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What are the map grid coordinates for Washington DC?

What are the map grid coordinates for Washington DC? GPS coordinates of Washington D.C., United States. Latitude: 38.8951 Longitude: -77.0364.

What parallel is Washington DC?

39th parallel north – Wikipedia.

How many miles are in 1 degree of longitude at the equator?

One-degree of longitude equals 288,200 feet (54.6 miles), one minute equals 4,800 feet (0.91 mile), and one second equals 80 feet.

What are the UTM coordinates of the White House?

The latitude of The White House, Washington DC, USA is 38.897957, and the longitude is -77.036560 .

The White House, Washington DC, USA Lat Long Coordinates Info.

Country United States
DMS Long 77° 2′ 11.6160 » W
UTM Easting 323,389.73
UTM Northing 4,307,424.27

What city is 1 degrees south and 37 degrees east?

A really easy one. Just a few dozen miles from central Nairobi, in the pleasant hills around Thika and, according to the roadmap, right next to a good tarmac road.

What cities are on the 39th parallel?

39 North Leather was inspired by the 39th parallel, the latitude that connects the three cities where Jonathan has lived most of his life: Kansas City, Columbia and St. Louis.

What did the 36 30 line do?

The Missouri Compromise of 1820 established the latitude 36°30′ as the northern limit for slavery to be legal in the territories of the west. As part of this compromise, Maine (formerly a part of Massachusetts) was admitted as a free state.

What distance is 1 degree of latitude?

One degree of latitude, called an arcdegree, covers about 111 kilometers (69 miles). Because of the Earth’s curvature, the farther the circles are from the Equator, the smaller they are. At the North and South Poles, arcdegrees are simply points. Degrees of latitude are divided into 60 minutes.

What is 0 lat 0 long called?

Null Island is the name used to refer to the point on the Earth’s surface where the Prime Meridian and the Equator intersect, at zero degrees latitude and zero degrees longitude ( 0°N 0°E).

Where are the coordinates 0 0 on earth?

The zero/zero point of this system is located in the Gulf of Guinea about 625 km (390 mi) south of Tema, Ghana. And at Fact Monster’s Geography Glossary: Zero degrees (0°) latitude is the equator … Zero degrees longitude (0°) is called the prime meridian.

What are the full UTM coordinates of the Washington Monument?

Washington Monument, USA is located at United States country in the Monuments place category with the gps coordinates of 38° 53′ 22.1424 » N and 77° 2′ 7.0008 » W.

Washington Monument, USA Lat Long Coordinates Info.

Country United States
UTM Easting 323,479.93
UTM Northing 4,306,481.42
Category Monuments
Country Code US

How do you read coordinates?

Latitude and longitude are broken into degrees, minutes, seconds and directions, starting with latitude. For instance, an area with coordinates marked 41° 56′ 54.3732” N, 87° 39′ 19.2024” W would be read as 41 degrees, 56 minutes, 54.3732 seconds north; 87 degrees, 39 minutes, 19.2024 seconds west.

What is the nearest city in 36 N 140 E?

Explanation: If you look world map you can see this is city of Tokyo in Japan.

What cities are at 37 degrees latitude?

Landmarks on the 37th parallel include Santa Cruz, California; Gilroy, California; Madera, California; Ubehebe Crater in Death Valley; Colorado City, Arizona; the Four Corners at the intersection with the 32nd meridian west from Washington (the only place where four U.S. states meet at a point); Cairo, Illinois; …

Which city is located at 19 S 48 E?

Major Cities: Latitude, Longitude, and Corresponding Time Zones

Latitude Longitude
Bogot, Colombia 4 15 W
Bombay, India 19 48 E
Bordeaux, France 44 31 W

What city is 1 degrees north and 104 degrees east?

According to Google Earth Pro, 1°N, 104°E is in the sea! The nearest city appears to be Batam City.

What city is at 39 degrees longitude 89 degrees latitude?

This confluence, 39 north 89 west is located near Vandalia, Illinois, the county seat of Fayette County in the heart of south central Illinois’s farm country.

What city is 30 degrees north and 90 degrees west?

New Orleans is located where the parallel of latitude that is 30 degrees north of the Equator crosses the meridian of longitude that is 90 degrees west of the Prime Meridian.

What two territories were slaves allowed?

In 1820, amid growing sectional tensions over the issue of slavery, the U.S. Congress passed a law that admitted Missouri to the Union as a slave state and Maine as a free state, while banning slavery from the remaining Louisiana Purchase lands located north of the 36º 30′ parallel.

How long did the 36 30 line last?

For nearly 30 years, the compromise worked, with two states being admitted together, one slave, one free.

Why was it ironic that the state of Missouri was located above the 36 30 line?

When Missouri became a state, it threw off the equality, so a line was made, 36’30, which was used to say that the states above the 36’30 would be called free states and states below the line would be slave states, where slave trading was allowed. These were the various views on slavery.

What is aeronautical mile?

Aeronautical mile. The arc of a great circle that subtends an angle of 1 min of latitude at the center of the earth. For navigational purposes, its value has been standardized to 6076.1 ft (1852 m).

What is the distance between two latitude?

Distance Between Lines of Latitude

Lines of latitude are called parallels and in total there are 180 degrees of latitude. The distance between each degree of latitude is about 69 miles (110 kilometers).

What is the length of latitude?

The length of a degree of arc of latitude is approximately 111 km (69 miles), varying, because of the nonuniformity of Earth’s curvature, from 110.567 km (68.706 miles) at the Equator to 111.699 km (69.41 miles) at the poles. Geographic latitude is also given in degrees, minutes, and seconds.



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