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How expensive is East Timor?

How expensive is East Timor? A single person estimated monthly costs are 759$ without rent. Cost of living in Timor-Leste is, on average, 24.36% lower than in United States. Rent in Timor-Leste is, on average, 2.29% higher than in United States.

How do people live in Timor-Leste?

Most people’s houses consist of bamboo, wood and a thatched roof. People that live in urban areas are able to use concrete, which shows a divide in the living conditions in Timor-Leste. … Agriculture: Agriculture accounts for 80 percent of Timor Leste’s income; its main products include maize, rice and cassava.

Do I need a visa for East Timor?

Visitors to East Timor must obtain a visa unless they come from one of the visa exempt countries. In accordance with the law, citizens of all countries except Indonesia, Cape Verde, and the Schengen Area must obtain a visa upon arrival or prior to arrival.

How does East Timor make money?

Oil and gas

The first significant new development in the JPDA since East Timorese independence is the largest petroleum resource in the Timor Sea, the Greater Sunrise gas field.

What makes Timor-Leste unique?

There really is nothing else like Timor-Leste in South-East Asia which is what makes this place so unique. It’s South-East Asia, it has the beaches, it has the scenery, but no one else is here and its residents have not reached ‘jaded’ status.

Is Kupang safe?

Safety – Possible risks

Kupang is a friendly and welcoming destination for travellers, even if you are treated as a bit of a novelty. The real dangers are the bad roads, potholes and dubious buses running out of town. There is also a serious danger of crocodiles in this part of the world.

How does Australia help Timor-Leste?

In 2019-20, Australia supported Timor-Leste’s COVID-19 development response by: … providing $7 million for community infrastructure projects in one-third of communities across Timor-Leste to help create jobs and stimulate economic activity.

How long can I stay in Timor-Leste?

Citizens from the Schengen States can stay in Timor-Leste without a visa for a maximum period of 90 days in any 180-day period.

What is the average income of Timor-Leste?

Median per capita income comes to only $ 40 (urban: $ 64, rural: $ 32). In other words: half of the population lives on $ 40 or less per person per month. On the expenditure side the survey concludes that the mean monthly household expenditure was $ 297 (urban: $ 532, rural $ 219).

What is the capital of East Timor?

In 1999, when the territory gained independence under UN supervision, Dili was designated the administrative centre. It became the capital when East Timor achieved full sovereignty in 2002. Pop. (2010) 192,652.

Is Timor-Leste in poverty?

In Timor-Leste, 41.8% of the population lives below the national poverty line in 2014. In Timor-Leste, 94.0% of the population has access to electricity in 2019. For every 1,000 babies born in Timor-Leste in 2019, 44 die before their 5th birthday.

What is the main religion in East Timor?

According to the 2015 census, 97.6 percent of the population is Catholic, 1.96 percent Protestant, and less than 1 percent Muslim. Protestant denominations include the Assemblies of God, Baptists, Presbyterians, Methodists, Seventh-day Adventists, Pentecostals, Jehovah’s Witnesses, and the Christian Vision Church.

Do I need a visa for Timor-Leste?

Visitors to East Timor must obtain a visa unless they come from one of the visa exempt countries. … In April 2019, the Interior Minister adopted an Order number 470 to be applied from 1 May 2019, requiring all non-visa-exempt visitors to obtain a visa from one of the East Timor diplomatic missions before arrival.

Which country Kupang is?

Kupang, also spelled Koepang, city and capital of East Nusa Tenggara propinsi (or provinsi; province), Timor island, Indonesia. It is located near the southwestern tip of the island on Kupang Bay of the Savu Sea.

What Kupang means?

Kupang (Indonesian: Kota Kupang, Indonesian pronunciation: [ˈkupaŋ] ; Dutch spelling: Koepang) is the capital of the Indonesian province of East Nusa Tenggara, and has an estimated population in 2011 of 349,344. It is the biggest city and port on the island of Timor.

Why did Australia get involved in East Timor?

Australian Defence Force units arrived in East Timor in 1999 to quell the rioting, disorder and low-level fighting created by the Indonesian military’s scorched earth campaign as it withdrew from its former possession in 1999.

Who controls East Timor?

In 1999, following the United Nations-sponsored act of self-determination, Indonesia relinquished control of the territory. As Timor-Leste, it became the first new sovereign state of the 21st century on 20 May 2002 and joined the United Nations and the Community of Portuguese Language Countries.

How many Australian soldiers died in East Timor?

Deaths as a result of service with Australian units

Conflict Dates of conflict Number of deaths
East Timor 16 September 1999 to 18 August 2003 2
East Timor (Operation Astute) 1999-2013 2
Afghanistan 11 October 2001 to present 43
Iraq 16 July 2003 to 14 December 2013 4

• May 27, 2021

Is Timor-Leste part of Australia?

Australia and Timor-Leste are close neighbours, with a shared history and strong people-to-people links. Australia has been at the forefront of international support for Timor-Leste since its independence in 2002, and remains Timor-Leste’s largest partner in development.

How much does the average Vietnamese earn?

Wage and salary in Vietnam are very dissimilar across occupations and contrast starkly between urban and rural areas. The average wage per person in Vietnam is around 3.45 million VND ($150) a month and differentiated by many factors.

Average Salary.

Career Average monthly salary (VND/USD)
Real Estate 17 million VND ~ $720 US

What does Timor-Leste export?

Country Brief

Timor-Leste has a narrow export basket as oil and gas exports constitute more than 90% of total exports. Coffee has a little share in total exports. Timor-Leste mainly trades with countries in the region i.e. Singapore, South Korea, China, Indonesia, India and Japan.

Is Timor-Leste a developed country?

Since independence in 2002 Timor-Leste has emerged from instability and significant erosion of development gains to successfully graduate from fragility status, meet the least developed country (LDC) graduation per-capita income criterion in 2015 since the country was added to the list of LDC in 2003, and become the …

Is Dili part of Indonesia?

Dili (Portuguese/Tetum: Díli, Indonesian: Kota Dili) is the capital and largest city of East Timor . It lies on the northern coast of the island of Timor, in a small area of flat land hemmed in by mountains.


Dili Díli
Population (2015)
• Capital City 222,323
• Density 4,600/km 2 (12,000/sq mi)
• Metro 234,331

Why does East Timor use the US dollar?

The US$ was chosen because it is a strong and stable currency and is widely accepted around the world. The decision to adopt the US$ was made by the National Consultative Council (NCC). The NCC represents East Timorese in all of UNTAET’s major decisions.



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