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Why is Bernard jealous of Helmholtz?

Why is Bernard jealous of Helmholtz? Because of Helmholtz’s kindness, Bernard feels resentful. He could only be this unselfish with the use of soma. So he decides to make Helmholtz pay for being such a kind person. Bernard also finds out that Helmholtz himself has had a falling out with the Authority.

Why does John say O brave new world?

The title is apt because John the Savage knows Shakespeare by heart and quotes him often. When John says « oh brave new world that has such people in it » to describe the World State, he is being ironic. … The title Brave New World is a reference to Shakespeare’s The Tempest.

What is wrong with Bernard Marx brave new world?

Bernard is dissatisfied with the society of the World State because he wants to feel strong emotions. This makes him different from John and Helmholtz, who want to find truth and beauty. Bernard is not seeking something bigger than himself. He seeks intense experiences because they make him feel good and important.

Why does Bernard Marx have a bad reputation?

He has a bad reputation because he is 6 cm smaller than all the other Alphas because it is rumored that they thought his test tube was a Gamma tube and accidentally filled his blood surrogates with alcohol. Also has a bad reputation because he spends time alone and it less confident than other Alphas.

Why is Helmholtz Watson unhappy?

Helmholtz Watson is unhappy because he has recently realized that his intelligence sets him apart from the other citizens in the World State. He is an Alpha plus who has long felt he is well adjusted to his society. He is handsome and athletic.

Who says ending is better than mending?

Quote by Aldous Huxley: “Ending is better than mending.”

Who is the most powerful character in Brave New World?

The name Mond means “world,” and Mond is indeed the most powerful character in the world of this novel.

Who did John stab in Brave New World?

One day he came home to find Linda and Pope in bed together asleep. The anger welled up inside him he took a knife and began stabbing Pope. He stabbed him about three times before he felt Pope’s hand clamp around his wrist. But instead of hitting him Pope just looked at him.

Why does Bernard feel like an outsider?

Bernard is an Alpha citizen who, by some mischance, is physically much smaller than Alphas are supposed to be. Bernard’s small stature has given him an inferiority complex. As a result, he feels like an outsider to World State society.

Why is Bernard Marx considered weird?

Everyone regards him as an odd person, and they say that, when he was still bottled, someone accidentally poured alcohol in his blood surrogate; this is the explanation of why he is so strange.

Is Bernard Marx an Alpha?

Characters. Bernard Marx, a sleep-learning specialist at the Central London Hatchery and Conditioning Centre. Although Bernard is an Alpha-Plus (the upper class of the society), he is a misfit.

Does John really love Lenina?

John was infatuated with Lenina, and at one point he confessed his love for her. Lenina felt the same way about John (as seen when she is very happy with him), and she even made sexual overtures to John after he confessed his feelings.

Why is Bernard Marx a hypocrite?

Thus, while Bernard is not exactly heroic (and he becomes even less so as the novel progresses), he is still interesting to the reader because he is human. He wants things that he can’t have. … By continuing to criticize the World State while reveling in its “pleasant vices,” Bernard reveals himself to be a hypocrite.

What did Helmholtz do that got him in trouble?

Helmholtz has gotten himself into trouble for reading some unorthodox rhymes to his students at the college.

Why does Helmholtz feel lonely?

In the Brave New World, people who are different from the normal standard are alienated and isolated from society because of their individuality. … Alienated from society because of his superior ability and intellect, Helmholtz was an individual seeking to arouse in others the emotions of loneliness he felt.

What was Helmholtz Watson’s profession?

Helmholtz Watson is a lecturer. In other words, he’s a college professor. Specifically, Watson is a lecturer at the College of Emotional Engineering, which is also called the Department of Writing in the novel. In addition to his educational duties at the college, Watson performs a number of side jobs.

Is it better than mending?

“We always throw away old clothes. Ending is better than mending.” … Instead of fixing clothes or things that are broken, it is better to throw them away and buy something new.

What does Cleanliness is next to Fordliness mean?

To the “sterilized” mind, this idea would simply mean that cleanliness is the hallmark of a civilized population; it is exactly what Lenina, a sterilized character in Brave New World, thinks when she sees a filthy Indian Reservation and states “cleanliness is next to fordliness” (110).

What does everybody belongs to everyone else mean?

“Everyone belongs to everyone else.” This is a line from the social conditioning recordings that different characters repeat throughout the text. It means that no relationship, especially no sexual relationship, is more important than any other, and every person has the right to have sex with anyone else.

What does John’s death symbolize?

John’s suicide represents self-loathing, his disgust at becoming sexually indiscriminate, in the way Linda and Lenina were conditioned to behave. His death puts an end to the possibility of living independently outside the dystopia — except on the socially sanctioned island outposts — or changing it from within.

What are the major themes in Brave New World?


  • The Use of Technology to Control Society. Brave New World warns of the dangers of giving the state control over new and powerful technologies. …
  • The Consumer Society. …
  • The Incompatibility of Happiness and Truth. …
  • The Dangers of an All-Powerful State. …
  • Individuality. …
  • Happiness and Agency.

Why is Lenina attracted to?

John grieves his mother’s death deeply. In a way, Lenina is the perfect love object for him, because she is so like his mother, but he does not have the same depth of relationship with her as with Linda, even given the inadequacy of his relationship with Linda.

Why is everyone interested in John and not Linda?

Why is everyone interested in John but not Linda? John is young and handsome and was born rather than decanted; these things made him interesting to the people. Linda, on the other hand, is physically repulsive and a mother; she is a living obscenity.

Who is John’s father?

Who is John’s father? John’s father is Bernard Marx’s boss, the Director of Hatcheries and Conditioning. In Chapter 6, the Director tells Bernard that he once took a woman to the Savage Reservation, and that she went missing.

Who is John and why wasn’t he allowed to participate in the ritual?

John was not allowed to participate because he was « the son of the she-dog » and was forced to leave. He contemplated suicide because of this.



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