (people of influence).

What do you call someone who changes moods?

Someone with erratic moods is moody — you could also call them temperamental or changeable.

What is another word for sporadically?

Frequently Asked Questions About sporadic

Some common synonyms of sporadic are infrequent, rare, scarce, and uncommon. While all these words mean « not common or abundant, » sporadic implies occurrence in scattered instances or isolated outbursts.

What are two synonyms for sporadically?

synonyms for sporadically

  • intermittently.
  • now and then.
  • occasionally.
  • rarely.
  • seldom.
  • hardly.
  • little.
  • scarcely.

What is a synonym for intermittently?

inconstant. intermittent. interrupted. on-again-off-again. periodic.

What do you call an aimless person?

When you call a person aimless, you probably mean that he doesn’t appear to have any ambition: « My brother’s an aimless drifter. » Aimless comes from aim, « purpose » or « target. » Definitions of aimless. adjective. aimlessly drifting. synonyms: adrift, afloat, directionless, planless, rudderless, undirected purposeless.

What means purposeless?

: having no purpose : aimless, meaningless. Other Words from purposeless Example Sentences Learn More About purposeless.

What does it mean when someone is spineless?

1 : free from spines, thorns, or prickles. 2a : having no spinal column : invertebrate. b : lacking strength of character.

Is inconsiderate an insult?

Inconsiderate behavior is rude: it doesn’t take into consideration the feelings of other people. When you’re considerate, you’re polite and thoughtful. … Most inconsiderate behavior is also selfish.

What is an example of inconsiderate?

The definition of inconsiderate is rude and without thought for others. An example of an inconsiderate action is constantly cutting off others who are speaking. adjective.

What is the meaning of a undiplomatic?

: not diplomatic especially : tactless.

What is a inconsistent relationship?

If a person is consistently inconsistent, the behavior is likely to be conscious. We’re not always going to be in a good mood. Sometimes we won’t feel like talking, going out, showing affection, or even being around people. … You never feel safe or quite sure of your relationship with the other person.

What is inconsistent parenting?


Parents who change their minds often, don’t take a stand, and have difficulty making decisions or providing strong leadership are very likely to produce emotionally volatile children. These children emerge with unstable cores and weak identities.

What is a inconsistent system?

A system of two linear equations can have one solution, an infinite number of solutions, or no solution. … If a system has no solution, it is said to be inconsistent . The graphs of the lines do not intersect, so the graphs are parallel and there is no solution.



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