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What is the synonym of egregious?

What is the synonym of egregious?
Synonyms & Antonyms of egregious

  • blatant,
  • conspicuous,
  • flagrant,
  • glaring,
  • gross,
  • obvious,
  • patent,
  • pronounced,

What is the meaning of word portend?

transitive verb. 1 : to give an omen or anticipatory sign of. 2 : indicate, signify.

What are 2 synonyms for egregious?

synonyms for egregious

  • atrocious.
  • deplorable.
  • flagrant.
  • grievous.
  • heinous.
  • nefarious.
  • scandalous.
  • shocking.

What is an egregious person?

Egregious derives from the Latin word egregius, meaning « distinguished » or « eminent. » In its earliest English uses, egregious was a compliment to someone who had a remarkably good quality that placed him or her eminently above others.

What is egregious behavior?

1) conduct giving rise to enhanced damages is “egregious” conduct, defined to include “willful, wanton, malicious, bad-faith, deliberate, consciously wrongful” or “flagrant” behavior – “garden variety” infringement, however, is not enough to warrant a finding.

What is the difference between portent and portend?

Something that portends an event about to occur, especially an unfortunate or evil event; an omen. … Portendverb. (transitive) To signify; to denote.

What is the word odium mean?

1 : the state or fact of being subjected to hatred and contempt as a result of a despicable act or blameworthy circumstance. 2 : hatred and condemnation accompanied by loathing or contempt : detestation.

What does Protended mean?

transitive verb. 1 archaic : to stretch forth. 2 archaic : extend. intransitive verb. archaic : stick out, protrude.

What is the best synonym for egregious?


  • shocking, appalling, horrific, horrifying, horrible, terrible, awful, dreadful, grievous, gross, ghastly, hideous, horrendous, frightful, atrocious, abominable, abhorrent, outrageous.
  • monstrous, nightmarish, heinous, harrowing, dire, unspeakable, shameful.

Is egregious good or bad?

In this case, “egregious” is good. “Egregious” is not quite a “bizarro” word, used as opposite to its traditional meanings, like saying something is “bad” when you mean it’s “good.” It’s more like a Janus word, which has two opposite meanings, like “sanction.” “Egregious” could be good or bad, depending on the context.

What is the synonym and antonym of egregious?

conspicuously and outrageously bad or reprehensible. « a crying shame »; « an egregious lie »; « flagrant violation of human rights »; « a glaring error »; « gross ineptitude »; « gross injustice »; « rank treachery » Antonyms: inconspicuous, invisible.

Can you call someone egregious?

The definition of egregious is extraordinary, but in a negative way. An example of egregious is a person who is a fantastic liar. Outrageously bad; shocking. Conspicuously bad or offensive.

What type of word is egregious?

extraordinary in some bad way; glaring; flagrant: an egregious mistake; an egregious liar. Archaic.

What is egregious law?

In a legal context, the term egregious refers to actions or behaviors that are staggeringly bad, or obviously wrong, beyond any reasonable degree. The term is commonly used to describe conduct of a person, whether a party to a legal action, an attorney or other legal professional, or the court.

What is an example for egregious?

The definition of egregious is extraordinary, but in a negative way. An example of egregious is a person who is a fantastic liar. Outrageously bad; shocking.

What does the future portend?

If something portends an event or occurrence, it indicates that it is likely to happen in the future.

Is portent a verb or noun?

(transitive) To serve as a warning or omen.

How do you use portent in a sentence?

He was in office while such strides began to be made by the department in absorbing the full portent of our transport needs. There are ominous portents in that decision, deliberately taken. This net has been a sign and a portent on the fishing horizon for the last two years. They are the portents in the sky ahead.

What is root word of dislike?

Odium made its way into the English language through Latin, and the word’s root od-, meaning “hatred,” might tip you off that this word involves extreme dislike of some sort.

Is Odiom a word?

intense hatred or dislike, especially toward a person or thing regarded as contemptible, despicable, or repugnant. the reproach, discredit, or opprobrium attaching to something hated or repugnant: He had to bear the odium of neglecting his family. the state or quality of being hated.

What is the definition of detestation?

1 : extreme hatred or dislike : abhorrence, loathing. 2 : an object of hatred or contempt.

What is a Maledict?

verb. maledicted; maledicting; maledicts. Definition of maledict (Entry 2 of 2) transitive verb. : curse, execrate.

How do you use portend?

Portend sentence example

The dark puffy clouds in the distance portend a thunder storm in our future. It would be a mistake to assume that they all portend disaster. I’m hoping that my terrible grades in school right now do not portend my later success in life.

What is the meaning of augur well?

Have good (or bad) expectations for someone or something. For example, John’s recovery from surgery augurs well for the team and The Republican victory in the Congressional elections bodes ill for affirmative action.



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