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Why did Nikasaur leave riot?

Why did Nikasaur leave riot? Either she got offered a much better job somewhere, or she did not have the freedom to do what she wanted to with Riot I think, otherwise why would she leave when LoL is so close to it’s peak. Likely because she wants to spend some time elsewhere, and explore other possible careers.

Where is Zirene now?

After stepping down from Riot, Zirene is now pursuing a career in streaming and content creation. He will no longer feature on official Riot broadcasts, but, he says, he will stream his perspective for future LCS games on his Twitch channel.

Why did Zirene get fired?

Former caster Aidan ‘Zirene’ Moon was removed from the Worlds 2018 Group Stage after he missed his call-time to cast some of the Play-In games. The broadcast team were working with difficult time zones as the tournament was held in South Korea while they were based in Los Angeles.

Who is Krepo?

Krepo – known to some as “Boris” – was a respected player, caster, and personality in the League community leading up to 2017. With experience playing for teams like Counter Logic Gaming and Evil Geniuses, Krepo transitioned into an EU LCS casting position flawlessly.

Does Rivington cast Valorant?

Rivington Bruce Bisland III, also known as « Riv » for short, is a American Valorant caster and Riot employee known as a League of Legends caster and interviewer for the LCS.

When did Zirene leave riot?

On March 18, 2019, Zirene announced he would be leaving Riot.

What happened to Deficio?

In February 2018, Deficio moved from being a Riot employee to a position as a freelance shoutcaster who would continue to cast the EU LCS similarly to his role in the past, but now be able to explore additional projects in esports.

Is Rivington still a caster?

Rivington « Riv » Bruce Bisland III is an American caster for the North American League Championship Series.

How old is Rivington the 3rd?


Name Rivington Bruce Bisland III
Country of Birth United States
Birthday December 12, 1984 (

age 36

Residency NA North America

Is xPeke owner of Astralis?

It was founded by Enrique « xPeke » Cedeño Martínez after his departure from Fnatic. In 2018, Origen was acquired by

RFRSH Entertainment

, a company that owned Danish CS:GO team Astralis.

Origen (esports)

Sport League of Legends
Partners Ozone Gaming Gear Trig Esports Azubu
Parent group Astralis Group

Is Deficio a casting?

Deficio is a man with a lot of experience through playing, casting, and working behind the scenes. According to Deficio, there is already a lot of work going on behind the scenes at Misfits. “I’m excited to start the next chapter with Misfits Gaming,” Deficio said in the announcement.

Who is in Misfits gaming?

Current roster

Role Handle Name


, Tobiasz
Jungle Shlatan Ahmad, Lucjan
Mid Sertuss Gamani, Daniel
Bot Woolite Pruski, Paweł

Where is quickshot from?

Originally from Johannesburg, South Africa. However, his parents are British and he has dual citizenship.

Is Rivington Pike open?

Covid-19 Latest update for Rivington Terraced Gardens

The Terraced Gardens are open and free for the public to enjoy at all times. As restrictions ease, we welcome back our volunteers for sessions during the week and on the first Saturday of every month.

Does Astralis own origin?

The parent group of Astralis is the Astralis Group, who previously managed Origen and Future F.C. before the merger of all teams under the Astralis brand.


Short name AST
Founded January 18, 2016
Location Denmark
Owner Astralis Group Management ApS

When did the xPeke backdoor happen?

In 2013, both Fnatic and SK Gaming faced each other in a match that would be immortalized through a legendary play by mid laner xPeke.

Who is MagiFelix?

Felix « MagiFelix » Boström (born February 27, 2000) is a Swedish player and currently the midlaner for Astralis.

Where is Nukeduck?

Erlend « nukeduck » Holm (born May 21, 1996) is a Norwegian player who is currently playing as a Mid laner for Excel Esports.

Did Clix leave misfits?

Professional Fortnite player and popular Twitch personality Cody “Clix” Conrod announced his departure from Misfits Gaming after spending over a year with the organization. … Earlier this evening on his Twitch stream, Clix revealed his plans and the organization that he will be joining.

What does MSF stand for Fortnite?

Sceptic returns to Misfits Gaming, where is Fortnite career began. Esports organization Misfits Gaming (MSF) began its Fortnite endeavor in 2018, eventually acquiring marquee names like Cody “Clix” Conrod, Sardar “ops” Ghafoor and Zach “Spades” Gifford.

Where is Misfits Gaming based?

Based in South Florida, Misfits Gaming Group is a global esports and entertainment company.

What does QuickShot mean?

1 (of an action, movement, etc.) performed or occurring during a comparatively short time. a quick move.

What is QuickShot DJI?

01. DJI QuickShot: Rocket mode. Rocket – DJI drone flies straight up into the air with the camera moving to point downward following your subject you’ve selected. Set a height limit of 40, 60, 80, 100, or 120 ft. Once recording is finished the drone will fly back to its original position.

Where do you park to walk to Rivington Pike?

Where to park. There’s a large car park at Rivington Hall Barn and it’s free to park here. From the car park, make your way towards the barn and take the path to the left.

How long does it take to walk to the top of Rivington Pike?

The views from here are amazing. We spent 3 hours walking (a lot of steps and paths). Worth it, was great.

How long a walk is Rivington Pike?

It’s a circular hike of just under 2 miles, with a moderate climb to the 1,191 feet (363 metres) summit of the prominent local landmark. There’s much to enjoy with a section through the remains of Lever Park and wonderful views over the West Pennine Moors.



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