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Who led the Axis powers?

Who led the Axis powers? The main Axis powers were Germany, Japan and Italy. The Axis leaders were Adolf Hitler (Germany), Benito Mussolini (Italy), and Emperor Hirohito (Japan).

What is an Axis used for?

A line, used as a reference to determine position, symmetry and rotation.

Why did Germany invade Norway but not Sweden?

Meanwhile, the Germans, having suspected an Allied threat, were making their own plans for an invasion of Norway in order to protect their strategic supply lines. The Altmark Incident of 16 February 1940 convinced Hitler that the Allies would not respect Norwegian neutrality, so he ordered plans for an invasion.

Why did Italy join the Axis?

Italy joined the war as one of the Axis Powers in 1940, as the French Third Republic surrendered, with a plan to concentrate Italian forces on a major offensive against the British Empire in Africa and the Middle East, known as the « parallel war », while expecting the collapse of British forces in the European theatre.

Why did Italy switch sides in ww2?

After a series of military failures, in July of 1943 Mussolini gave control of the Italian forces to the King, Victor Emmanuel III, who dismissed and imprisoned him. … The subsequent British invasion of Italy was unopposed. By October Italy was on the side of the Allies.

What is an axis in anatomy?

All body movements occur in different planes and around different axes. … An axis is an imaginary line at right angles to the plane, about which the body rotates or spins.

What is a 2 axis graph?

A dual axis chart combines a column and line chart and compares two variables. … A dual axis chart (also called a multiple axes chart) uses two axes to easily illustrate the relationships between two variables with different magnitudes and scales of measurement.

Why did Germany not invade Turkey?

On 4 March 1941, Franz von Papen forwarded a letter from Adolf Hitler to İnönü in which Hitler wrote that he had not started the war and did not intend to attack Turkey. … Hitler asked Turkey for permission to pass through Turkish territory to give Iraq military assistance.

Why did Switzerland not join ww2?

To keep the country safe from the Allies and Axis powers, the Swiss used a strategy called “armed neutrality,” requiring maintaining a sizable army to isolate itself within the country’s frontiers and allowing it to defend against foreign incursion. … Swiss border patrol in the Alps during World War II.

Did Germany invade Norway?

With the outbreak of hostilities in 1939, Norway again declared itself neutral. On April 9, 1940, German troops invaded the country and quickly occupied Oslo, Bergen, Trondheim, and Narvik. After three weeks the war was abandoned in southern Norway. …

Why was Italy so weak in ww2?

Italy was economically weak, primarily due to the lack of domestic raw material resources. Italy had very limited coal reserves and no domestic oil.

Why did Italy betray the Triple Alliance?

Why did Italy join the triple alliance in the first place? … Italy really wasn’t as great of a partner in the Triple Alliance as Germany and Austria-Hungary were. Italy, for a long time, had hated Austria Hungary and were wary about entering into an alliance with them.

Why did Italy declare war on Germany?

Ever since Mussolini began to falter, Hitler had been making plans to invade Italy to keep the Allies from gaining a foothold that would situate them within easy reach of the German-occupied Balkans. … On the day of Italy’s surrender, Hitler launched Operation Axis, the occupation of Italy.

Which country switched sides in ww2?

13, 1943 | Italy Switches Sides in World War II.

What are the 3 axis of rotation?

Regardless of the type of aircraft, there are three axes upon which it can move: Left and Right, Forwards and Backwards, Up and Down. In aviation though, their technical names are the lateral axis, longitudinal axis and vertical axis.

What are the 3 planes of the body?

The three planes of motion are the sagittal, frontal and transverse planes.

Which axis goes with which plane?

Sagittal axis runs through the body horizontally from the left to right. Frontal axis runs through the body horizontally from the back to front. Movement in the sagittal plane about the frontal axis allows for front somersaults/forward roll. Movement in the frontal plane about the sagittal axis allows for cartwheels.

Can a graph have 2 y-axis?

When the data values in a chart vary widely from data series to data series, or when you have mixed types of data (for example, currency and percentages), you can plot one or more data series on a secondary vertical (Y) axis.

Can you have 2 y-axis in Excel?

To add a secondary vertical axis, see Add a secondary vertical axis. Click a chart that displays a secondary vertical axis. … On the Layout tab, in the Axes group, click Axes. Click Secondary Horizontal Axis, and then click the display option that you want.

What is the difference between axes and axis?

An axis is an imaginary line that runs through the middle of something, a line that bisects something, an imaginary line around which a thing rotates. … Axes, when pronounced with a long e, is the plural form of the word axis, meaning imaginary lines that run through the middles of things.

Why did Turkey declare war on Germany?

The Ottomans refused an Allied demand that they expel German naval and military missions. The Ottoman Navy destroyed a Russian gunboat on 29 October 6:30 A.M. at Battle of Odessa. On 31 October 1914, Turkey formally entered the war on the side of the Central Powers.

Which side was Turkey in ww2?

Turkey remained neutral until the final stages of World War II and tried to maintain an equal distance between both the Axis and the Allies until February 1945, when Turkey entered the war on the side of the Allies against Germany and Japan.

Did Spain fight in ww2?

During World War II, the Spanish State under Francisco Franco espoused neutrality as its official wartime policy. The meeting went nowhere, but Franco did help the Axis — whose members Italy and Germany had supported him during the Spanish Civil War (1936–1939) — in various ways. …

Why is Switzerland so rich?

Switzerland is renowned for having a strong and varied export market. Pharmaceuticals, gems, chemicals, and machinery are the main contributors. Another key factor is Switzerland’s focus on its own industries.

Which countries did not take part in ww2?

Afghanistan, Andorra, Estonia, Iceland, Ireland, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Portugal, Spain, San Marino, Sweden, Switzerland, Tibet, Vatican City, and Yemen were all neutral during the war. Apart from Yemen and Tibet they were all near the action.

Why is Switzerland not part of Germany?

In 1648 the Treaty of Westphalia granted Switzerland its independence from the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation, and recognized Swiss neutrality for the first time. … A civil and religious war in 1839 (the Sonderbundskrieg) eventually led the Swiss to realize that they needed a stronger form of national government.



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