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What is the Sanskrit word for joy?

What is the Sanskrit word for joy? Sukha (Sanskrit, Pali; Devanagari: सुख) means happiness, pleasure, ease, joy or bliss, in Sanskrit and Pali.

What is the Sanskrit word for energy?

Vīrya (Sanskrit; Pāli: viriya) is a Hindu term commonly translated as « energy », « diligence », « enthusiasm », or « effort ».

What is the Sanskrit word for bliss?

Ānanda, (Sanskrit: “joy,” or “bliss”), in Indian philosophy of the Upaniṣads and the school of Vedānta, an important attribute of the supreme being Brahman.

What is the Sanskrit word for peace?

Shanti. Peace. When you chant, “Om shanti shanti shanti,” it’s an invocation of peace.

What is the Sanskrit word for harmony?

Spoken Sanskrit

संवादिता saMvAditA harmony
सम्मनिमन् sammaniman harmony
ऐक्य aikya harmony
साहित्य sAhitya harmony
संहनन saMhanana harmony

What is the Sanskrit word for soul?

Ātman, sometimes spelled without a diacritic as atman in scholarly literature, means « real Self » of the individual, « innermost essence. » While often translated as « soul, » it is better translated as « self. »

What is the Sanskrit word for healing?

heal ⇄ adj. healable. heal ⇄ heal, transitive verb. 1. to make whole, sound, or well; bring back to health; cure.

What is the Sanskrit word for tranquility?


Tranquility अशोचः
Tranquillity शी
Tranquillity प्रशामः
tranquillity शिः
tranquillity प्रशान्तिः

What is the Sanskrit word for life?


life assurance जीवनरक्षा
lifelessness स्थैर्यम्
lifespan जीवनकालः
lifestyle जीवनचर्या
lifetime जीवनकालः

What is the Sanskrit word for unity?

Aikyam (Sanskrit: ऐक्यम्) means – oneness, unity, harmony, unanimity, identity or sameness or identical.

What is the meaning of why in Sanskrit?

Another interrogative word kimartham (किमर्थम्) means ‘why’. The question ‘why does he go there? ‘ can be translated in Sanskrit in to saha kimartham tatra gachchati? (सः किमर्थं तत्र गच्छति)?

How do you say harmony in different languages?

In other languages harmony

  1. American English: harmony /ˈhɑrməni/
  2. Brazilian Portuguese: harmonia.
  3. Chinese: 融洽
  4. European Spanish: armonía.
  5. French: harmonie.
  6. German: Harmonie.
  7. Italian: armonia.
  8. Japanese: 調和

What is the Sanskrit word for wisdom?

Prajña or Pragya (Sanskrit: प्रज्ञ) as प्रज्ञा, प्राज्ञ and प्राज्ञा is used to refer to the highest and purest form of wisdom, intelligence and understanding. Pragya is the state of wisdom which is higher than the knowledge obtained by reasoning and inference.

What is the Sanskrit word for nature?

Nature Meaning in Sanskrit

1 Nature जातिः Jatih
2 Nature प्रकारः Prakarah
3 Nature प्रकृतिः Prakritih
4 Nature शीलः Shilah
5 Nature शीलता Shilta

What is the Sanskrit word for serenity?

Spoken Sanskrit

shAnta zAnta serene
asambhrama asambhrama serenity
anudvega anudvega serenity
Amoda Amoda serenity
vikAsa vikAsa serenity

How do you say calm in Sanskrit?

Meanings of calm in Sanskrit

  1. शिः
  2. प्रशामः

What is the meaning of Shambhala?

In Tibetan Buddhist tradition, Shambhala (Sanskrit: शम्भल Śambhala, also spelled Shambala or Shamballa; Tibetan: བདེ་འབྱུང, Wylie: Bde’byung; Chinese: 香巴拉; pinyin: Xiāngbālā) is a spiritual kingdom. Shambhala is mentioned in the Kalachakra Tantra.

What is the Sanskrit word for be?

IPA: biSanskrit: बी

What is the Sanskrit word for character?

Character Meaning in Sanskrit

1 Character चरित्रम् Charitram
2 Character भूमिका Bhumika

What is the Sanskrit word for equality?

Samatva (Sanskrit: समत्व, also rendered samatvam or samata) is the Hindu concept of equanimity. Its root is sama (सम) meaning – equal or even. Sāmya – meaning equal consideration towards all human beings – is a variant of the word.

What is unique in Sanskrit?

IPA: yunikSanskrit: यूनीक

What is the Sanskrit word for knowledge?

Knowledge Meaning in Sanskrit

1 Knowledge अभिज्ञानम् Abhijnyanam
2 Knowledge अवगमः Avgamah
3 Knowledge अवबोधः Avbodh
4 Knowledge उद्बोधः Udbodhah
5 Knowledge उपलब्धिः Upalabdhih

What is the Sanskrit word for question?


question mark प्रश्नचिह्नम्
question sheet प्रश्नपत्रिका
questioner प्रष्टा
questioner प्रश्निन्
questioner प्रश्््निन्

What is Sanskrit word for love?

Here is just a small sampling of the vast spectrum of Sanskrit words for love. स्नेह (Sneha): Maternal love or affection. काम (Kama): Erotic or amorous love. … अनुरक्ति (Anurakti): Passionate love or attachment. रति (Rati): This word originally meant to enjoy or delight in something or someone.



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