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Is Heron Island worth visiting?

Is Heron Island worth visiting? Overall we thought the island and the reef , wildlife and available activities were wonderful. Most staff were knowledged and helpful.

How long does it take to walk around Heron Island?

The island is small and you can walk all the way round it in about 30-45 minutes. However there is usually so much to see that it takes much longer. Birds, sea life (rays and turtles) and the beautiful coral cay water is breath taking.

Can you take your own food to Heron Island?

Guests are not permitted to bring their own food and beverages onto Heron Island, and liquor licensing laws prohibit the consumption of BYO alcohol.

Which is better Lady Elliot or Lady Musgrave Island?

Lady Elliott Island is lovely and has a resort that is not outrageously expensive, while Lady Musgrave is camping only, with you having to take everything in. So that might settle it for you. And it is not a compromise – it’s a true coral cay with a great fringing reef and lagoon.

What should I wear on Heron Island?

Is there a dress code? Pack casual clothing for your time on Heron Island. Due to health and safety regulations, shirts and footwear must be worn in the restaurant and bar.

Are there sharks at Heron Island?

The most commonly sighted sharks on Heron Reef are the Blacktip and Whitetip Reef Sharks as well as Lemon Sharks. There is no need to be apprehensive when encountering these animals in the water as long as they are given the respect they deserve.

Are there snakes on Heron Island?

Surprisingly, there are no mosquitoes or other biting insects and the island has no poisonous snakes or spiders, either.

Can you take alcohol to Heron Island?

Guests are not permitted to bring their own food and beverages onto Heron Island, and liquor licensing laws prohibit the consumption of BYO alcohol. All touring and transfer pricing is subject to change with 30 days’ notice.

What is there to do on Heron Island?

Things to do on Heron Island

  • 1- See Nesting Turtles. Watching the turtles nesting is one of the amazing things to do on Heron Island. …
  • 2- Look for turtle hatchlings. …
  • 3- Look for Noddy Terns. …
  • 4- Go diving or snorkelling. …
  • 6- See the Seabirds. …
  • 7- Go clear kayaking. …
  • 8- Shore-Based Whale-Watching.

Can I fish at Heron Island?

In addition to diving, snorkeling, and semisubmersible trips (A$50), Heron Island Marine Centre & Dive Shop runs three-hour fishing trips (A$115) and half- (A$920) and full-day (A$1,400) guided reef-fishing charters for up to 10 passengers, with gear, tackle, and optional stops for snorkeling. … Heron Island, Queensland.

Are there mosquitoes on Heron Island?

Yup … and even though there were mosquitoes there was no mosquito spray to be found on the island – even though the boat travels to the mainland daily, it seems it was too difficult to purchase any for the itchy guests.

What is there to do on Lady Elliot Island?

Snorkelling and diving are two of the staple activities enjoyed on Lady Elliot Island.

Snorkelling & Diving

  • Snorkel Lesson.
  • Beach Snorkelling (Self-Guided )
  • Glass Bottom Boat/Guided Snorkelling Tour.
  • Snorkel Safari.

Are there stingers on Lady Elliot Island?

Are there stingers around Lady Elliot? Unlike islands further north, Lady Elliot Island is not affected by the stinger season and it is safe to swim all year round.

Can I stay on Lady Musgrave Island?

You can sleep under a canopy of stars

Camping is the only way to stay on Lady Musgrave Island.

Can you walk around Heron Island?

If you miss out on the tour, you can just walk around the island yourself. It’s better to go on a tour because you’ll be able to ask loads of questions and find out so much more about the turtles and their journey back to Heron Island. We saw so many turtles nesting during our evening walk, it was absolutely amazing!

What animals live on Heron Island?

Heron Island is estimated to have up to 200,000 on the island particularly Black Noddy Terns with there being up to 120,000 of these birds recorded and the Wedge Tailed Shearwaters (Mutton Birds) Resident bird colonies such as the Eastern Reef Egret and the Buff Banded rail can also be seen breeding. Female turtles are …

Are there manta rays at Heron Island?

The waters around Heron Island are relatively shallow (avg depth 10-25 metres) and are teeming with reef fish, turtles, manta rays, reef sharks, and an endless variety of marine invertebrates.

Can you stay on Heron Island?

Experience privacy and tranquillity at Heron Island

Located in a World Heritage Listed Great Barrier Reef Marine Park, Heron Island offers 112, room, suite and beach house accommodation. … Guest rates are inclusive of room and breakfast as well as snorkel, mask and flippers hire for the length of stay for 2 guests.

How long is the boat ride from Gladstone to Heron Island?

The best way to get from Gladstone to Heron Island without a car is to ferry which takes 2h 18m and costs $85 – $88. How long does it take to get from Gladstone to Heron Island? It takes approximately 32 min to get from Gladstone to Heron Island, including transfers.

What can you do on Heron Island?

Heron Island Review 2021: The Ultimate Guide To Paradise

  • Go On A Turtle Walk In The Evening.
  • Snorkel The Ship Wreck.
  • Snorkel At North Beach & Shark Bay.
  • Walk Around The Island.
  • Go On The I-Spy Boat.
  • Go On A Snorkel Boat Tour.
  • Go Diving In Heron Island.
  • Go On A Bird Walk.

What is Heron Island famous for?

Experience nature at its best on Heron Island, world famous for its spectacular coral reef and a sanctuary for an extraordinary variety of marine life. This natural coral cay provides a genuine eco-experience and the unique opportunity to witness the magic of the world’s largest coral reef.

Are there day trips to Heron Island?


The Heron Islander operates every day with the exception of Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Christmas Day. The boat departs the Gladstone Marina located at 98 Bryan Jordan Dr, Gladstone Central.

Can I take my own boat to Heron Island?

Guests making their own way to Gladstone Marina, can check in for the boat from 7.45am. The launch departs Gladstone Marina at 9.30am on selected days and arrives Heron Island at approximately 12.30pm. Departure: Departure: Launch transfers depart Heron Island at 12.45pm.

How much does it cost to go to Lady Elliot Island?

Reef Units

2021/2022 Rates Standard Peak
Sole Adult $452 $485
Twin/Triple Adult $349 $369
Quad Adult $300 $321
Child (3 – 12 years) $115 $145

Can you visit Lady Elliot Island?

Although this island might be best known for its easy access – seriously, you can visit Lady Elliot Island in a day trip from the Gold Coast, Brisbane, the Fraser Coast or Bundaberg – this coral cay has got so much more than accessibility on its side.

Why is it called Lady Elliot Island?

Origin of Name

In 1816 Captain Thomas Stewart became the first European to sight the island. He was, sailing the 353 tonne ‘Lady Elliot’ which had been built in Bengal and named after the wife of Hugh Elliot, the colonial governor of India. Stewart named the island after Lady Elliot.



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