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What is the plural of economy?

What is the plural of economy? noun. econ·​o·​my | i-ˈkä-nə-mē , ə-, ē- plural economies.

Is Componentize a word?

To split into separate components.

What is the plural of accessory?

noun. ac·​ces·​so·​ry | ik-ˈse-sə-rē , ak-, ek-, -ˈses-rē also ə-ˈse- variants: or less commonly accessary. plural accessories.

What is the plural of dispatch?

Filters. Plural form of dispatch. noun.

What is the plural of cockroach?

cockroach /ˈkɑːkˌroʊtʃ/ noun. plural cockroaches.

What does Componentized mean?

Componentization is the process of atomizing (breaking down) resources into separate reusable packages that can be easily recombined. … Even more importantly it allows for greatly increased levels of reuse.

What is the plural of water?

The noun ‘water’ is part of a category of nouns known as ‘uncountable’, which means that they do not have plural forms. … The plural form will also be water. Anyway, in more particular contexts, the plural form can also be waters. e.g. in reference to various types of waters or a collection of waters.

What is an example of accessory?

An accessory is defined as a person who assists someone else to break the law or commit a crime but who doesn’t participate in committing the crime himself. An example of an accessory would be someone who let a criminal hide in their house.

What is the plural of housewife?

housewife. / (ˈhaʊsˌwaɪf) / noun plural –wives.

What is the plural of display?

Noun. display (countable and uncountable, plural displays) A show or spectacle.

What is the plural of midwife?

midwife. noun. mid·​wife | ˈmid-ˌwīf plural midwives.

What is the plural of reef?

Filters. Plural form of reef.

What standardization means?

Standardization is a framework of agreements to which all relevant parties in an industry or organization must adhere to ensure that all processes associated with the creation of a good or performance of a service are performed within set guidelines.

What is componentization and standardization?

Componentization. Functional PC that is a combination of several constituent parts. Standardization. Authorizing components from different manufacturers to be interchangeable.

What is componentization of fixed assets?

‘Componentization’ is an approach generally used for Property, Plant and Equipment, where fixed assets have major identifiable components with substantially different useful lives are identified and these assets are treated as separate components and depreciated over their different useful lives.

What is the plural of ask?

ask (plural asks)

Is it correct to say many water?

There is no such distinction for “a lot of” and “lots of”, which can be used with both, i.e. both “a lot of/lots of people” and “a lot of/lots of water” are correct. … correct Lots of water is being wasted every day. wrong Lots of water are being wasted every day.

Can u say waters?

« Water » and « waters » | Ask The Editor | Learner’s Dictionary. Water is usually used as a noncount noun, but the form waters is sometimes used. … Both the noncount water and the plural waters are used to refer to a specific body of water, as in « the water(s) of Lake Michigan. » But there are subtle differences in their use …

Is a hat an accessory?

Accessories that are worn may include jackets, boots and shoes, cravats, ties, hats, bonnets, belts and suspenders, gloves, muffs, necklaces, bracelets, watches, eyewear, sashes, shawls, scarves, lanyards, socks, pins, piercings, rings, and stockings.

What does it mean to be someone’s accessory?

Definition. Someone aiding in or contributing to the commission or concealment of a felony, e.g. by assisting in planning or encouraging another to commit a crime (an accessory before the fact) or by helping another escape arrest or punishment (an accessory after the fact).

Is accessory a felony?

An accessory charge in and of itself is not generally a felony, as a felony is a serious type of crime such as homicide. Being an accessory to a felony crime may lead to non violent felony charges, which will be included in a person’s criminal record.

What is plural of ox?

plural oxen ˈäk-​sən also ox.

Is a homemaker?

a person who manages the household of his or her own family, especially as a principal occupation. a person employed to manage a household and do household chores for others, as for the sick or elderly.

Is housewife and homemaker the same?

Housewife is a see also of homemaker. Homemaker is a hypernym of housewife. is that homemaker is (us) a person who maintains the upkeep of his or her residence, especially one who is not employed outside the home while housewife is the wife of a householder; the mistress of a family; the female head of a household.



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