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What’s another word for peacekeeper?

What’s another word for peacekeeper? In this page you can discover 12 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for peacekeeper, like: soldier, observer, neutral party, diplomat, peace-keeping force, peace-keeping, ground-troops, peacekeepe, , ground-forces and combatant.

What does reap mean in editing?

reapverb. To gather; to obtain; to receive as a reward or harvest, or as the fruit of labor or of works — in a good or a bad sense; as, to reap a benefit from exertions.

What are the synonyms for peace?

synonyms for peace

  • accord.
  • friendship.
  • love.
  • reconciliation.
  • truce.
  • unity.
  • conciliation.
  • concord.

What’s the opposite of a peacekeeper?

What is the opposite of peacemaker?

agitator fighter
instigator arguer

What is the difference between peacemaking and peacekeeping?

(1) preventive diplomacy is action to prevent disputes from arising between the parties, to prevent existing disputes from escalating into conflicts and to limit the spread of the latter when they occur, (2) peacemaking is action to bring hostile parties to agreement, essentially through such peaceful means as those …

What does it mean to reap someone’s soul?

reaper Add to list Share. … Reap means « to cut grain with a hook or sickle. » This might remind you of the Grim Reaper, the personification of death in art, movies, and stories, who is shown carrying a sickle and is said to be the harvester of souls.

What is reap the opposite of?

reap. Antonyms: scatter, squander, dissipate, waste, lose. Synonyms: gather, obtain, receive, get, acquire, realize, derive, gain.

What is full form of REAP?

REAP 2021 is an admission process which helps candidates to take admission to B. Tech or bachelor of engineering program in Rajasthan. This process is managed by Rajasthan Technical University of Kota. The full form of REAP is Rajasthan Engineering Admission Process.

What is a adjective for peacefully?

steady, smooth, quiet, neutral, harmonious, calm, nonviolent, tranquil, bloodless, amicable, placid, peaceable, collected, composed, constant, equable, gentle, halcyon, level, mellow.

What word symbolizes peace?

  • calm,
  • calmness,
  • heartsease,
  • peacefulness,
  • placidity,
  • sereneness,
  • serenity,
  • tranquillity.

What is another word for quiet and peaceful?

Some common synonyms of peaceful are calm, placid, serene, and tranquil. While all these words mean « quiet and free from disturbance, » peaceful implies a state of repose in contrast with or following strife or turmoil.

What is a Pacificator?

noun. A person who or thing which pacificates someone or something; a peacemaker; a thing that soothes or subdues.

What is the meaning of peacekeeper?

noun. a person who maintains or restores peace and amity; mediator: Mother was the peacekeeper in our family. a soldier, military force, etc., deployed to maintain or restore peace: American marines sent abroad as peacekeepers.

What’s the meaning of peacekeeping?

: the preserving of peace especially : international enforcement and supervision of a truce between hostile states or communities.

What are the three principles of peacekeeping?

UN Peacekeeping is guided by three basic principles:

  • Consent of the parties;
  • Impartiality;
  • Non-use of force except in self-defence and defence of the mandate.

What is an example of peacekeeping?

The military force is substantial in size and fairly well-equipped by UN Peacekeeping standards. They are mandated to use force for purposes beyond just self-defence. Examples include ECOMOG and UNAMSIL in West Africa and Sierra Leone in 1999, as well as the NATO operations in Bosnia—IFOR and SFOR.

What is an example of peacemaking?

Examples of diplomatic peacemaking include all of the attempts at a negotiated settlement of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict-going back to Nixon and Henry Kissinger’s shuttle diplomacy, Carter’s mediation at Camp David, (which was successful between Egypt and Israel, but not regarding the Palestinian issue), the Oslo …

Is you reap what you sow a metaphor?

Where does you reap what you sow come from? To reap is “to gather a crop” and to sow, “to plant seeds.” Throughout versions of the Bible, sowing is used as a metaphor for one’s actions and reaping for the results of those actions.

What does the Ripper mean?

noun. a person who rips. a murderer who dissects or mutilates his victims’ bodies. informal, mainly Australian and NZ a fine or excellent person or thing.

What is a reeper?

: a strip of wood used in India as a batten or a lath.

What does it mean to reap and sow?

: to experience the same kind of things that one has caused other people to experience If you’re rude to everyone, you’ll reap what you sow.

Do we always reap what we sow?

People regularly ask me that question because incidents often happen in their lives and they can’t imagine having ever done anything to reap them. The answer to the above-mentioned question is ALWAYS YES! The immutable law of cause and effect manages everything.

What is the antonym of rejected?

Antonyms for rejected. accepted, agreed (to), approved.

How do you fill out a REAP 2020?

REAP 2020 Application Form

  1. Candidates can fill their application form in online mode.
  2. The online application form has been made available from 30th July 2020 for B. …
  3. Candidates are required to upload recent passport size photograph and signature in prescribed format during application process.

Is there any exam for REAP?

Rajasthan Technical University, the conducting authority of REAP has prescribed eligibility criteria for exam aspirants. Only those candidates who comply with REAP eligibility norms will be allowed to appear for the engineering admission process.

What is reap in real estate?

REAP (Real Estate Associate Program) is the commercial real estate industry’s leading diversity program bringing the country’s most talented minority professionals into the world of commercial real estate.



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