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Why does he say Hodor?

Why does he say Hodor? Born Wylis, the servant to House Stark only became ‘Hodor’ after suffering a life-changing seizure in his youth. That event damaged his brain and took away his power of speech, leaving him only able to say the one word that would become his name.

Was Bran controlling Hodor when he died?

No it doesn’t. Although Bran was responsible for the whole chain of events that killed Hodor, Hodor didn’t have to hold that door. He wasn’t being warged into at that stage. It was Meera who asked him to hold the door, it wasn’t Bran.

Did Bran know he would be king?

« I don’t think Bran knows exactly what will happen in the future, » the actor said at San Diego Comic Con 2019 months after the finale. « His vision of the future is slightly cloudier. » He also told the New York Times in an interview about Season 8, « As I understand it, Bran can’t exactly see the future.

Did Hodor always know?

In the vision of the past, we saw Wyllis collapse and convulse while muttering « hold the door, » until present day Hodor was killed by White Walkers. … Hodor was the hero we never knew we had. HBO. It’s possible that Hodor did not know he was going to die that day.

Is Hodor a Targaryen?

« Hodor is actually Aegon Targaryen. … before finally the last thing Aegon/Hodor hears before his head was dashed against the wall, causing serious brain damage and trauma was ‘HODOR!’ « 

Does Bran ever walk again?

The raven answers that Bran will never walk again, but he will fly.

How did Bran ruin Hodor?

Hodor. RIP. Game of Thrones’ beloved gentle giant appears to have perished at the hands of the White Walkers, after Bran Stark « warged into » (took control of) his body during the attack on the cave where they’d been hiding out.

Why does Bran wake up when lady is killed?

At the end of S1E02, Bran wakes up from his coma immediately after Ned kills Lady, the Dire Wolf. Later in the show, we find out that Bran is a Warg.

Is Bran Stark evil?

The most common description of Bran is that he is a big old ball of ambivalence, but that is not true. What is true is that Bran is the true villain and indeed the worst person in the Game of Thrones universe.

Did Bran always want to be king?

After some debate over democracy and one of Tyrion’s signature inspirational speeches, it was decided that Bran Stark would be crowned as the new King of the Six Kingdoms while Sansa ruled over an independent North. … Isaac Hempstead Wright as Bran Stark in the series finale of Game of Thrones. “I know you don’t want it.

Did Bran know about Daenerys?

Unlike the Stark Sisters, Bran might have known from the beginning what Daenerys would do and said nothing. At least, that’s the going theory by some viewers. However, it misunderstands the Three-Eyed Raven is. … Bran wargs into weirwoods regularly in the books, including during one pivotal scene with Theon.

Is Hodor dead?

As reported by Vanity Fair, “The showrunners evidently considered including not only Karsi, but also Kristian Nairn’s Hodor and more to pepper the Army of the Dead.” Hodor is one of the most beloved characters in the “Thrones” universe and died in the fifth episode of Season 6 after he was viciously attacked by a horde

Did Hodor remember?

Hodor lived his life remembering (at least on the subconscious level) the events unfolding in the cave. He was basically waiting for them to transpire, so that he could finally obey Bran’s time-misplaced order.

What happens to Hodor?

When the White Walkers and thousands of wights attack the cave as a result of Bran’s reckless warging, Hodor holds the back exit of the cave to allow Bran and Meera time to escape. … Hodor is killed by wights.

Is Hodor a giant?

5 He Is Part Giant (Probably)

When Osha, a wildling, first laid eyes on Hodor, she announced that there must be giant’s blood in him. … While we can’t be sure (yet) if Hodor is actually part giant, we do know that he is over seven feet tall.

Why did Bran Warg into Hodor?

In season four, when they were captured by Roose Bolton’s man Locke, Bran warged into Hodor to kill Locke and escape. Hence why Bran needs to take over Hodor now: They need him to get up and help escape the White Walkers. So Bran wargs into Hodor — but crucially, he does it while he’s still observing the past.

Why can’t Hodor speak?

Although the Children of the Forest sought to protect Bran, there were too many White Walkers. They overtook Bran and the Three-Eyed Raven during a vision, which showed why Hodor lost his ability to function like a normal person and why he can only say “Hodor.” In short, it’s all Bran’s fault.

Will Bran fly a dragon?

The Valyrians controlled their dragons with magic that has been lost, but nothing is lost to Bran who can see through time. … “You’ll never walk again, but you will fly,” the Three-Eyed Raven told Bran, and he has. But he possesses the skills to do it like no greenseer ever has.

Who kills Arya Stark?

She brutally stabs out his eyes and then slits his throat — but as punishment, Jaqen H’ghar strikes her blind. Arya refuses to murder the actress Lady Crane for the Faceless Men, so Jaqen sends the nameless girl known as the Waif to kill Arya.

Is Arya a Warg?

A warg is a term for a skinchanger who specialises in controlling dogs and wolves. Arya Stark is believed to have some warg abilities, as her dreams often involve Nymeria, her direwolf. Jon Snow is also an untrained warg and can enter the body of Ghost.

Is Hodor a paradox?

How was he already Hodor if Meera hadn’t yet told him to « hold the door »? It’s a famous time travelers paradox: you can’t go back in time and kill your grandfather. If you did, you wouldn’t exist to kill him… The only way to make sense of this is to look at the entire story (past, present, and future) as fixed.

Is bran a Direwolf?


is the direwolf bonded to Bran Stark. He is the litter-mate of Grey Wind, Lady, Nymeria, Shaggydog and Ghost.


Summer, Bran, and Hodor by Amok
Species Direwolf
Born In 298 AC, at the north

Was bran in a coma?

In A Game of Thrones (1996), Bran accidentally sees Queen Cersei Lannister and her brother Ser Jaime having sex; whereupon he is pushed from the window by Jaime to keep the incest a secret, but he survives in a coma. … With the crow’s guidance, Bran wakes; but having been crippled by the fall, he is unable to walk.

What happens to Nymeria in got?

Nymeria is adopted and raised by Arya Stark. After Nymeria leaves Arya, she becomes the leader of a huge wolf pack in the Riverlands. She and her brother Ghost are now the only living members of the pack. Arya named her after Nymeria of Dorne, the warrior-queen of the Rhoynar who lived a thousand years ago.



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