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Where does the saying push the envelope come from?

Where does the saying push the envelope come from? Pushing the envelope means testing limits and trying out new, often radical ideas. The expression comes originally from mathematics and engineering, where an envelope is a boundary, but was popularized by test pilots (especially those depicted in Tom Wolfe’s book The Right Stuff).

Which is the closest synonym for the word innovative?

synonyms for innovative

  • contemporary.
  • ingenious.
  • inventive.
  • new.
  • original.
  • avant-garde.
  • newfangled.
  • state-of-the-art.

Who Said push the envelope?

NASA pilots were to push the envelope to 10,000 feet.  » The phrase was popularized in 1979 by Tom Wolfe in his book about astronauts,  »The Right Stuff.

What does the idiom egg all over my face mean?

Meaning: To look foolish or be embarrassed. Example: Terry had egg on his face after boasting that the examinations were really easy, but ended up failing most of his papers.

What does the idiom hold a candle to mean?

An expression describing a person or thing that is distinctly inferior to someone or something else: “Senator Nelson is extremely knowledgeable, but as a speaker, he can’t hold a candle to Senator Delano.”

What is a innovative person called?

A creative person can be referred to as an innovator, or a creator of new ideas.

Is invention is the synonym of innovation?

Innovation synonyms

Anything created; esp., something original created by the imagination; invention, design, etc. A discovery; a finding.

What is another word for creative?

In this page you can discover 35 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for creative, like: inventive, artistic, original, innovative, imaginative, clever, productive, omnific, ingenious, gifted and demiurgic.

What does outside of the envelope mean?

It’s a common phrase meaning “to go beyond the usual or normal limits by doing something new, dangerous, etc.” … “One of the phrases that kept running through the conversation was ‘pushing the outside of the envelope.

How do you push an envelope?

to behave in more extreme ways, or to try new things that have not been acceptable or tried before: Just like every other kid, I pushed the envelope. If I got away with being ten minutes late one night, I might be twenty minutes late the next night. We will keep trying to push the envelope – our market demands it.

What does the idiom wet behind the ears mean?

Immature, inexperienced, as in How can you take instructions from Tom? He’s still wet behind the ears, or Jane’s not dry behind the ears yet. This term alludes to the fact that the last place to dry in a newborn colt or calf is the indentation behind its ears. [ Early 1900s]

What does the idiom let your hair down mean?

phrase. If you let your hair down, you relax completely and enjoy yourself. … the world-famous Oktoberfest, a time when everyone in Munich really lets their hair down. Synonyms: let yourself go, relax, chill out [slang], let off steam [informal] More Synonyms of to let your hair down.

What does the idiom a night owl mean?

A night owl is someone who tends to be awake late into the night. If you’re a night owl, you may do your homework at midnight and prefer to sleep late in the morning.

What is the idiom of call it a day?

phrase. If you call it a day, you decide to stop what you are doing because you are tired of it or because it is not successful. Faced with mounting debts, the decision to call it a day was inevitable.

What does the idiom cold shoulder mean?

« Cold shoulder » is a phrase used to express dismissal or the act of disregarding someone. Its origin is attributed to Sir Walter Scott in a work published in 1816, which is in fact a mistranslation of an expression from the Vulgate Bible.

What does it mean she can’t hold a candle to you?

phrase [VERB inflects] If you say that one person or thing can’t hold a candle to another, you meant that the first person or thing is not nearly as good as the second.

What is a creative thinker called?

Synonyms. imagination innovation out-of-the-box thinking uncreative wizardry imaginativeness ingenuity creativeness flight divergent thinking ingeniousness design excogitation fruitfulness creativity invention inventiveness power fecundity originative ability conception cleverness vision creative genius.

Who is a famous innovator?

The 12 Greatest Innovators of All Time

  • Thomas Edison. …
  • Steve Jobs. …
  • Nikola Tesla. …
  • Bill Gates. …
  • Benjamin Franklin. …
  • Leonardo Da Vinci. …
  • Alexander Graham Bell. …
  • Sandford Fleming.

What is the adjective of innovation?

tending to innovate, or introduce something new or different; characterized by innovation. …

What is innovation called in French?

innovate: restaurer; rénover; remettre en état; réhabiliter.

What is another word for creative space?

Friday Fun: Atelier is another word for creative space – findingtimetowrite.

What is another term for creative thinking?

inventiveness ingenuity ingeniousness cleverness design creativity creativeness creative t… …

Which word mean almost the same as creative?

inventive, imaginative, innovative, innovatory, innovational, experimental, original. artistic, expressive, inspired, visionary. productive, prolific, fertile. talented, gifted, resourceful, quick-witted, ingenious, clever, smart.

What does gone past my knowledge envelope mean?

Go to extremes, go beyond accepted limits.

What is envelope in calculus?

Envelope, in mathematics, a curve that is tangential to each one of a family of curves in a plane or, in three dimensions, a surface that is tangent to each one of a family of surfaces. For example, two parallel lines are the envelope of the family of circles of the same radius having centres on a straight line.



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