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Why was pi not afraid of hyena?

Why was pi not afraid of hyena? Pi was not afraid of the hyena, because the presence of a tiger had saved him from the hyena.

Why is it hard for pi to let go of the tiger?

As Pi reached the shore, and therefore civilization, he no longer needed his basic « animal » instincts because humans are governed by unwritten laws of conduct. The tiger/animal instinct/survival mode just simply vanished.

Why did PI pause after he found the cans of drinking water?

Why did Pi pause after he found the cans of drinking water? He did not have a can opener. made a prusten sound to express friendliness and harmless intentions.

Why did PI throw himself out of the lifeboat?

He sees a Royal Bengal tiger named Richard Parker in the water, near drowning, and urges him to save himself. Richard Parker boards the lifeboat and suddenly Pi realizes the danger in sharing a tiny space with a vicious animal. He throws himself into the roiling water.

What is wrong with orange juice on the lifeboat?

On the lifeboat, Orange Juice becomes seasick, and although she is uninjured, her risk of dying is fairly certain as she is on board with two predatory animals, the spotted hyena and the tiger. Still, she remains, for the most part, calm in her sadness.

Was Life of Pi a hallucination?

Life of Pi is not a fantasy movie, it’s drama, it’s a dramatic story. His animal story is what his mind likes/chooses to believe over such a dramatic event that is losing his mother in a violent way and a shipwreck.

What is Pi’s solution to fear?

One way that Pi copes with his fear of the tiger is through language. He substitutes his fear of being eaten with the tiger’s name, Thirsty, as a means of acknowledging a real fear without naming it completely.

What kept PI alive?

Without Richard Parker to challenge and distract him, Pi might have given up on life. After he washes up on land in Mexico, he thanks the tiger for keeping him alive.

Did PI eat a human?

Pi is overjoyed to have a human companion and invites the Frenchman onto the lifeboat, calling him “brother.” As the man boards Pi’s lifeboat, he sets on Pi to kill and eat him. At the last minute, the man is killed by Richard Parker.

What did PI realize was wrong with his plan?

Pi decided the best way to get rid of the tiger was to let nature do it for him. What did Pi realize was wrong with his plan? if Richard Parker was hungry enough and really wanted to attack him he could easily swim to his raft.

How did PI tame the tiger?

Pi trains Richard Parker by slightly agitating the tiger by noisily approaching the neutral zone of the boat while maintaining eye contact. When Richard Parker starts to enter Pi’s territory, Pi loudly blows a whistle and rocks the boat until the tiger is seasick.

Why does orange juice remind PI of his mother?

Analysis and Symbolism

Orange Juice is more than just another zoo animal to Pi. She is a symbol of the maternal instinct. Pi portrays this vision of her by comparing her to the Virgin Mary, referring to her as the matriarch, and referring to her two sons.

Who did Pi suddenly realize was also on the lifeboat How did he feel?

How did he feel? Explain how Richard Parker got his name. Pi finally became concerned of the fact that he had not drank or eaten in three days. It took him so long to realize this because he couldn’t comprehend the reality of his situation.

Who was on the lifeboat with Pi?

This is exactly what happens to Pi in The Life of Pi. He escapes a sinking ship only to be thrown onto a lifeboat with four wild animals: an orangutan named Orange Juice, a 450-pound Bengal tiger named Richard Parker, a spotted hyena, and a zebra with a broken leg.

How did Pi’s mother died?

Pi’s mother and father both die in the sinking of the Tsimtsum, the Japanese freighter vessel meant to transport the animals to North America.

Why did Pi give more to Richard Parker even when he was hungry and thirsty?

Why did Pi give more to RP even when he was hungry and thirsty? His faith compelled him to share. He knew RP would kill him if he became desperate for food. He believed feeding RP ensured both their survival.

What does Richard Parker symbolize in Life of Pi?

Lesson Summary

To some, Parker represents God or faith, through his action and the way in which Pi both loves and fears him. To others, he represents survival, a separating of Pi’s physical and mental states to make it through his time lost at sea.

What did pi eat on the boat?

From this evidence, Pi decides that the island is carnivorous. He stocks the lifeboat with dead fish and meerkats and eats and drinks his fill of algae and fresh water.

How did Pi survive mentally?

Expert Answers

Pi survives mentally after seven months at sea on a lifeboat by keeping his mind busy with the following: completing daily tasks, such as reading, fishing and writing a diary; taming Richard Parker; and practicing religious rituals.

What happened when PI caught a shark?

Pi catches a four-foot mako shark with his bare hands and throws it to Richard Parker, who clubs it with his paw and accidentally gets bitten.

How did Pi Patel survive?

Pi survives mentally after seven months at sea on a lifeboat by keeping his mind busy with the following: completing daily tasks, such as reading, fishing and writing a diary; taming Richard Parker; and practicing religious rituals.

What was ironic about Pi’s statement I Love You to Richard Parker?

He has never acknowledged Richard Parker’s company as a good thing that he loved. What was ironic about pi’s statement (« i love you ») to Richard Parker? He dreamed of his old life. How did Pi try to mentally escape from the lifeboat?

What are 4 things PI now needs to do for survival?

Pi lacked the basic necessities that humans need to survive – water, food and shelter. He needed to adapt and use the resources around him in order to ensure his survival. Since Pi could not drink sea water, he had to retrieve drinkable water by using solar stills to make fresh water from sea water.

What did pi drink thanks to the turtle?

Pi butchers a small hawksbill turtle and drinks its blood, which the survival manual recommends as a nutritious and salt-free thirst quencher. Because the turtle is too unwieldy for the raft, Pi must do this butchery on the lifeboat tarpaulin.

What happens when Pi kills a Dorado?

Pi kills the dorado with a hatchet from the locker. He finds it much easier to kill for the second time, and he muses sadly on how quickly people can get used to things – even killing. Pi throws the dorado to Richard Parker and blows the whistle as the tiger eats, hoping to show that he is the alpha who provides food.



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