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How do you find responsibility for a concurrent program?

How do you find responsibility for a concurrent program? language = USERENV(‘LANG’) AND fcp. user_concurrent_program_name = ‘PO Output for Communication’ ORDER BY 1, 2, 3, 4; In the above query, instead of PO Output for Communication enter the concurrent program name whose responsibilities you wish to find.

How do you add a set to responsibility?

Attach Concurrent Program / Request Set to Request Group

  1. Find the Request Group of the Responsibility. Responsibility: System Administrator. Navigation: Security > Responsibility > Define. …
  2. Attach the Concurrent Program/Request Set to the Request Group. Responsibility: System Administrator.

How do I find out what responsibilities are assigned to a user?

Most Important Tables used by query to find responsibility assigned to user

  1. 1.fnd_user_resp_groups_direct.
  2. 2.fnd_user.
  3. 3.fnd_responsibility_tl.
  4. 4.fnd_responsibility.
  5. 5.fnd_application_tl.
  6. 6.fnd_application.
  7. Detail SQL query to find responsibility assigned to user.
  8. SELECT fu.user_name ,

Where is concurrent program in Oracle Apps?


  1. Log in to Oracle Forms with the appropriate responsibility as described under Responsibility, above. …
  2. Choose Single Request (to run a single concurrent program) or Request Set (to run a set of concurrent programs).
  3. Select OK. …
  4. Query for the appropriate concurrent program, if necessary.

How do I schedule a concurrent program in Oracle Apps backend?

Schedule the concurrent program

  1. Log in to Oracle with the XXEBS Extending e-Business Suite responsibility.
  2. Navigate to Submit Requests and submit a single request.
  3. Select the XXHR First Concurrent Program concurrent program and leave the Run Date and Organization parameters set to their default values and click on OK:

How do I add a concurrent program to a request set?

Go to Request Set and Query the Existing Request Set and then Go to the Define stages. Step2:- This Will show the Existing concurrent Program under this Request Set. In this Form, Go to the Second line and add the Description of the new concurrent Program and then click on the Requests as below.

What is request set in Oracle?

Request sets are a quick and convenient way to run several reports and concurrent programs with predefined print options and parameter values. Request sets group requests into stages that are submitted by the set. The order in which the stages are submitted is determined by the status of previous stages.

What is a request Group in Oracle Apps?

Request group and data group are used while defining a responsibility in Oracle apps. A request group is attached to a responsibility. It defines the concurrent programs you can execute using the responsibility to which this request group is attached.

What are the responsibilities of users?

Users must adhere to the following responsibilities:

  • Self-policing of passwords and access codes as set forth above;
  • Respecting authorial integrity and the intellectual property rights of others;
  • Respecting and protecting the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of all University IT Resources;

How do I assign a responsibility to the frontend in Oracle Apps?


  1. Log on as a user that is assigned the Security Administrator role (typically as sysadmin), select the User Management responsibility in the navigator and then click the Roles & Role Inheritance subtab.
  2. Click the Create Role button.

How do you find Concurrent?

Method 1 : (i) Solve any two equations of the straight lines and obtain their point of intersection. (ii) Plug the co-ordinates of the point of intersection in the third equation. (iv) If it is satisfied, the point lies on the third line and so the three straight lines are concurrent.

What is a concurrent education program?

A Combined Degree

The Concurrent Bachelor of Education offers you the opportunity to obtain both an initial undergraduate degree – from the Faculties of Arts, Science, or Kinesiology – and a Bachelor of Education, within five years.

How do I find concurrent program history?

— Query To Check Concurrent Program Run History set pages 100 linesize 200 col Parameters for a20 col « Conc Program Name » for a30 col « Started at » for a20 col « Completed at » for a20 col « Username » for a10 SELECT distinct ft. user_concurrent_program_name « Conc Program Name », fr. REQUEST_ID « Request ID », to_char(fr.

How do you schedule a concurrent program?

The scheduling option is available when you submit a concurrent program. Navigate to respective responsibilities and open the SRS form. In this case, navigate to System Administrator->View->Requests->Submit a New Request->Single Request and select Gather Schema Statistics program.

How do I stop a scheduled concurrent program in Oracle Apps?

To cancel a request that has not yet completed:

  1. Navigate to the Find Requests window.
  2. Check My Requests in Progress.
  3. Choose Find.
  4. With your cursor on the request you wish to cancel, choose Cancel Request to terminate the request. …
  5. Select Save from the Action menu.

How do you assign concurrent programs to concurrent manager?

Thursday, April 4, 2019

  1. Navigate to Concurrent > Manager > Define.
  2. Manager Field: Custom Manager.
  3. Short Name: CUSTOM.
  4. Type: Concurrent Manager.
  5. Program Library – Name: FNDLIBR.
  6. Enter desired cache (such as « 2 »).
  7. Work Shifts: Standard.
  8. Enter number of Processes (e.g « 6 »). <= here you can modify it later.

How do I remove a set in Oracle Apps?

Step1:- Go to the Navigator and Open Request Set Form in Oracle Application. Step2:- Query the Request Set Form with the name of the Request Set « XX Testing Request Set ». Step3:- Enter the « To Date‘ as below to Disable the Request Set in oracle apps and after that Your Request set will be inactive.

How do you pass parameters from one program to the next program in a request set?


  1. Query up your request set.
  2. Select the ‘Define Stages’ button.
  3. Select ‘Requests’ button for the stage.
  4. Select ‘Parameters’ button for the report.
  5. Enter a short name for the ‘Shared Parameter’ field.

How do you make a set incompatible with itself?

Example to make a report set incompatible with itself 11i

  1. Go to system administration responsibility and navigate to Concurrent > Set.
  2. Query on desired Request Set. …
  3. Check the “Allow Incompatibility” check box in the Run Options and then save this record. …
  4. Navigate to Concurrent > Program > Define.

How do you define a request set?

By defining request sets, you can submit the same set of requests regularly using a single transaction. You use the Request Set window to create and edit request sets. Alternatively, you can use the Request Set wizard to create simple request sets.

What is request set in Oracle Apps r12?

To create a request set:

  1. Navigate to the Request Set window.
  2. Enter a Name for your request set.
  3. Enter a Short Name for your request set. …
  4. Enter the Application with which you want to associate your request set.
  5. Enter a Description of your request set if you like.

What is responsibility in Oracle Apps r12?

A responsibility is a level of authority in Oracle Applications that lets users access only those Oracle Applications functions and data appropriate to their roles in an organization. Each responsibility allows access to: A specific application or applications, such as Oracle General Ledger or Oracle Planning.

What are the individual users responsibility for security?

Protect access accounts, privileges, and associated passwords; Accept accountability for their individual user accounts; Maintain confidentiality.

What are the primary functions of end user support?

End user support specialists walk customers through problems, train them to install software packages and respond to questions about network systems. They also handle printing queries, hardware questions and report bugs users find in software programs.

What do you know about information system users and their responsibilities?

Some of their duties include keeping the operating systems up to date, ensuring available memory and disk storage, and overseeing the physical environment of the computer.



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