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What is the price of 1kg cardamom?

What is the price of 1kg cardamom? Compare similar products from other sellers

Green Cardamom 7mm To 8mm 8 Mm Bold Green Cardamom
₹ 1,250/ kg ₹ 1,850/ Kg
Cardamom Size 7 mm 8 mm
Packaging Size 1 kg 1 kg
Packaging Type Plastic Bag Packet

Can I grow cloves?

Can you grow a clove tree? You can, but it’s hard for most gardeners to replicate ideal clove tree growing conditions. Clove tree information tells you that the tree is native to wet, tropical areas of the world. Therefore, the trees grow best in a hot and wet region.

Why Elaichi is so expensive?

The main reason this spice is so expensive is because it needs to be harvested by hand. It is a very labor-intensive handpicking process. Each cardamom pod must be picked when it is about ¾ ripe so time and care are needed to yield this spice.

Is Elaichi hot or cold?

Is black Cardamom hot or cold? According to Ayurveda, black Cardamom has Ushan (hot) property. It is a warm spice that helps to improve digestion and also gives relief to congestion.

Which cardamom is best?

However, we have thoughtfully curated a list of some of the best brands of cardamom (seed powders and whole pods) that are available in India.

  • Keya Cardamom Seed Powder. …
  • Tassyam Bold Green Cardamom Pods. …
  • Highrange Spices Green Cardamom. …
  • Mannat Black Cardamom. …
  • Urban Platter Whole Cardamom. …
  • Satvyk Cardamom (Elaichi)

How long does clove take to grow?

The cloves you use as a spice is actually the result of the harvest of dried, unopened flower buds. A Clove tree starts to flower after 6 years of its planting if grown in favorable conditions. However, it takes at least 15-20 years to reach the full bearing stage.

What climate do cloves grow in?

The clove plant prefers slightly cooler temperatures with ample rain, which will help its flowers grow and produce the highest yield. However, they do require either humid sub-tropical or tropical climates to grow–the temperature must remain above 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

What part of clove do we eat?

Cloves can be used whole or ground. People often include ground cloves in spice mixes and whole cloves in recipes to add depth and flavor to a wide variety of foods. These small dark brown pods are used to spice up curries, season meats, enrich sauces like Worcestershire sauce, and even flavor spiced baked goods.

Is Elaichi good for hair?

Cardamom is considered very beneficial in making hair shiny. Cardamom contains potassium, calcium, iron, magnesium and phosphorus. It promotes hair growth. Along with this, cardamom can also be effective to remove dandruff.

Is it good to eat Elaichi everyday?

One of the many elaichi powder benefits is that it aids weight loss through improved metabolism and digestion. One animal study even showed that cardamom is good for health as it prevents obesity, inflammation and oxidative liver stress associated with high carbohydrate, high fat diets.

Which is called the king of spices?

The ‘King of Spices’, Dharampal Gulati, was born in Sialkot of Pakistan in 1923. He dropped out of school after Class 5 to help his father with the masala business in Delhi. His father Chunni Lal Gulati was the founder of the MDH Spices business which Dharampal Gulati went on to turn into a multi-crore empire.

Is chewing elaichi good?

1. Improves digestion: … Well, that is because elaichi is carminative in nature and helps speed up digestion, reduces inflammation of the stomach lining, fights heart burn and nausea. It is known to soothe the mucous membranes, making it function better thereby relieving the symptoms of acidity and an upset stomach.

Can we drink ajwain water daily?

Preparing this healthy concoction is very simple and easy. To make ajwain water, just take some 25 grams of carom seeds and soak it in one glass of water overnight. Strain the ajwain water and drink it daily in the morning, preferably on an empty stomach.

Is elaichi good for hair?

Cardamom is considered very beneficial in making hair shiny. Cardamom contains potassium, calcium, iron, magnesium and phosphorus. It promotes hair growth. Along with this, cardamom can also be effective to remove dandruff.

Is Elaichi harmful?

There are no reported risks of using cardamom in cooking or any known adverse side effects. Using cardamom as a spice and flavor agent is safe for most people. There is no established dosage for taking cardamom as a supplement.

Can you use black cardamom in tea?

Green cardamom or Elettaria cardamomum offers a strong flavor that is slightly sweet. Black cardamom or Amomum cardamomum offers a smokier flavor that is highlighted by a refreshing aroma and minty notes. … Cardamom tea can be brewed as a hot tea or allowed to cool and enjoyed as an iced tea.

How much cardamom should I eat a day?

You can take 2-3 Green Cardamom in a day for fresh breath and good digestion[3]. a. Take 250mg Cardamom powder (churna) or as prescribed by the doctor.

Is clove good for sperm count?

Apart from adding rich flavour and aroma to dishes, cloves are also known for their impressive health benefits. Indian men have been regularly using clove to increase male power, prevent premature ejaculation and enhance sperm motility.

Is clove poisonous?

Potential Risks of Clove Essential Oil

In high enough doses, it is toxic to humans. Case studies have been reported involving the ingestion of toxic amounts of clove oil (10-30 ml, or roughly 2-6 teaspoons). Symptoms include agitation, declining consciousness, and coma.

How many types of cloves are there?


There are four types of clove varieties recorded on Hiri Island. Clove is dominated by type Zanzibar cloves found in almost all villages based on observation point, except Tafraka village.

Can I grow nutmeg?

Nutmeg trees can grow in USDA zones 10-11. As a tropical tree, nutmeg likes it hot, in mostly sunny locations with some dappled shade. … Nutmeg trees should be planted in rich, organic soil with a medium texture and low salinity. The pH level should be 6-7, although they will tolerate ranges from 5.5-7.5.

Where does clove grow in India?

In India, clove is mostly grown in the hilly tracts of Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Karnataka.

Is clove a fruit?

Small, oblong fruit with little pulp, similar to the java plum. The dried flower buds of this tree are the cloves of commerce. All parts of the tree are highly aromatic.

Can I eat raw cloves?

Cloves have essential elements such as Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Folate, Riboflavin, Vitamin A, Thiamine, Vitamin D, Omega 3 fatty acids in addition to anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial properties. Usually, clove can be consumed at any time, but if it is consumed before bedtime, then its benefit is doubled.

Can I eat cloves at night?

The best way to consume cloves

– Consuming cloves at night can help relieve stomach problems like constipation, diarrhoea, acidity, It also improves your digestion. – Clove is rich in antioxidants and has antibacterial properties. It has a type of salicylate that can help prevent acne.



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