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What support does the most damage?

What support does the most damage? [Top 10] LOL Best Damage Support That Wreck Hard!

  • Brand. Brand is in many ways an amazing damage support. …
  • Pantheon. …
  • Swain. …
  • Xerath. …
  • Zyra. …
  • Seraphine. …
  • Vel’koz. …
  • Pyke.

How do you win ranked support?

Ganking as a support is a huge way to snowball an early advantage. If you can’t dive the enemy bot lane, but you have them under turret, try roaming mid to take that turret. Ward for your mid if they aren’t doing it. Ping the enemy jungle revery time you see him on the map.

Is Janna a good support 2020?

Janna is a popular Support, and you’ll often see her on any solo climb. Her ability to speed up allies passively (if looking at her), while Zephyr grants even more mobility and light crowd control. … Exceptional enough, tons of utility and crowd control, and a monster in the right hands.

Is thresh good lol?

Thresh is one of the most prolific support champions in League’s history. He’s very versatile, with the ability to play frontline and backline depending on what the situation requires. However, this versatility comes with the caveat that Thresh is very hard to execute.

Is Leona a good support?

Leona is the kind of support that can play the lane both aggressively and defensively. Her mere presence in the lane can force enemy laners into playing safer.

Is support the easiest role?

Support is the lowest skill floor role in the game, but also among the highest skill ceilings. You can play support and win by simply not feeding, but being a good support takes a lot of effort to understand macro decision making.

Can I climb as support?

For optimal climbing, you need to be continuing to play a select few champions over and over again. Pick your top 3 Supports and just play those champions. Do not play any other champions in ranked unless those champions stop working for you or are no longer strong.

Can I carry as support?

Supports can obviously carry in the similar way to other roles but there is obviously that same kind of reliance on your team. Focus on how your champ wins lanes and stick to that. You could put it two ways. When playing support, by carrying, it usually means giving your team peels or buffs that can decide the game.

Is Janna a hard support?

imo janna is definitely one of the harder enchanter supports but she’s also the queen of disengage. you can usually play her into lanes like leona, nautilus, thresh, with relative ease imo.

Is Karma a good support 2020?

Karma Build 11.16 ranks as an F-Tier pick for the Support role in Season 11. This champion currently has a Win Rate of 47.44% (Bad), Pick Rate of 4.39% (High), and a Ban Rate of 0.39% (Low).

Is Braum a good support?

Braum. Why he’s good in pro play: Braum is the best counter-initiation support in the game with his ultimate and his shield being so critical at blocking skill shots.

Why is thresh bad?

Thresh is a really really bad pick in some situations. If you first pick Thresh in high Elo you’re pretty much guaranteed to get an Ezreal/Sivir + Morgana lane which completely ruins your entire laning phase, you can’t set up for ganks and you have VERY little chance of a hook.

Is Nami good lol?

Nami is actually a really good support, I don’t really know why people don’t play her more. Her heal is deceptively strong: it can hit three times if you are in the right situation, and it has a very short cooldown, and relatively low cost, it’s definitely one of the stronger heals in the game.

Is thresh good late game?

Thresh is good but his hooks are single target and telegraphed, so his late game can be lackluster unless there’s strong engage elsewhere on the team. … Thresh peels much better for instance and is one of the better supports against rakan late game because of flay.

Who is Leona best with?

What Champions are Good With Leona in Wild Rift? The best champions to use with Leona based on synergy are Jhin, Draven, and even Xayah are good combos.

Is Rell better than Leona?

5 Leona Is Better: Less Item Reliant

So, while Rell has interesting build options, those options require quite a bit of investment. Even with her shield following Crash Down, Rell is lacking in innate tankiness. Leona packs tools that allow her to become deceptively tanky with no items necessary.

Is Leona good with JHIN?

Jhin and Leona is pretty decent. What you really should do is think about the match-ups and the overall situation. Leona and Jhin can win all-ins, but it depends on who they are up against, player lvls, number of minions and where the junglers are. Jhin has good waveclear and decent poke.

Is support a hard role?

Some of the most common arguments are that supports have a “low” impact in the game and that they are therefore dependent on their teammates performing well. Support seems to also be defined as one of the least challenging roles in League of Legends by the community.

Is Jungle an easy role?

No role is easy and no role is the most difficult. Also people will say jungle is the most difficult because its like playing chess or something. With how the current jungle is-it’s not. By far the easiest role to carry in solo q.

Is support hard to play?

Yes it’s possible, mostly because playing support means you get a ton of control over botlane which is where the highest value fights are and where dragon pit is. Support is broken role and in low elo 75% are useless or autofill. Completely free role till high diamond where the actual competent supports all are.

How do I get out of Silver support?

In silver – ADC’s don’t really follow up when you make good plays, like when you hook on champions such as blitzcrank and thresh. IMO, if you want to climb out of silver as a support main you should play a damage support and carry the game yourself like brand, zyra or even sona. They all scale well into mid-late game.

Is gold low Elo?

Technically speaking, once you hit Silver in the West, this is enough to classify yourself as high Elo. In fact, Gold IV is enough to be higher than 2/3 of the LoL players. … While Gold IV is closer to the top 33%, Platinum IV is still around the West’s top 10%.

How do you play with a bad support?

The ADC’s Guide to Playing With a Bad Support (By a Support Main)

  1. Before we begin, there may be a reason your Support cannot do too much in lane. …
  2. Whenever you’re zoning the enemy, you need to keep in mind a couple of things.
  3. Communicate via pings.
  4. Ask nicely.
  5. Lower your expectations.

When should you roam support?

To avoid this issue, you should not roam while the enemy duo is in the lane. Instead, you want to roam if they have recently backed to purchase items, or are not in the lane at all. Alternatively, you can roam while your ADC is not in the lane either.



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