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What is sotro?

What is sotro? SOTRO is a first-of-its-kind collapsible hair steamer engineered to bring salon-quality results into the comfort of your home. … Hair steam gently raises the hair’s cuticles to allow for « the good stuff » in conditioners and hair treatments to reach the entire shaft and penetrate deeper than any other conditioning method.

What does Soto mean in text?

What does SOTO stand for?

Rank Abbr. Meaning
SOTO Sold Out Ticketed Out

What Sotto means?

sot′tō, adv. under, below, as in Sotto voce, in an undertone, aside.

Is Soto a Scrabble word?

No, soto is not in the scrabble dictionary.

What does OOC stand for?

OOC is an acronym that stand for out of character. It is often used in role-playing when a person wants to break character or in fanfiction when a writer is expressing concern that a character was not himself in a certain scene or instance of dialogue.

How do I use sotto voce?

Sotto-voce sentence example

  1. « Way to go, » Fred muttered sotto voce . …
  2. So there’s as much attitude in his songs as ever, only now it’s murmured sotto voce . …
  3. So there ‘s as much attitude in his songs as ever, only now it ‘s murmured sotto voce .

What does Douce mean in music?

yield, relax the speed. douce. sweet. en dehors. prominent.

What are OOC comments?

OOC/ooc means “out of character.” When you’re speaking OOC, it means that you’re not actually making a post for your roleplay; you’re speaking directly to your partner(s).

What does OOC mean in jail?

An Out-of-Class (OOC) assignment is an assignment where an employee is performing duties not consistent with the employee’s classification of appointment. An example would be a Correctional Officer performing the duties of a Correctional Sergeant.

What is OOC in GTA?

Typically it means Out Of Character.

What does Sotto mean in a script?

(sotto) I miss you so.

Is Sotto a word?

1. Under; below: an italian word occurring in a few phrases: as, sotto il soggetto, below the subject; sotto voce, under the voice, in an undertone, aside.

What is the opposite of sotto voce?

Antonyms & Near Antonyms for sotto voce. openly, publicly.

What does Schnell mean in music?

: in a rapid manner : quickly —used as a direction in music.

What does Sans Ralentir mean?

SURTOUT SANS RALENTIR. (French) Above all, without slowing or dragging of the pace.

What does Poco mean in music?

: to a slight degree : somewhat —used to qualify a direction in music poco allegro.

What is IC and OOC?

Obviously, there’s a difference between in character and out of character. IC is what your character does and believes. OOC is what the player does and believes. The two should stay as separate as possible.

How do you talk to OOC in RP?

If a writer wants to comment OOC while in their roleplay account, they should make it clear to others they are the one speaking. Adding quick indicators like “||” or “//” or even a creative combination of symbols “|~|,” shows other roleplayers the comments that follow are those of the writer.

What does OOC mean in no pixel?

1) OOC (Out of Character)

Roleplaying experiences are defined by the commitment of the community.

What does MJ mean in jail?

For the purpose of this review, the term County Jail includes the Main Jail (MJ) adjacent to the County Courthouse, the Todd Road Jail (TRJ) near the city of Santa Paula, and the East Valley Jail (EVJ) near the city of Thousand Oaks.

What is a kite in jail?

A Kite is mail or request sent to or received by someone in prison.

What does SBI stand for in jail?

A state bureau of investigation (SBI) is a state-level detective agency in the United States. They are plainclothes agencies which usually investigate both criminal and civil cases involving the state and/or multiple jurisdictions.

What language is sotto voce?

But sotto voce, which was borrowed into English from the Italian word sottovoce (literally meaning « under the voice »), can also serve as an adjective.

What does legend mean in script?

legendnoun. A story of unknown origin describing plausible but extraordinary past events.



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