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Can you go back to the cloister of trials?

Can you go back to the cloister of trials? You can, but it will take you a while to reach the point in which you are free to do so. Once you have the airship, you have to finish an event at Highbridge. The exception to this rule is the Bevelle Temple cloister of trials. If memory serves, that’s a one-off, and you won’t be able to redo it once you’ve finished.

Can you miss anima?

Anima is not permanently missable, period.

Is Tidus a Fayth?

Tidus passes out and finds himself back at home in Zanarkand. He meets the strange boy he saw when Sin attacked Zanarkand, and learns the boy is a fayth.

Can you bribe dark aeons?

Most Dark Aeons’ overdrives kill the entire party (especially Yojimbo) so whenever his or her overdrive fires up in the next turn, summon Yuna to sacrifice one of your Aeons for you. It’s for a good cause. Bribe your way through it, if you want to take the easy route.

How much HP does Dark Bahamut have?

Dark Bahamut Basic Information

Name Dark Bahamut
HP(Overkill) 4000000 (99999) MP
AP(Overkill) 30000 (40000) Gil
Drop (7/8) Dark Matter 1 (2) Drop (1/8)
steal (3/4) Twin Stars 2 Steal (1/4)

• Aug 28, 2020

Are destruction spheres missable?

No destruction sphere in the game is ever missable, but if you have to fight a boss with a million or so HP, that can cause some major frustration if you did temporarily miss one earlier in the game.

Can you go back to get Anima FFX?

Before you head off to get Anima, make sure you have all of the hidden treasures obtained by using Destruction Spheres in the Cloister of Trials. If you are missing any, you can always return and get them, so don’t worry.

How much health does dark Valefor have?

Dark Valefor

DARK VALEFOR Location: Besaid Island HP: 800,000 (99,999 Overkill)
Strength: 148 Defence: 120 Magic: 186
Agility: 105 Luck: 48 Evasion: 10
Fire: Halved Lightning: Halved Water: Halved

• Mar 29, 2013

Does rikku like Tidus?

Rikku and Tidus flirt but nothing more and appear to just be really good friends. However, there is that one scene in Guadoselam when Tidus admits (per the player’s command) that he is into Rikku. She blushes and has a moment where it looks like she want’ s to admit the same thing.

Why did Yuna break up with Tidus?

Everyone’s hearts start breaking when Yuna tells Tidus that she is in love with someone that he doesn’t know. … After Yuna gets him back from the Farplane, she sort of breaks up with him because she claims she doesn’t know him anymore.

Did Yuna and Tidus?

Tidus and Yuna first met when Yuna first became a summoner. … Eventually, Yuna agrees to marry Seymour because she believes that it’s the best for Spira. This upsets Tidus because he wants her to marry the one she loves. However, it turns out that Seymour was corrupt and wanted to use Yuna for power.

Can dark aeons summon?

Though the player can’t usually summon their own aeon against another copy of itself summoned by another summoner, the player can summon aeons against their Dark Aeon counterparts.

Do aeons level with Yuna?

Aeon (Final Fantasy X)/Stat growth

Aeons’ stats rise naturally with Yuna’s, but also with the number of battles the party takes part in (including boss battles, and battles the party runs away from).

Why do dark aeons exist?

When it comes to the dark aeons, the reason for their existence is pretty clear, to get revenge on Yuna and her guardians for destroying Yunalesca, and as far as the believers knew, all hope of ever being rid of Sin.

Can you Zanmato Dark Bahamut?

Party members with Break HP Limit at around 50,000 before Dark Bahamut executes his Mega Flare will also survive it. After soaking the damage, the party should fully heal with the Final Elixir mix. … As with any other enemy, Dark Bahamut can be killed instantly by Yojimbo’s Zanmato attack.

How do you beat Dark Bahamut in ff4?

Strategy. Another strategy is to immediately use a Spider’s Silk or have Rosa cast Slow on Dark Bahamut (although it might counter it by casting Flare). If Rosa has the Omnicasting Augment one can simply have her cast Blink on the party in one turn, followed by Reflect on the entire party.

How much HP does dark ifrit have?

boss battle – Dark Ifrit

HP 1,400,000 MP 999 AP 20,000
STEAL Mega Phoenix BRIBE N/A DROP Master Sphere

Apr 15, 2020

Are al BHED primers missable?

Al Bhed Primer XX:

This primer is available in the Al Bhed Home, on the side in the Living Quarters area. This is Missable, and can’t be re-gained if missed.

What should I not miss FFX?

The only items that can be completely missed are 4 Al Bhed Primers and a Cloister of Trials item. The other items are blocked by Dark Aeons and unless you can beat them, they might as well be completely missable in my experience.

Are any jecht spheres missable?

Luckily, none are missable. You can first start collecting Jecht Spheres once you reach Macalania Woods and defeat the Spherimorph boss. … The one Jecht Sphere to be wary of is the one in Besaid as it will become blocked once you get the Airship and the Dark Aeons appear.

Can you revisit bevelle Temple?

Nope, there is no way to get back into Bevelle temple. But there really isn’t any need either. If you need the last item in order to get Anime, go to the temple in Zanarkand. There will be a new puzzle to complete in the coister of trials once you revisit there.

What is the cloudy mirror for in FFX?

Use the Cloudy Mirror there. When you first get a weapon, it holds nothing but the No AP ability, To unlock its full potential, you must present the weapon at that special spot in Macalania Woods together with the corresponding crests and sigils.

How much should I pay Yojimbo?

Yojimbo cannot be controlled like all other summons. Instead of being able to choose which action to perform, one can only either give him money and let him « do his thing », or dismiss him. In order to get Yojimbo to attack, you need to pay him at least 1 gil per turn.

Did Yuna know rikku?

Thus though Yuna does not recognize Rikku, Rikku might recognize Yuna.

What does rikku say to Tidus in Al BHED?

If Tidus talks with Rikku, she will ask, « It’s your big chance, huh? » the first time she’s spoken to. Replying, « I guess you’re right » will increase Yuna’s affection value by eight.

How old is rikku ff10?

Rikku returns in Final Fantasy X-2 as a protagonist, now 17 years old. She is also the one who convinces Yuna to leave Besaid on a journey after showing her a mysterious sphere featuring a person resembling Tidus.



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