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What is the synonym of authoritative?

What is the synonym of authoritative?
synonyms for authoritative

  • accurate.
  • authentic.
  • definitive.
  • dependable.
  • factual.
  • scholarly.
  • trustworthy.
  • truthful.

Who is an authoritative person?

Authoritative is defined as someone who knows a great deal about a certain subject and who is generally considered an expert. … Based on competent authority; reliable because coming from one who is an expert or properly qualified. An authoritative biography.

Is being authoritative good?

Authoritative leaders bring clarity: They are effective because of their ability to inspire, motivate, and influence their team. … They have a clear vision of what success looks like, and give their team members clear direction and constructive feedback as they work toward organizational goals.

What is a antonym for authoritative?

more antonyms like this ▼ Adjective. ▲ Opposite of overbearing, dictatorial or authoritarian. meek.

What are authoritative words?

Authoritative means sure or definitive. When writing a paper, it can be useful to quote from an authoritative source, such as the encyclopedia, but you must also do enough research that you are fluent in your subject and can speak with the authoritative voice only true immersion can produce.

What is the difference between authoritative and authoritarian?

Authoritative parents are strict and warm, while authoritarian parents are strict and cold. Authoritative parents discuss and explain rules to their children. They are open to give-and-take discussion and will modify rules if appropriate. … Authoritarian parents only allows one-way communication.

Why are people authoritative?

In human psychological development, the formation of the authoritarian personality occurs within the first years of a child’s life, strongly influenced and shaped by the parents’ personalities and the organizational structure of the child’s family; thus, parent-child relations that are « hierarchical, authoritarian, [ …

Who is an example of a authoritative leader?

Martin Luther King Jr. Our final example of an authoritative leader is Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. He is another great leader that was able to mobilize a nation towards a vision.

Why is authoritative leadership bad?

Because autocratic leaders make decisions without consulting the group, people in the group may dislike that they are unable to contribute ideas. Researchers have also found that autocratic leadership often results in a lack of creative solutions to problems, which can ultimately hurt the group from performing.

What’s the difference between authoritative and authoritarian?

Authoritative parents are strict and warm, while authoritarian parents are strict and cold. Authoritative parents discuss and explain rules to their children. They are open to give-and-take discussion and will modify rules if appropriate. … Authoritarian parents only allows one-way communication.

How do you describe an authoritative character?

Someone or something that is authoritative gives an impression of power and importance and is likely to be obeyed. He has a commanding presence and a deep, authoritative voice.

How can I be authoritative?

10 Ways to Appear More Authoritative at Work

  1. Get clear on your own authority. …
  2. Get aligned with your boss behind the scenes. …
  3. Know what to say when you don’t know the answer. …
  4. Don’t get angry or upset. …
  5. Stop worrying about being liked. …
  6. Pay attention to your tone of voice. …
  7. Get rid of fillers like « um, » « I think, » etc.

What is authoritative language?

Authoritative language includes very complete words in order to appear succinct and sincere.

What is the noun for authoritative?

Word family (noun) authority authorization authoritarian authoritarianism (adjective) authoritarian authoritative authorized ≠ unauthorized (verb) authorize (adverb) authoritatively.

When should authoritative leadership be used?

An authoritative leadership style is best used in situations when a company seems to be drifting. See if this style is right for you. Authoritative leaders are most effective in vision casting, as well as providing clarity for the vision.

Is Authoritative parenting the best?

In the past, child development experts influenced by Baumrind’s work generally identified the authoritative parenting style as the best approach to parenting. Research has repeatedly shown that children raised by authoritative parents tend to be more capable, happy, and successful.

What is the difference between authoritarian authoritative and permissive parenting?

The difference is that permissive parents don’t set clear rules. … Authoritarian parents take a “no-nonsense” approach. These parents also set and enforce rules like authoritative parents. But they’re more strict, demanding, and critical.

Is authoritarian parenting considered good?

Because authoritarian parents expect absolute obedience, children raised in such settings are typically very good at following rules. However, they may lack self-discipline. … This can ultimately lead to problems when the parental or authority figure is not around to monitor behavior.

How do you deal with an authoritative person?

Here are some suggestions for working with a conqueror type boss:

  1. Don’t take anything personally. …
  2. Be responsible for everything you do or don’t do. …
  3. Let them feel in control. …
  4. Understand their anger probably isn’t about you. …
  5. Don’t react impulsively. …
  6. Don’t gossip about your dislike for the boss.

What are the qualities of an authoritarian?

The following are the chief characteristics of authoritarian leadership:

  • Leaders make decisions with little or no participation or creative input from their followers or team members.
  • Leaders independently preside over policies and processes.
  • Group members are always directly supervised by the leader.

What are the 3 types of authoritarian government?

A typology of authoritarian regimes by political scientists Brian Lai and Dan Slater includes four categories: machine (oligarchic party dictatorships); bossism (autocratic party dictatorships); juntas (oligarchic military dictatorships); and strongman (autocratic military dictatorships).

Is Bill Gates an authoritarian leader?

Bill Gates leadership style is authoritarian (also known as autocratic), however most leaders including Gates exhibit more than one style of leadership. … This style of leadership is a very effective style for use in emergency situations or for where quick decisions are required.

What is authoritative approach?

The authoritative parenting style is an approach to child-rearing that combines warmth, sensitivity, and the setting of limits. Parents use positive reinforcement and reasoning to guide children. … This approach is common in educated, middle class families, and linked with superior child outcomes throughout the world.

What is a disadvantage of authoritarian?

Authoritarian leaders tend to suppress creativity because they do not consult with their team. … When there is an overall lack of creativity from the leader as well, this disadvantage can actually hurt the overall performance of the group. 3. It creates moments of insecurity within the leadership.

How do you become an authoritative leader?

7 ways to be an authoritative leader:

  1. Purpose. Leaders exist to serve. …
  2. Parameters. Authority is made safe by boundaries and accountability. …
  3. Learn. Authority often makes people feel they know when they don’t. …
  4. Competence. Celebrate the competence of others without degrading your role.
  5. Engage. …
  6. Explain. …
  7. Forward.

Who are the legal authoritative decision makers?

Authoritative decision making is used when a person held responsible has all the knowledge and expertise to churn out the best possible solution to the problem. In such conditions the leader is the sole person to make a decision.



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