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Why did Dunstan stealing Silas’s gold?

Why did Dunstan stealing Silas’s gold? Essentially, Dunstan justifies stealing Silas’s gold because Silas is a single outcast and nobody would know the difference if he stole the dead man’s money.

Who stole Silas’s money?

Dunstan Cass Timeline and Summary

After killing Godfrey’s horse, whose sale was supposed to make back the rent money, he steals Silas’s money.

Why does Godfrey ask Dunsey to sell the horse Wildfire at the fair?

The dissolute Dunsten Cass blackmails his brother Godfrey, who must allow him to sell his spirited horse, Wildfire. For, Dunsten tells Godfrey to sell his horse in order to repay his father money he has borrowed to give Dunsten.

What is the rainbow in Silas Marner?

The Rainbow, in Marner’s view, was a place of luxurious resort for rich and stout husbands, whose wives had superfluous stores of lines; it was the place where he was likely to find the powers and dignities of Raveloe, and where he could most speedily make his loss public.

What does Dunstan do to Silas Marner?

After Dunstan Cass accidentally kills his brother’s horse, Wildfire, he wanders into Silas Marner ‘s home and is surprised to find the cottage empty. Dunstan ends up discovering Silas’s gold and steals the reclusive weaver’s money. When Silas returns to his home, he is shattered when he discovers that his…

What did Godfrey realize that made him admit Silas?

Godfrey and Nancy return home and realize that Eppie’s decision is final. Godfrey concedes that what Silas has said is right, and he resigns himself simply to helping Eppie from afar. Godfrey and Nancy surmise that Eppie will marry Aaron, and Godfrey wistfully comments on how pretty and nice Eppie seemed.

Who said I wanted to pass for childless once?

10th Grade Literature Test 2–Silas Marner

« I wanted to pass for childless once, …I shall pass for childless now against my wish. » Godfrey Cass
« For I am ugly-there’s no denying that: I feature my father’s family. But, law! I don’t mind, do you? » Priscilla Lammeter

How much money has Silas Marner stolen?

Dowlas, the farrier, asks how much money was lost. Silas tells him the exact figure, which is more than 270 pounds. Dowlas suggests that 270 pounds could be carried out easily, and he offers to visit Silas’s cottage to search for evidence, since Silas’s eyesight is poor and he might have missed something.

Why does Dunstan sell wildfire?

Expert Answers

Dunstan is a selfish brat. He takes the horse Wildfire to sell because the family needs money. He arranges to sell the horse to Bryce and Keating, who happen to be hunting.

What was Godfrey’s attitude toward Dunstan’s absence?

What was Godfrey’s attitude toward Dunstan’s absence? At first, Godfrey thought Dunstan had probably waited for another chance to sell Wildfire or had just decided to spend the night at Batherley because of the bad weather.

What do the description of Silas and Godfrey tell you about them?

Both Silas and Godfrey are both victims of wrongdoing. They are taken advantage by the people they know. Because of this, they retreat inwardly to themselves. The best description among the choices that would describe both is that they are maturing characters.

How does Silas spend his evenings now that his money is gone?

This Answer Now. In the story, Silas spends most of his initial time in Raveloe weaving. … At night, he brings out all the gold and silver he has earned from his weaving and counts it.

What two physical handicaps does Silas?

From what physical handicap does Silas Marner suffer? He has a cricked spine because he stays bent over the loom and he also has fits. You just studied 25 terms!

Where does stolen gold of Silas find?

Summary: Chapter 5

He cannot wait to pull his money out, and decides to lay it on the table as he eats. Silas removes the bricks and finds the hole under the floorboards empty. He frantically searches the cottage for his gold, desperately hoping that he might have decided to store it someplace else for the night.

Who is the hero of Silas Marner?

Silas is our title character, and the major plot arc of the book concerns his story. But he’s a strange protagonist. He’s passive to the point of inertia, he’s afflicted by trance-like fits, and he neither begins nor ends the book.

What is the theme of Silas Marner?

The major theme of Silas Marner is of course the influence of « pure, natural human relationships, » but there are several others. Some of these are never the subject of a direct statement, but constant repetition brings them to the reader’s attention, and the novel draws some sort of conclusion about them.

How does Silas Marner change throughout the novel?

Because of Eppie, Silas became stable minded, his once bad eyesight improved magnificently, and his malice, miserly ways changed completely to form a new and improved man. The redemptive power of love, shown to Marner through Eppie saved him from being an embittered man until his dying day.

Who is the father of Eppie?

A girl whom Silas Marner eventually adopts. Eppie is the biological child of Godfrey Cass and Molly Farren, Godfrey’s secret wife. Eppie is pretty and spirited, and loves Silas unquestioningly.

What happens to Eppie in Silas Marner?

She dies in the attempt to reveal to the community her relationship with Godfrey, leaving the child, Eppie, to wander into Silas’ life. Eppie (Hephzibah): daughter of Molly and Godfrey, who is named by and cared for by Silas after the death of her mother.

Why does Godfrey now confess all to Nancy?

Godfrey is greatly shaken by the discovery, and it convinces him that all hidden things eventually come to light. Thus, Godfrey goes on to make his own confession, telling Nancy of his secret marriage to Molly and of Eppie’s true lineage.

Why did Silas leave lantern?

Silas Marner leaves his original home in Lantern Yard because the leaders in his church accuse him of stealing from one of the church’s recently

Who was Eppie’s godmother?

Dolly Winthrop

The wheelwright’s wife who helps Silas with Eppie. Dolly later becomes Eppie’s godmother and mother-in-law. She is kind, patient, and devout.

Is Silas Marner a good book?

It has way too many words for today’s students. Which doesn’t mean a grown adult with an inclination to try reading more classics shouldn’t open its pages. One of the books I periodically re-read for the sheer pleasure of it, Silas Marner is a great introduction to nineteenth century literature.

What happens to Silas Marner?

Silas Marner is the weaver in the English countryside village of Raveloe in the early nineteenth century. … Silas has ended up in Raveloe because the members of his religious sect in Lantern Yard, an insular neighborhood in a larger town, falsely accused him of theft and excommunicated him.



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