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What is the plural of my?

What is the plural of my? Answer. The plural form of my is our. Find more words!

What is the plural of myself?


What is the plural of fish?

The most common plural form of fish is indeed fish. However, under certain circumstances, you can use fishes as the plural form of fish. … Fish can refer to multiple fish, especially when they are all the same species of fish. Fishes, however, usually refers to multiple species of fish, especially in scientific contexts.

What is the plural of wife?

A wife is a married woman. … The plural of wife is wives.

What is the plural of Fox?

If talking about the animal, the plural is fox. When talking about the slang fox; ( « This bar is loaded with foxes. ») the plural may be foxes.

What is the plural of handkerchief?

noun. hand·ker·chief | ˈhaŋ-kər-chəf , -(ˌ)chif, -ˌchēf plural handkerchiefs also handkerchieves ˈhaŋ-kər-chəfs , -(ˌ)chifs , -ˌchēvz , -ˌchēfs , -chəvz , -(ˌ)chivz « ,What is the plural for child? »

Children is the plural form of the word child and is used to refer to a group of or many youngsters who are below the age of puberty.

Is it correct to say yourself?

This is what’s happening when you’re using “myself” as a reflexive pronoun; for example, if you were to say, “I see myself playing maracas,” or, “I’m going to treat myself to a mud bath.” In both cases you are the object of your own action, so “myself” is the right word to use.

What is the plural of people?

The plural of person should be people in the vast majority of contexts, although legalese uses the plural persons. Peoples should be reserved for instances where you are referring to more than one distinct ethnic group.

Can you say sheeps?

No, “sheeps” is not a gramatical English word. The plural of sheep is also sheep. English has a number of nouns whose plural is the same as the singular.

What is the plural of wolf?

wolf. / (wʊlf) / noun plural wolves (wʊlvz)

What is the plural of Buffalo?

plural buffalo or buffaloes also buffalos.

What is the plural of Boy?

1 boy /ˈboɪ/ noun. plural boys. 1 boy. /ˈboɪ/ plural boys.

What is the plural of cow?

noun, plural cows, (Archaic) kine. [kahyn] the mature female of a bovine animal, especially of the genus Bos.

What is the plural of eyelash?

Eyelashes. The plural form of eyelash; more than one (kind of) eyelash.

What is the plural of washerman?

Noun. washerman (plural washermen) A man who washes people’s laundry, usually for payment.

What is the plural of Volcano?

volcano. noun. vol·ca·no | väl-ˈkā-nō , vȯl- plural volcanoes or volcanos.

What is the plural of giraffe?

giraffe. noun. gi·raffe | jə-ˈraf plural giraffes.

Is it correct to say yourself and John?

“I” is correct. The speaker is the subject of the sentence, the one performing the action, and so you use the subject version of the pronoun. “Myself” is used to refer back to yourself if you’ve already mentioned yourself in a sentence. …

What is the plural form of have?

Have and has are two ways to conjugate the same verb, so it can be difficult to remember which is which. In the present tense, have is the first person singular and plural, second-person singular and plural, and third-person plural conjugation of this verb. Has is the third-person singular present tense.

Is it OK to say myself instead of me?

While « myself » and « me » are both objects, « myself » is what is called a special object. You should use « myself » and not « me » as the object, only when you are the subject of the sentence. Example: I could not dress myself. Correct: You are asked to contact the provost or me.

Is it correct to say two persons?

Many usage guides over the years have suggested that there is a clear distinction between these two words; people is used when referring to a collective group or indeterminate number, and persons serves better when referring to individuals (or a number of individuals).

What is the plural of woman?

The plural form of woman is women, not womans.

What is the plural of life?

noun, plural lives [lahyvz].




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