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What is the definition of not feeling well?

What is the definition of not feeling well? 1 : being in poor health : ailing, sick. 2 : undergoing menstruation.

When should I say I’m not feeling well?

“I’m not feeling well” is most commonly used when you feel sick, just like the expression above, but it can also be used when you’re in other types of discomfort (like breaking your arm, extremely tired, etc.) Your health is your wellbeing.

What can I say instead of well?


  • acceptably,
  • adequately,
  • all right,
  • alright,
  • creditably,
  • decently,
  • fine,
  • good,

How do you text not feeling well?

How do you text in sick examples?

  1. “I have [sickness] and will need to take a sick day today. …
  2. “I’m really not feeling well today, so I don’t think I will be able to do my job productively or efficiently. …
  3. “I’ve come down with [sickness] and need to use a sick day today, but I’ll be back at work tomorrow.

What’s a word for not good?

What is another word for not good?

bad terrible
disastrous horrendous
horrid lame
mediocre sad
substandard unacceptable

How do you comfort a sick person over text?

Text Messages to Cheer Someone Up When They’re Sick

  1. « Hey, get well soon. Like, real soon. …
  2. « You’re doing a great job with a major responsibility. …
  3. “Remember that time you [insert major achievement here]? …
  4. “I hate that you’re going through this. …
  5. “Hey, I haven’t forgotten about you or how difficult this must be.

How do you feel now reply?

Answering the question

  • 1 You want to give a standard answer and not tell the person how you really feel. I’m well. Thankyou. Fine, Thanks.
  • 2 A positive heathy answer. I’m fine/well. I’m good, thanks. Great!
  • 3 A negative unhealthy answer. Not so good. I’m a bit under the weather (tired and feeling ill). I feel ill.

How do you understand that they are not feeling well animals?

How to Tell If Your Dog Isn’t Feeling Well

  1. Bad breath or drooling.
  2. Excessive drinking or urination.
  3. Appetite changes associated with weight loss or gain.
  4. Change in activity level (e.g., lack of interest in doing things they once did)
  5. Stiffness or difficulty in rising or climbing stairs.

What are 5 good synonyms?


  • adj.pleasant, fine.
  • adj.moral, virtuous.
  • adj.competent, skilled.
  • adj.useful, adequate.
  • adj.reliable; untainted.
  • adj.kind, giving.
  • adj.authentic, real.
  • adj.well-behaved.

WHAT IS well as a word?

When well is a noun, it means « a deep hole full of water or oil. » When well is an adverb, it describes the way something’s done. If you’re not sure when to use well and when to use good, think about what you’re describing.

How do you say you are well?

Ways to say that you are well – Elementary

  1. I’m fine thank you.
  2. I feel great / marvellous / fine.
  3. Couldn’t be better.
  4. Fit as a fiddle.
  5. Very well, thanks.
  6. Okay.
  7. Alright.
  8. Not bad.

What is a good excuse for not going to work?

Good excuses to miss work

  • Sickness. If you’re not feeling well, it’s best not to go to work. …
  • Family illness or emergency. …
  • Home emergency/car trouble. …
  • Death of a loved one. …
  • Feeling tired. …
  • Unhappy in your job. …
  • Poor planning.

How do you tell your boss you are not feeling well?

Five Tips for Calling in Sick

  1. Let Your Boss Know as Soon as Possible. Give your boss as much warning as you can that you won’t be coming in. …
  2. Keep It Brief. There is no need to go into gory or dramatic details about your illness. …
  3. Be Helpful. …
  4. Make Sure the Right People Know. …
  5. Follow Up.

What’s the best excuse to call in sick?

The following cases are usually acceptable reasons to call in sick:

  1. Contagious illness. …
  2. Injury or illness that negatively impacts productivity. …
  3. Medical appointment. …
  4. Diagnosed medical condition. …
  5. Hospitalization. …
  6. Pregnancy or delivery.

What is a word worse than horrible?


1 terrible, awful, appalling, frightful; hideous, grim, ghastly, shocking, revolting, repulsive, horrid, horrendous, horrifying, repellent.

How do you cheer up a sick person?

Check out these six ways to cheer up someone who is sick in these upcoming months.

  1. Listen first, then respond. The greatest thing you can do to comfort someone you love who isn’t feeling well is simply to listen. …
  2. Take on their to-do list. …
  3. Bring food and drinks. …
  4. Do something simple they love. …
  5. Give them space.

How do you respond to someone who is not feeling well?

I hope you feel better soon.

If somebody says to you “I’m just peachy” you can respond to this person in various ways, such as:

  1. Glad to hear it.
  2. Great, I’m happy for you.
  3. I’m glad you are feeling better.
  4. Fantastic!
  5. Great! That’s great to hear, I’m in a good mood too.
  6. It’s going to be a good day.

What should you not say to a sick person?

Yet by not saying 10 simple things, you too, can be the friend in need that you want to be.

  • 1 « I feel so sorry for you » …
  • 2 « If anyone can beat this, it’s you » …
  • 3 « You’re looking well » …
  • 4 « You’re looking terrible » …
  • 5 « Let me know the results » …
  • 6 « Whatever I can do to help » …
  • 7 « Oh, no, your worries are unfounded »

What do you feel about me answer to boy?

I wish I could draw that well!” Instead of a neutral answer like, “You’re always nice to everyone,” you can say, “You really go out of your way to be kind and compassionate to other people. » Use words that are specific and stand out as positive, like “talented” and “compassionate.” Try things like: “You’re fearless!

How do you respond to someone who is not feeling well?

1. Say Get Well in a way that’s personal and sincere.

  1. A note to remind you that I love you—and I hate that you’re sick.
  2. I hate it when my favorite people get hurt. …
  3. I miss having you around. …
  4. Sending you lots of feel-better hugs.
  5. Get better and get back to your amazing self soon!
  6. I can’t tell you how to get better.

What is the proper response to how are you?

There’s really only one correct answer to “How are you?” Do you know what it is? Well? The correct response is “Fine, and you?” That’s it.

Can cats sense when their owners are sick?

Cats also have an acute sense of smell and have the ability to sniff out a chemical change in the body caused by a disease. And both dogs and cats can also sense the change in mood, behavior and pattern that affect a daily routine.

Can animals tell if you are sick?

When a person is ill, their body chemistry will change, and a dog’s sensitive snout may be able to detect these subtle changes, letting them know we are sick. Dogs can be trained to sniff out volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in the human body, helping with early detection for illnesses, including cancer.

Do dogs know you are sick?

Science Behind Dogs Sensing When You’re Sick

When we are sick, our happiness receptors and hormones like serotonin, dopamine, and oxytocin reduce. Dogs can pick up on these small changes as well and they may even know you are getting sick before you become aware!



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